Finding Obsolescence
A Day in the Life (and then some)

by Lavender Feline

"Taichi-senpai!" Daisuke called as he ran towards the older boy. Across the field he could see his class playing against room 206 in what appeared to be a well balanced soccer game. Daisuke sighed, slowing his gate. 'I gotta learn not to angst... makes me skip out on all the good stuff. Maybe if I was playing we'd be doing better...' He frowned as Takeru scored a goal for their class. 'I coulda done a cooler shot than that.'

Taichi turned his head for a moment, glancing at Daisuke. His eyes widened. "Daisuke..."

"Hey, um..." Daisuke stared, frowning. "Can we go talk?"

Taichi pursed his lips. "Um... I kinda have to referee." He turned and looked back at the field. "They volunteered me."

"Oh." Daisuke grinned. "Well, guess you are the best one here for the job."

Taichi's eyebrows arched and he glanced back at Daisuke. "You seem... happy."

"I feel better." Daisuke shrugged. "So... maybe after the game?"

Taichi nodded and turned back to the field just in time to catch a foul. He blew his whistle and waved down the offending player. "Sure. Meet me in the locker room. It should be quiet in there." With that, he ran out to the field.

Daisuke smiled, forcing away the empty feeling that was gnawing away at his gut. He had to do this. He just had to hang in there till he could talk to Taichi, and then it would all be okay! 'Happy ending and everything,' Daisuke though, turning to go back to the building. Watching his classmates play soccer without him was just too much punishment for the day.

Once inside, Daisuke headed to the locker room. He could wait for Taichi there, and maybe even think of something impressive to say. 'I love you! You know it, I know it! We can't repress our feelings any longer!' Daisuke sighed and sat on a bench, leaning back against a locker. 'Nah. Don't think that would really go over too good.'

Reaching down into his bag, Daisuke pulled out his sketchbook and a pencil. He grinned a bit and began to sketch Taichi. After a moment, the image began to develop. Taichi was sitting on something, Daisuke decided, and sketched a vague line behind him, quickly moving back to the legs. His legs were spread. And Daisuke blushed faintly, hunching over his sketchbook as he drew in detail, what went between his senpai's legs. 'After all, now I know what it looks like.' He grinned widely, chuckling. The image began to take recognizable form as Taichi's trademark bushy hair was added, and then his expression, a smirk.

Daisuke licked his lips and shifted. 'Probly kinda wrong to get turned on by my own art. I should go back to planning.' He took a deep breath and stared fiercely at the Taichi in the drawing's face. "I love you. You have to date me, 'cause... otherwise it's too sad! So... go out with me!"

"Hey, he is here."

Daisuke looked up sharply, blushing. 'Damn.' "Um, hey guys." He held his sketchbook to his chest tightly and grinned at the boys that approached him.

The boy with the ponytail smirked at Daisuke. "Hey. Whatcha drawin' there?"

Daisuke shrugged stiffly. He hadn't spoken to this boy since he'd beat him up on the first day of school. A few of his friends were standing behind him looking thug-like. 'This is bad.' "Nothing really."

"Looks like somethin' to me." Ponytail, as Daisuke had dubbed him, reached over and grabbed the sketchbook, pulling on it.

"Hey! Leggo!" Daisuke pulled back hard until he heard paper being ripped. Horrified at the thought of his drawings being torn, he let go.

"Now, let's see what he's got here." Ponytail turned the book in his hands and stared at it with wide eyes. "What the hell!"

One of the boys behind him laughed, and the brown haired boy Daisuke remembered as being called Kenta blushed and looked away. Daisuke frowned. "C'mon, just give it back!"

"Hold it." Ponytail handed it off to Kenta and approached Daisuke. "You are a little cocksucker, aren't you? I knew it. And not only that, but that perverted teacher! You his little bitch after all?"

Daisuke clenched his hands tightly into fists and gave the boy a cold stare. "Don't make me kick your ass again."

"I don't think you can." Ponytail smirked. "See, it's two against one now."

The taller boy that was with him cracked his knuckles and smirked.

Daisuke gulped hard. "That's not fair! You're just too weak to take me alone! Pretty sad, being scared of a fag." 'Gotta stall 'em... maybe if I stall 'em long enough someone'll show up!'

But Ponytail only began approaching him faster. "Hold him."

The taller boy grabbed Daisuke's arm and yanked it behind his back, pinning him. Daisuke yelped and tried to pull away, but he wasn't exactly trained in fighting, and he thought he remembered seeing this guy on the school's karate team. 'I'm so dead!'

"Not gonna call for help?" Ponytail laughed. "That's pathetic." And he swung.

Daisuke gasped, feeling all the air leave his lungs. He shut his eyes tightly and tried to breathe again, but the second punch came too quickly. He struggled against the grip the other boy had on him, but he couldn't get away. He was trapped. Panicking at the realization, Daisuke struggled harder, but he froze when he realized the only thing he was doing was straining his own arm. Then came a third punch, this one right below his ribs.

