I was reading a poem from Harry's POV after Sirius's death; I decided that Sirius needed a eulogy. This isn't really for Harry's or anyone's "comfort", it's just what I feel should be said about Sirius (plus I always feel the need to write something here :p) Please review!
You were well named, Sirius Black

Star-bright and carefree

Brightest in the sky

Glittering like a jewel

Warmly radiant

But dazzlingly cold to your enemies

A diamond in the night

And, like the Dog Star, loyal unto death

Your death was no end, Sirius

For stars do not fall silently into oblivion

But blaze for eternity

And so, though the constellations continue to change

And the seasons pass

The name of Sirius Black will continue

To be whispered from beyond the veil

That separates the living from the dead

And your star will shine in the darkest night

Though the wind blow cold and the candle falter

The Marauder will not fall

Nor the clouds fully obscure

The night sky and the stars

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