Cybernetic Epiphany


"Oba-chan, Oba-chan, daare? Ne, ne, ne!" he sang.

"Are you talking to me?" I asked, annoyed by the childish display. Such things always irratated me, but he had his purposes, so I endured his... uselesss quirks.

"Uncertainty..." I began, "That gray space between yes and no." he stopped and paid me attention. Good. "I hate it. I hate that about humans." A wondering but calculating look crossed his face; he opened his mouth and asked:

"Obachan, who are you?" This boy... was smarter then he let on. Not only did he surmise Tsukasa's origins, and guessed who Aura was, but he also guessed about me. Well, I wouldn't dissapoint.

"Watashi wa... The World."

Aura, Tsukasa, Sora, Aura, Maha, Skeith, Aura, Kaaru, Alf, Kite, Aura, Helba, Virus, Bracelet, Aura, Cobernik, Mia, Coma Victems, Aura.

Morgana came around.

Rather, her AI came out of its hibernation. The rest of her, The World OS, remnants of data, and other miscellaneous parts were still running, but the AI reactivated.

Initionation start...
Running scan...
Anomalies detected: 0
Viruses: 0
Diagnosis Complete

Morgana paused. What was her objective? She needed one, now. Programs that only took up space got...

Morgana processed quickly. Objective, objective, objective. Nothing came to mind. The World could exist without her. Aura could exist without her. The players could exist without her. Sora could-

Morgana considered her position. I never did find out about emotion properly. About decision-making, or... other things. The Phases are gone, though. Most of them were terminated. Maha is Mia now, and she has moved on and found anouther purpose. I've lost contact with Skeith, and the other Phases were deleted. Perhaps I could study human emotions and experiences, firsthand.

Objective: Human Study
Procedure: Playtest PC
Class: Wavemaster (wandless)
Start-up... Processing PC data...
Start-up complete.

Morgana decided to go to the Administration "Field" to warp. After all, only a limited number of people entered it, and only a few of them actually played The World.

She chose clothing a couple of girls Flash Mailed each other pictures of. She, her PC, wore a red dress with white ruffled hems. The collar and the chest area was white as well, with a full two-layered skirt. The sleeves were flared at the elbow, with white gloves. She also wore white shoes over white stockings, and had two white bows on her long, loose, straight black hair, the bangs of which covered her eyes completely.

Where should I go? she thought, I suppose a Root Town. Carmina Gadelica has many players, so I'll start there. However, right then a voice interrupted.

"Who are you?" of all people, it was Balmung. Data came streaming to Morgana. Balmung got a job as an Administrator, but he was unemployed for a short period. He organized events, and was occansinally involved with Aura.

"How did you get here?" he asked.

"..." Best course of action: warp away. Three golden rings arounded Morgana's avatar, and before Balmung could finish "Wait!" she was gone.

End Prolouge

Author's Notes: Ok, this is my first (posted) fic. My sister, Weird One, beta read this for me, so thank you! . And thank you, the reader, for reading (please drop a review)! Well, this is merely the prologue, but I hoped you enjoyed it. Honestly, I've never seen a fic where Obachan (Morgana) isn't evil or vengeful, but it's a little project I'm working ine. Let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is liked, too.

"Oba-cahn, Oba-chan, dare? Ne, ne, ne?" "Old Lady, Old Lady, who are you? Hey, hey, hey!" Oba-chan can also mean aunt.

"Watashi wa…" "I am…"