Daisuke's eyes popped open again. Something was wrong. He couldn't breathe. His chest was spasming, all he could get in were little gasps. 'What the hell! What's going on! I can't breathe!' He felt his knees go weak in panic. 'Am I gonna die!' He winced as Ponytail lifted his fist to land a blow on Daiuske's face.

But it never came.

Daisuke grunted when he felt his body hit the floor. His breathing was still spasming and he was beginning to get dizzy.

"Shit!" He heard the taller boy say.

"Just get the fuck out. I'll deal with you later." That voice was familiar.

Daisuke's vision began to blur. All he could see from his place on the floor were three pairs of feet fleeing the room. His sketchbook dropped to the floor in front of him. He reached for it with one arm.

"Shit. Daisuke!" Two strong hands grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to his knees. "What the... fuck. Hold your breath."

Daisuke blinked slowly at the blurry image of Taichi in front of him. 'But I need more air... not less...' Daisuke felt his thoughts slowing.

"Hold your breath!" Taichi clamped a hand down over Daisuke's mouth and pinched his nose.

Daisuke trembled for a moment, trying to yank away, but his strength was all gone. Then his chest stopped spasming as quickly as it had begun. And when Taichi pulled his hands away, Daisuke took a long, deep breath. He sat back heavily and breathed deeply for a minute, enjoying the taste of the air, and watching as the room slowly came into focus again.

Taichi looked angry. "They punched you in the solar plexus."

Daisuke frowned. This still didn't make sense. "Huh?"

"That's why that happened. Your..." Taichi sighed. "Never mind. It doesn't matter. You're okay now."

Daisuke nodded slowly. "They kicked my ass." He grinned very slightly.

"Two against one isn't aren't fair odds." Taichi looked back towards the door. "Those brats are going to die."

Daisuke's grin widened. "Don't kill them. Just hurt them real bad." He chuckled, wincing after a moment. His chest still stung.

Taichi picked up the sketchbook and paused. It was lying face down on the floor. Daisuke felt his back tense. But then Taichi closed it and handed it to him. "Probly should be more careful with that kinda stuff. I take it they didn't like what they saw?" He smirked.

Daisuke blushed and shoved the book back into his bag. "Yeah. Guess not."

"Sorry. I should have gotten here sooner." Taichi reached over, placing a hand to Daisuke's forehead as if to check his temperature. "Are you okay?"

Daisuke pulled away sharply. The mere sensation of Taichi's skin against his own made him dizzy all over again. "I'm fine."

Taichi's smirk faded into that sad tired look again. "You wanted to talk about something, right?"

Daisuke bit his lower lip. 'I love you. I love you so much... can't I just get a hug or something? That would be nice... just hug me, Taichi-senpai. Hug me and kiss me and fuck me and...' Daisuke blushed at the thought and had to force the thoughts away. "Later? I'm kinda... shaken." He looked away, averting his gaze. "I could just... call you later."

Taichi looked disappointed and relieved at the same time. "Okay. You gonna go home?"

Daisuke nodded. "Yeah. I'm... really tired." He grinned weakly. "Thanks for saving me."

Taichi shifted awkwardly. "Well. Those guys still need a good ass kicking."

Daisuke smiled and nodded. "Yeah, they do. Wait until I feel better and I'll help!"

Taichi stared at him for a moment, then grinned. "Sure." He stood, then after a moment's hesitation, reached out and ruffled Daisuke's hair briefly. "I've gotta go back out there... they'll need my help."

"Okay." Daisuke watched as Taichi left the room, then slapped himself on the forehead. 'Stupid! Another chance gone! All I had to do was say it! Taichi-senpai, I love you! Too late now.' He scowled and stood, gathering his things.

"Oh, darling, I love you!"

"I love you, too, my precious!"

"But what will they say? You're my teacher and I'm your student!"

"You're right... but our forbidden lust cannot be denied any longer!"

"Take me, my darling!"

"Oh, if only society could accept us for who we are!"

Daisuke twitched and rolled his eyes. 'Great. My sister's home. Guess it could be worse.' He kicked off his shoes and walked into the living room. "I'm home!" He'd taken the long way home - the long way being stopping at various stores and stalling - he hadn't wanted to face his sister again just yet, and he was just as afraid that he'd get home and no one would be there. He didn't want to be alone just as much as he didn't want to face Jun.

His sister and their mother were sitting on the couch, leaning forward, eyes locked on the television. "Shh! It's the best part!" Jun hissed at him.

Daisuke made a face. "This isn't even one of the good dramas!"

"And you'd know the good ones how?" Jun asked, not looking away from the TV screen.

Daisuke scowled. "I'll be in my room." 'Stupid girl. So I watch a few dramas once in a while. Only when nothing else is on! ...That's all.' He turned to leave the room and ran into his father.

The older man had come into the room only moments before and gave Daisuke a sharp look before turning to his wife and daughter. "Turn the television off. We're going to have a family meeting."

"Oh, can't we do that later?" Daisuke's mom pouted, not pulling her gaze away from the TV.

