Finding Obsolescence
A Day in the Life (and then some)

by Lavender Feline

Warning: This fic was written for nanowrimo '04. I did finish it in time, so the entire thing was done in the month of November! Whoo, it took a LOT of work. However, because it took so long it was never edited. So... there are probably spelling errors or grammatical errors here and there. Sorry for those! If you find them and want to, you can always email them to me and I'll fix them! Otherwise, yeah... sorry! ;;

He should have been sleeping. He knew that, and his gaze flickered over the digital clock next to his bed. The numbers glowed red in the darkened room and read 1:00 AM. But there was something much more urgent he needed to take care of.

"Nn..." Daisuke felt his face get warm and flushed as he grasped his erection in his hand. He hissed out through his teeth. The moisturizer on his hand was cold, and made goose bumps raise up on his arms. Stroking himself, the lube slowly warmed, and he let out a shaky breath.

He hadn't meant to do this tonight. He'd just taken a bath, and he was going to go straight to bed. 'Damn puberty,' he thought, stroking himself slightly faster. Ten minutes ago he'd just been tired. But now, the towel that had been wrapped around his waist was on the floor, and he was sprawled across his bed, naked, jerking off.

But something was missing.

'Damnit... just... want to come already.' Daisuke's thoughts were broken, and focusing was becoming more difficult. He'd been doing this for the last ten minutes, and he was starting to get sore. Hence, the hand lotion. He'd heard that lubricant helped get things going, and maybe it would keep him from rubbing himself raw, too.

'Why's this taking so long!' Daisuke shut his eyes tightly and thought hard, trying to come up with an image, just one sexy picture in his mind. There were the girls at school... the fuku they wore, or maybe the swim club's uniform... but there was nothing. Moaning unhappily, Daisuke felt himself getting soft in his own hand. 'No, damnit, I'll never be able to sleep if I don't...'

Then he remembered the conversations he'd heard in the locker room. 'Something about...' Daisuke bit his lower lip and reached for the lubricant. 'Can't hurt to try... right?'

Abandoning his erection for the moment, Daisuke squeezed a small bit of lotion into his hand, and coated his index finger in it. Getting onto his knees, he spread his legs and reached back. He whimpered, spreading himself with his hands, and wishing they weren't so cold.

"Aaaa!" Daisuke cried out, feeling his body stiffen. The lotion felt cold on the outside, but it felt a lot worse on the inside. He froze, breathing shallowly, adjusting to the feeling of the tip of his finger inside himself. 'This... is... different...'

"Daisuke? Are you okay?" His mother was knocking on his door.

'Damnit.' "Yeah... 'm fine!" Daisuke trembled, hoping his mom didn't notice the strain in his voice.

"Okay... just quiet down. We're going to bed."


He waited like that, frozen in place, until he heard the door to his parents' room close. 'Damnit. Close call. I should stop...'

But the feeling of need had only increased. "Mm-" He shut his eyes again and pushed the finger in further. It felt strange. Still, not one to give up so easily, his gritted his teeth and shoved the finger in the rest of the way.

"Nn- aa-..." He barely kept himself from crying out again. A white blur had appeared before his eyes, and he felt his erection respond quickly.

He'd scratched himself.

"Ow... damnit... damnit..." He pulled his finger out quickly and breathed heavily for a few moments, the sharp pain subsiding. Glaring down at his hand, he saw a small drop of blood on his fingertip. 'Shoulda trimmed my fingernails... stupid idea, anyway.'

Wiping the lubricant from himself, he lay back and sighed. He'd gone soft, and now his ass hurt. Disappointed and sore, he pulled the blanket over himself, and willed himself to sleep.

"Hey, dork."

"Mmmm..." Daisuke swatted in the direction of the voice and frowned.

"Wake up, stupid."

"Uh-uh." It couldn't be morning yet, could it? He grabbed an extra pillow and threw it over his face.

Jun scowled at her brother. He wasn't usually THIS hard to wake up. "You slept through your alarm, dummy. It's the first day of high school and you're gonna be late!" Still no response. He'd fallen back asleep. "Get UP!" She grabbed the blanket and yanked it off his body, planning on pulling him out of the bed. Instead, she stared, blinked hard, and screamed. "AGH! You little PERVERT!"

