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"Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. We commit William Turner's body to the ground yet his soul will reside in heaven with our Lord God. Let all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. Amen." Father Christopher said his final blessings. Once the service was complete the people gathered around the grave began to disperse, leaving Elizabeth and Jack. Governor Swann left with AnaMaria talking the children with them. Elizabeth held Jack tightly as she moved closer to Will's grave. The hole looked so deep, unreachable all that visible was the brass plate bearing Will's name. It had been a week since Will's body was brought back to Port Royal.

"He's gone Jack"

"I know luv. I know" Jack pulled Elizabeth closer to him. Guilt raked his insides he felt responsible for what had happened. Angry that Will's own father didn't go to his son's funeral, parents should have to bury their children but children should have to bury their father when they weren't even five yet.

"Will you help me with the children Jack? Just for a little while"

"I promised Will I would take care of you and I will. I want you to come with me, I'm going to find Jasmine but only when you are ready" Elizabeth nodded.

"Goodbye Will. I will always love you" Elizabeth and Jack walked slowly back to the Turner house where Governor Swann had arranged some food for the guests.

Just as they approached the door Jack spotted Bill.

"I'll be back in a minute luv, need to gather me thoughts. On you go, see those treasures of yours"

"So William couldn't even go to your own sons funeral, sign of a guilty conscious if you ask me. You weren't a prisoner on that ship so what where you doing on it and don't lie to me"

" I didn't know he was going to be there. It was just to be the Pearl, you and the crew."

"What do you mean William and you better tell the truth because your grandchildren are without a father"

"I wanted to get you back. For being there for Will acting like his dad, but most of all most of all for sleeping with my wife. In my bed."

"How do you know about that?"

"I saw you Jack! Can't keep your hands to yourself could you? Your best friends wife Jack! She was a good woman and you ruined that. Just as well me and her had been together the day before if we hadn't you would have been Will's father, funny old world init?"

"You wanted to get me back for that? William your son is dead because of that! You bloody stupid idiot! You go down to that house right now and tell Elizabeth and those children why their father will never come home again! Her world has fallen apart! Her husband, her best friend, her soul mate, her lover, the father of her children is dead! Dead because of a stupid one night stand years ago!" Jack was livid

" I know I'm ashamed"

"Ashamed? William get out of my sight don't ever come back here! As per usual I'm left to pick the pieces of your mess! Just go William get on the nearest ship and go before I tell Elizabeth"

Bill couldn't argue Jack was being extremely generous to him considering what he had done. He just left, never looking back.

Inside the house Jack was calm. He had a few glasses of rum before he went near Elizabeth to steady himself.

"Whenever you are ready we will go. Just say the word"

" I will Jack. Thank you, this house is empty Will isn't here but when I sit at the dock I feel him. I just need some time to get my head around it"

The guests gradually left the house and once it was all tidied Elizabeth, Jack and AnaMaria put the children to bed telling stories about treasure and far away lands. Eventually the dozed off one by one.

"Mark looks a lot like Will"

"He does but time will tell. Night Jack. Night Ana"

"Goodnight luv"

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