Daisuke sat up abruptly and pulled the blanket over himself, his whole body blushing. "What the hell are you doing!"

Jun was covering her eyes and moaning unhappily. "Ewwwww I didn't need to see thaaaaat!"

"Get out!"

"Ewwww..." Jun moaned, leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

'Damnit,' Daisuke thought, lifting the blanket and looking down at himself. No wonder she'd reacted like that. Not only was he naked, but there was a sticky mess between his legs.

'Stupid wet dreams.' Blushing softly, Daisuke got up and grabbed some tissues, wiping himself off. He sighed, thinking back, trying to remember them. No such luck. All he remembered was it had something to do with his still sore ass.

Stretching, Daisuke wondered if he could just ignore Jun for the rest of the day. Maybe she'd forget about what she'd seen... or repress it. 'Nah, she'll probably just wait until she needs to blackmail me.' Reaching down to touch his toes, Daisuke's gaze drifted over his clock. ' thirty...'

"Shit, seven thirty!" Grabbing his new school uniform from where he'd so carefully tossed it on the floor, Daisuke got dressed as quickly as he could. Snatching up his goggles and book bag, he ran out the door, slipping on his shoes as he went.

Luckily for Daisuke, he could walk to school. Unluckily for him, he was so late that he had to run the entire way. Exactly 12.5 minutes after he left his house, he reached the school gates. Panting heavily, Daisuke ran through the empty courtyard, grinning when he heard the last bell ring.

'I'll make it! I'm not gonna be-'

With that, he slipped on the wet grass and fell, skidding across the wet lawn on his face. He lay there for a few seconds, waiting for his breath to return, and then stood quickly and continued on his way. 'One good thing about bein' late, no one was here to see that...'

Skidding down the hallway, Daisuke finally reached the classroom that he'd been told to go to on orientation day. Reaching up to adjust his goggles, he opened the door.

The teacher turned and gave him a sharp look. "And you are...?"

"Er... Motomiya Daisuke." Daisuke smiled sheepishly and stepped into the classroom, scratching the back of his neck and bowing awkwardly. "Sorry I'm late, I-"

"I don't tolerate tardiness in my class, Daisuke-kun."

Daisuke winced, giving the teacher his best puppy dog eyes. The woman looked nice enough anyway, and she was still pretty young for a teacher, so he thought maybe the eyes would work. "I'm really sorry..."

"You can stand in the hall. I'll let you know when we're interested in having you join us."

A few girls in the class giggled, and Daisuke darted his eyes across the room, wondering who it had been. The class had stilled quickly, so he wasn't sure who had found this so funny, but he was relieved at least to see a few friendly faces. Hikari sat in the second row, and Takeru sat beside her. They both gave him pitying looks, though Takeru seemed to be a little amused, too.

"I said, you could stand in the hall, Daisuke-kun."

Snapping out of it, Daisuke nodded quickly. "Right. Sorry." He turned and quickly left the room, hearing a few giggles again.

Shutting the door behind him, Daisuke sighed. He dropped his school bag onto the floor next to him, and leaned against the wall. "Stupid school," he mumbled, slowly sliding to the floor. Sure, he was supposed to stand and look attentive, but he had a feeling the teacher wasn't going to come get him any time soon.

Sighing, he sat down firmly, and reached for his bag. Searching through it for a moment, he finally found his sketchbook and pulled it out, along with a pencil. He bit his lower lip and opened the book to a blank page, and began to sketch.

He'd been drawing for a few years now, and he was getting pretty good at it. Not that he'd told anyone, of course. No one, that is, but Ken. 'But Ken doesn't count,' Daisuke thought, remembering what the other boy had thought of it. 'He's Ken! Anyway, he'd never laugh at me for it.'

Daisuke frowned, erasing a small line and sketching it again, not really thinking about what he was drawing. Holding the pencil and paper relaxed him, which was why he'd enjoyed it so much when he started. After all, being able to relax on cue wasn't exactly one of his talents. The drawing was relaxing him, but maybe a little too much. Five minutes after he'd begun his sketch, he nodded off, his head leaning back against the wall.


Wrinkling his nose, Daisuke frowned. 'I fell asleep.'

"Hey, Daisuke. Wake up."

'But I don't care. I wanna sleep more... I'm tired... stupid teacher...'


Tensing, Daisuke felt himself being nudged at by someone's foot. 'Jeez, can't a guy slack off in high school!' "Damnit, let me sleep!" he yelled, opening his eyes.

"Jeez, okay, okay! I was just trying to help," Taichi said, looking down at him. "But if you'd rather get in trouble... or have you already? What're you doing out here, anyway?"

Daisuke stared at his senpai for a long moment with wide eyes, before letting out the breath he'd been holding, and panting for a moment. 'Taichi-senpai... but... he graduated already! ...This must be a dream, right!' Still breathing heavily, Daisuke let his gaze drift down Taichi's body.

"Hey, you okay?" Taichi reached down and patted Daisuke on the back.

'Hey, that felt real! ...This isn't a dream!' "Wha-what're you doing here!" Daisuke asked, feeling as if his heart might burst in his chest right then and there from the shock.

Taichi frowned, looking almost hurt. "What, don't you want me to be?"

Feeling overwhelmingly confused, Daisuke made a face. Here he was, feeling like 'Hey, I'm 16, I'm so grown up and going to high school!' and all it took to reduce him to feeling like a child again was talking to Taichi. "Well... um..." He blushed faintly. "Yes..."

Taichi grinned. "I work here, now."

"What? You just graduated! Aren't you going to college or..." Daisuke trailed off, suddenly finding it difficult to imagine his senpai in college. 'But he works here? HERE?'

Taichi seemed to think it was pretty funny too, and he laughed. "No way. Not yet anyway... maybe... someday." He frowned and folded his arms. "But dad said that if I wasn't gonna go to school, I had to work. And the coach offered me a job... maybe it's 'cause my dad asked him to and they've been friends a long time, but... I like to think it's my winning personality." He winked and wiggled his eyebrows.

His face hurt from smiling, and he happily ignored the blush that accompanied it. He'd been heartbroken when he'd realized that he was never going to be in school with his senpai again, that he was just one year too young. When Taichi had graduated the year before, Daisuke had actually cried over it. But now, now he'd be able to see him every day after all! Clenching his hands into fists so tightly that they hurt, Daisuke felt overwhelmingly happy, but all he could say was, "That's awesome, Taichi-senpai!"

"Ah, you can't call me 'senpai' anymore! I'm a teacher now! Gotta be," Taichi batted his eyes and made his voice high pitched. "sensei!"

Daisuke blushed and looked away, the smile fading into a scowl. 'Just 'cause my voice just dropped last year... doesn't mean he's gotta tease me.'

"Aw, I'm just kiddin', Daisuke." Taichi ruffled the boy's hair, and chuckled, pulling a few blades of grass from the tussled mess. "I'm not really a teacher... I'm a... teacher's assistant or somethin'."

Daisuke smirked, trying to repress the fanboyish feelings that were surging through him. "So I can just call you 'Taichi', then?"

Frowning, Taichi bopped him on the head with a closed fist. "No fucking way."

"Owww," Daisuke whined, rubbing his head. "Fine. Taichi-senpai."

"No, no, no. More like this..." and his voice went up an octave again, "Taichi-senpai!"

Daisuke could almost see the little hearts floating around Taichi's head. He stuck out his tongue. "No way. I'm not gonna act like one of your fangirls!"

"Too bad," Taichi mused, grinning when Daisuke looked taken aback. "Nice artwork, by the way." He nodded towards the sketchbook that was lying face up on the ground next to him.

"Huh?" Daisuke looked down at it and proceeded to flail, quickly shutting the book and looking up at Taichi with a defensive expression. "I um... I'm not very good..."

"Looked pretty good to me, but..." Taichi smirked and gave Daisuke a look. "don't guys usually draw naked girls? I mean, it's well done, but..."

"It's just for figure study!" Daisuke said, feeling his heart pound quickly. 'Stupid! What was I thinking, drawing a naked guy at school!' "It's just... y'know... practice! To get better at drawing bodies!" 'It is! ...I mean... that's all...'

"Mmhmm..." Taichi didn't look convinced, but he shrugged. "Anyway, I have to go... seems the whole 'assistant coach' thing involves doing a lot of paperwork that the real coach doesn't wanna have to do."

"O-oh... um... okay."

Glancing at the door and back at Daisuke again, Taichi grinned. "What'd you do to get kicked out?"

Daisuke sighed and his shoulders sagged a bit. "I was late." 'Great. Just what I need. Taichi-senpai is finally in school with me again, but he's a teacher, and he knows I was late. Damnit.' "Taichi-senpai, I-" Daisuke looked up only to see an empty hallway. He turned and practically panicked when he saw Taichi sticking his head into the classroom.

"Yeah, so that's why Daisuke-kun was late, he was helping me with some... stuff."

"Oh, I didn't know..." the teacher's voice could barely be heard in the hall, but she sounded embarrassed.

"Yeah, my fault, shoulda given him a note or somethin'." Taichi ducked back out and winked at Daisuke, whispering, "Got you outta that one, but be careful, she's a hard ass."

Daisuke hopped up and smiled. "Thanks, Taichi-senpai!" He stepped forward, about to hug his friend like he would have the last time they were in school together. Then he froze. 'No... we were in elementry school then. I can't do that now.' Ducking his head to hide the blush on his cheeks, he sidestepped his senpai and re-entered the classroom. "Thanks."

"Seeya later, Dai."

Dropping his bag onto the bench, Daisuke glanced around the locker room nervously. All the other boys were already getting changed. It was gym class, and they were going to be using the pool today. Daisuke bit his lower lip and tugged his shirt off, tossing it into an empty locker. He hated swimming. Playing at the beach was one thing, but he'd never been a great swimmer. Why couldn't they have been doing something he was better at, like soccer?

Undoing his pants slowly, Daisuke's gaze flickered across the room without turning his head. He hadn't changed in front of anyone since last year, and since then he'd... aged. 'It's not that big of a deal, and no one's lookin' or anything, right?' Daisuke bit his lip hard and tugged his pants down, grabbing his swim shorts and tugging them on as quickly as he could. Once they were in place he glanced back around the room. No one seemed to have looked at him. Curious, Daisuke paused to watch a few of the other boys pull their own suits on. 'Guess... I'm pretty normal...' he thought, adjusting his shorts. 'Better than being teased 'cause I still look like a kid or somethin'.' He frowned, remembering getting teased by a few older boys from the soccer club because he didn't have any pubic hair.

The class filed out of the locker room and Daisuke pulled his goggles off, placing them carefully on his pile of clothes, before following them outside. It was hot and sunny, and the air smelled of chlorine and sunscreen. The boys filed into place along the fence and waited for the teacher's instructions. They were going to be practicing dives, Daisuke noticed, seeing the diving blocks being set up. He frowned, squinting into the sunlight. Who was setting them up, anyway? He couldn't get a good look at the figure that was bent over, pulling them into place, but when he stood up straight again he recognized him in an instant.

"Taichi-senpai!" Daisuke beamed, waving at him.

The gym teacher frowned and gave Daisuke an annoyed look. "Do you have anything to add, Motomiya, or do you just enjoy interrupting me?"

"Ah... sorry!" Daisuke blushed and leaned back against the fence, looking away. The boys laughed and the person next to him nudged him playfully. But across the pool, Daisuke could see Taichi grin at him.

"As I was saying, line up and take turns practicing the dive Yagami-kun is going to demonstrate."

Daisuke's eyes widened. He didn't know Taichi knew anything about swimming. He watched carefully as Taichi ran a hand through his hair and approached the edge of the pool. Getting into place, the older boy stretched his arms over his head, and sprung off the edge of the diving block into the water, making only a small splash.

The class clapped, clearly impressed. Daisuke clapped louder than any of them. It hadn't been exactly olympian, but when Taichi surfaced and climbed out of the pool, shaking the water out of his hair and smiling at them, Daisuke thought that he'd never seen anything so cool.

"Man, that was awesome," a boy whispered to his friend next to Daisuke.

"No kidding... I heard he was a student here before, too."

"Yeah, he graduated last year, I think."

Daisuke opened his mouth to respond, but felt the words get caught in his throat at the sight of Taichi approaching him. The sun glinted off the water drops left on his body, and his swim shorts were heavy with water and hanging low on his hips.

"Hey, Daisuke." Taichi smiled and folded his arms. "What'd you think, huh?"

"I-it was awesome!" Daisuke smiled and fisted his hands in excitement. "I didn't know you knew about swimming!"

"Yeah, well, mom was always all weird about it. I took lessons every summer when I was a kid." Taichi ran the towel in his hand through his hair and glanced at the boys beside Daisuke.

They stared at him, wide eyed, and said nothing. Taichi smirked and winked at Daisuke. "You gonna be any good?"

Daisuke blushed and looked away. 'Can't tell him the truth...'

"Daisuke-kun is a horrible swimmer," a voice said from Daisuke's other side.

Turning his head to glare at whoever the voice belonged to, Daisuke found himself face to face with Takeru.

"What? It's true." Takeru smirked and folded his arms. "Last year he almost drowned 'cause he forgot to breathe when we were doing laps."

"Th-that wasn't... shut up!" Daisuke glared at the other boy, blushing darkly. 'Stupid Takeru! Why'd he have to tell Taichi-senpai that!'

Taichi chuckled and reached out, fluffing Daisuke's hair. "It's okay, Daisuke. That's what my job is, anyway. If any of you guys start to drown, I'm here to save you."

Daisuke winced and stared down at his feet, embarrassed.

"Yagami!" The coach's voice called from the other side of the pool.

"Yeah!" Taichi turned and walked quickly to where the coach was standing.

Daisuke looked up to stare after him and sighed. "Why'd you have to say all that stuff?"

"I thought it would be good to warn him." Takeru grinned and nudged Daisuke's side. "It's not like you can hide it once it's your turn."

Scowling, Daisuke turned away and stared out the fence, not wanting to admit that Takeru was right. As the line advanced slowly towards the head of the pool, a few of the boys began pointing in the direction that Daisuke was staring. Across the field they could see the girls' gym class playing volleyball. Daisuke could just make out Hikari's figure.

"Man, I wish we had swim lessons together," one boy mumbled.

"Oh, yeah, in those cute little swimsuits... that would be awesome."

"I sure wouldn't mind helping them learn to swim!" The boys laughed perversely.

Daisuke frowned. Did they have to talk like that about Hikari and her friends?

"Yeah, but y'know... some people like helping us learn, y'know what I mean?" One of the boys said, his voice dropping back down to a whisper.

Daisuke glanced over at the crowd in front of him, wondering what they were talking about. He recognized them slightly, they'd been in another class all through junior high, and he'd never really talked to them.

A boy with a long ponytail nodded and folded his arms. "I can't believe they hired him."

The first boy made a face and looked back towards the volleyball court. "It's weird. I feel like he's gonna be watching us."

"I bet he gets off on seeing us in our suits like this." The ponytail boy laughed, nudging a brown haired boy that was beside him. "If he asked you to do some special practice with him, would you say yes?"

The brown haired boy blushed and shoved the ponytail boy away. "That's disgusting!"

The other two boys laughed. "Yeah, but I bet it's true. I mean, look at him!"

Daisuke frowned, confused. What were they talking about? Following their gaze as they turned and stared towards the head of the pool, Daisuke's eyes finally settled on Taichi. He smiled, watching his senpai help a shorter boy get into position before his dive.

"Ew, I hope he doesn't touch me like that," one of the boys whispered. "Who knows what he's thinking!"

'They're... talking about Taichi-senpai..." Daisuke thought, his mind finally making sense of it.

"I bet he likes little boys. You'd better look out, Kenta, you still look like a junior high student!" The darker haired boy laughed and shoved at the brown haired boy.

Kenta didn't get a chance to defend himself. Daisuke was too fast for anyone to respond.

"Take it back!" Daisuke had shoved the ponytailed boy against the fence and had his hands around the boy's throat.

"What the fuck! Let go of me!" The boy shoved Daisuke off, rubbing his throat. "Are you insane!"

"Take it BACK!" Daisuke swung his fist and it connected with the boy's cheek.

The class went silent as the other boy slowly turned his head back to stare at Daisuke incredulously, reaching up to touch the red mark Daisuke's fist had left. "What the fuck did I do!" Then his expression hardened. "Oh, I get it. You heard what we were saying, and you're his little lap dog, aren't you?"

Daisuke felt his body begin to tremble. "What the hell did you just say!"

Takeru would have already interrupted the fight if it had been anyone else. But he'd been on the other end of Daisuke's fists before, and although he was pretty sure he could hold his own against his friend normally, he didn't like the odds when it had something to do with Taichi. Instead, he'd carefully stepped back, out of the strike range, and wished that Taichi and the teacher would walk a little faster.

"You heard what I said! You're his little lap dog. Is it true, Motomiya? Does he really like sucking cock, or do you suck his?"

'Wha... what did he just...' Daisuke thought, feeling the last semblances of coherent thought fade away into anger.

The boy with the ponytail found himself pinned to the ground before he could take a breath, and all he could do was cover his face with his arms to block the repeated blows from Daisuke's fists.

"You bastard!" Daisuke yelled, hitting the boy as hard as he could with each blow. 'How dare he... he...' Then Daisuke felt himself being lifted off of the other boy. "Lemme go!" He struggled, trying to escape the hands that had gripped his sides. "LET ME GO!" Daisuke whipped around and landed a punch on the face of his captor.

Taichi winced, but did not release him. "Calm down, Daisuke." His voice was firm, and his eyes were cold.

Daisuke felt his breath catch in his throat and the rage quickly fade, leaving his body suddenly weak. He went almost completely limp in Taichi's grip, and hung his head, unable to maintain eye contact with his senpai.

"What the hell was that, Motomiya!" The coach was lifting the other boy up and checking him for injuries. "Damnit, what do you boys think you were doing!"

"He-he attacked me for no reason!" the other boy said, wiping blood from his mouth.

Daisuke felt his stomach clench and he wondered if he was going to throw up.

"Like hell I believe that." The coach gave them both a cold look. "Motomiya, you're suspended for the day. Go to the office and tell the principal what you did, he can decide your punishment. And you," he turned to the ponytailed boy. "Go to the nurse, and then to the principal's office with you. I'm not gonna tolerate this kind of behavior in my class."

Daisuke nodded, feeling his stomach unclench slightly. Maybe he'd get a break after all.

"You walk Motomiya to the office, Yagami-kun."

"Sure." Taichi took Daisuke's arm with a firm grip, and began leading him to the locker room.

'Then again...' Daisuke thought, a long sigh escaping his lips. 'Guess I've got no luck.'

In the locker room, Taichi leaned against the far wall, arms folded, and watched as Daisuke got redressed.

Too upset to mind his senpai watching him change, Daisuke moved slowly, and was finally ready to go to the office. He held his goggles in one hand, not feeling quite up to wearing them at the moment.

The walk to the office was quiet. When they finally reached it, Taichi paused outside the door, finally letting out a loud sigh. "What the hell was that all about, Daisuke?"

Daisuke's eyes hadn't left the floor since they'd reached the locker room, and he shrugged. He was confused. He hadn't done anything to be ashamed of, right? 'So maybe I shouldn't have hit him, but... he deserved it!'

"You're not even gonna talk to me?" Taichi sounded hurt.

Daisuke's gaze finally lifted to meet Taichi's, and they stared at each other for a long moment. "I didn't like what he was saying," Daisuke finally muttered, feeling stupid. Why was he so embarrassed! He hadn't done anything!

Taichi arched an eyebrow at him. "Yeah? What was he saying?"

"...Stuff." Daisuke looked away again, shoving his hands into his pockets. 'I can't say that stuff... it's too...'

"Stuff about me?" Taichi's voice was suddenly gentle, and Daisuke felt a blush grow across his face.

"Yeah," was all he could manage, and his voice cracked slightly. The blush grew.

"Mm... figured." Taichi scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

"But they're all liars!" Daisuke turned back and gave Taichi a determined look. "Taichi-senpai would never do anything that... that gross!"

Taichi looked surprised, then he made a half smile and averted his eyes. "Yeah..." He sighed heavily. "Look, Daisuke, I appreciate it, but... don't get in trouble 'cause of me. A lot of rumors got started last year and... probably your class is gonna hear 'em." He looked back at Daisuke, looking worried.

Daisuke finally smiled. "Don't worry, Taichi-senpai! I know you, and I won't believe any of it!" He folded his arms and nodded. "You're not like that."

"...Thanks. Um... you should probably go," Taichi nodded towards the office door. "I'm gonna get back to the pool." He looked down, grinning slightly at the sight of himself, still in his swimsuit, dripping on the hallway floor. "I'll see you later, okay?"

"Okay." Daisuke grinned widely and watched as his senpai turned and went back in the direction they'd come from. Then, with his head held high, he entered the principal's office.

'Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored...' Daisuke thought, kicking his legs alternatingly. His hands itched for a pencil and paper to keep him occupied, but they'd put his book bag behind the secretary's desk. He sighed and let his head fall back against the wall with a thunk. Daisuke had been sitting there for a half an hour, waiting for his sentencing.

Finally, the door opened, and the principal stepped out. He gave Daisuke a sharp look. "I called your parents, but no one picked up, so I left a message. I trust you'll explain to them what happened?"

Daisuke forced a smile and nodded, glad for once that no one would be home before him and that he could delete that message before anyone heard it.

"Alright. Seeing as you had a fairly clean record from junior high, I'm going to let you off on this. However, if you start another fight, I can promise you suspension at best."

Daisuke smiled genuinely now, and nodded quickly. "Thank you! I won't do it again!"

"Mmhmm. Then you can go back to class. I think you'll make it just in time for lunch."

"Thanks!" Daisuke hopped up and grabbed his bag from behind the desk - the secretary giving him a sharp look as he did so - and he scurried out of the office as quickly as he could.

Feeling light as a feather, Daisuke pulled his goggles from his pocket and put them back on his head. "Lucky!" 'I heard the principal was nice, but this is awesome!' Daisuke smiled so hard that his cheeks began to ache, and he paused as he reached the doors to his classroom. 'I could probably... take a few extra minutes...' he thought, turning and running down the hall towards the exit doors.

The doors in the back of the school opened onto the small garden, and past them would be the outer doors to the locker room, where the gym's office was. The gym teacher would probably be there, but so would Taichi. 'Taichi-senpai, Taichi-senpai, gotta thank Taichi-senpai for understanding!' Daisuke skipped down the steps two at a time, grinning ear to ear.

Between the rows of flowers and rose bushes, Daisuke rounded the corner and stopped mid-step. He stood only a few meters from the school's small growth of cherry trees, and they were just blooming. The pink flowers only accented the scene, and Daisuke stood there, gaping at what was beneath them.

Taichi was kissing someone. Not just someone, Daisuke corrected himself, but someone he recognized... the current captain of the soccer team. Taichi's hands were on the other boy's hips, pushing him back against the brick wall of the school building, and the boy's hands were on Taichi's shoulders. Their lips were locked, and their bodies were pressed together.

His hands in fists and his arms at his sides, Daisuke felt his body begin to tremble. Unable to think of anything else, his mind froze, and he took the image in, only finally reacting when he heard a noise escape from Taichi's mouth.

'He... moaned...' Daisuke licked his lips and swallowed hard. Taichi's hands were slipping under the other boy's shirt now, and when Taichi adjusted his body to reach the boy's nipples, Daisuke could see the obvious bulges in both boys' pants.

Letting out a shaky breath, Daisuke felt a familiar warmth build between his legs. 'Taichi-senpai is...' A blush settled on his face and he reached down, tugging on his underwear through his pants to make room for his growing erection. 'He's... really...'

"Taichi..." the other boy moaned, settling his hands on Taichi's ass.

That was enough to snap Daisuke out of his trance. 'What... what the... he's...' Shaking his head, Daisuke felt the arousal in him fade, and he clenched his fists harder, digging his fingernails into his palms. 'He lied to me... he... they were right...' "Taichi-senpai!"

The two boys froze and Taichi lifted his head from the other boy's lips, and they turned to give Daisuke a wide eyed stare.

"I... I just wanted to..." Daisuke felt his body tremble visibly. "To say thanks." He didn't smile. "For... for helping me before... I..."

"Shit," Taichi mumbled, releasing the other boy. "Daisuke, look, this isn't-"

"Don't." Daisuke reached up and wiped his eyes on the back of his arm. 'Stupid... stupid, don't cry now!' "It's fine. I'll go. I didn't mean to... to interrupt." Turning on his heels, Daisuke ran from the scene, ignoring it when he heard Taichi's voice echoing behind him. 'He lied to me... he lied... he really is...'

When he reached his classroom, Daisuke went straight to his desk and sat down, laying his face in his arms and not looking up, even when Hikari asked him what was wrong. It took him the entirety of the lunch period to bring his emotions under control, and even when he did, he didn't feel like eating.

Chapter 2