His father picked up the remote and turned the television off. That got their attention. He wasn't around much, but when he was he was seldom quiet. Daisuke had been told he and his sister took after his father, the loud part anyway. "No. We're going to talk and we're going to talk now."

Daisuke felt his stomach clench. 'Oh, god. They know.' He sat heavily in the armchair behind him and fisted his hands, resting them on his legs.

His father pulled up a chair and sat down, facing the rest of them. Jun leaned over the arm of the couch and Daisuke's mother turned to face him.

"Daisuke," his father began, and all eyes were on him.

Daisuke began to tremble. "Y-yeah?" 'They know! HOW do they know!'

"Your mother found some... artwork... in your room, and-" his father began.

"You were in my ROOM!" Daisuke sat forward, yelling at them both. "What the hell were you doing in my room!" His heart was racing. He felt sick.

"Don't raise your voice at us, Daisuke," his father snapped back. "She was looking for dishes. Heaven knows you never bring them back to the kitchen when you're done, and-"

"But you could have asked me to! You can't just go through my stuff!" Daisuke knew he shouldn't have been yelling, but he couldn't help it. He couldn't stop.

"That's not the point!" His father frowned sharply at him. "The point is what she found. Rather... adult art... involving... men and..."

"Gay porn, daddy?" Jun asked in a sugary sweet voice, batting her eyes.

Their father's face turned a bright shade of red. "Quiet."

Jun sat back, averting her gaze again, giving Daisuke a pitying look.

Daisuke sighed heavily. "Yeah. I draw, so!"

"We don't approve of a boy your age drawing... those... things," his mother said, flustered. "It's not appropriate!"

"What's not appropriate about it! I'm not a little kid anymore! Can't you just give me 'the talk' and drop it!" Daisuke clenched his teeth, knowing what was coming next. 'Here's where they disown me. Here's where they kick me out on the street because I'm gay. I just KNOW it... I'll show them. They can't treat me this way!'

"I don't approve of you being gay," Daisuke's father continued.

"So! I don't approve of you being a shitty dad! Not like I got any say in THAT!" Daisuke spat back, his eyes tearing up. "You can't make JUN raise me and expect me to come out like YOU wanted! It's too late to fix it now! So forget it! I don't care what you do! Kick me out on the street! Disown me! Force me to marry an ugly woman! I don't care what you try! It's not gonna make me like pussy any more!"

Daisuke's mother make a horrified face and gaped at him. "D-Daisuke..."

His father grimaced. "I wasn't finished."

Daisuke pouted and sat back, glaring at him. "Yeah? What else you gotta say?"

"I was going to say that I don't approve of you being gay. However, I also know that that won't change anything." He sighed and looked over at Jun. "Also, you're not exactly the oldest child we have, and I know Jun will marry and have a normal life..."

Daisuke winced. 'Normal! HER!'

"So although I don't like the idea of my only son being... that way..." His father's expression softened. "I also don't want my only son out on the streets with no support."

"Your father and I love you, Daisuke, even if we think what you're doing isn't... right." His mother smiled at him nervously. "You understand that, don't you?"

Daisuke gaped at him, drowning in confusion. "So... so you think it's nasty but you're not gonna punish me for it! And you don't like it, but I can be gay anyway!"

"Would you change if we told you to?" his father asked, folding his arms.

"Hell no! I'd rather go be a hooker or something!" Daisuke blurted out defiantly.

Jun giggled. Daisuke shot her a glare. "What! You don't think I could!"

His mother cleared his throat. "We know you better than you think, Daisuke. We know we can't make you change." She sniffled, her eyes looking moist. "But the last thing we want is for our only son to be out there all alone! Please give us time to adjust to this and... we'll support you as much as we can."

"Just don't go... flounting it or anything," his father added hastily. "We'll do what we can to understand you, but we don't want-"

"You'll learn to live with your shame as long as no one else knows about it?" Daisuke asked dryly, considering.

"That's... not how I would put it," his mother said gently.

"Yes." His father frowned at him. "Not good enough?"

"No. Not really." Daisuke grinned. "But better than I expected."

"And if you do want that 'birds and the bees' talk, I would be happy to do it now," Daisuke's mother said, smiling in a terrified sort of way. "I do know a lot about men and-"

"Agh! No!" Jun cut her off. "Please, mother, don't give him the 'eel goes in the cave' talk! It's embarrassing!"

Daisuke's father ran a hand through his hair and sighed, and for the first time, Daisuke noticed that his father was getting old. "Dad?" he said, grinning. "I'll get into a good college to make up for it."

His father chuckled, shaking his head. He looked tired. "Sure, son."

Daisuke stood quickly. "But right now I have to go-"

"Oh, no!" His mother stood, giving him a worried look. "Are you going to... do things! I won't approve of that sort of gay activity-"

"Mom!" Daisuke gave her an insulted look. "Just 'cause I'm gay doesn't mean I'm a slut!" Inwardly he winced, knowing this speech would have been better given the week before. "I happen to be going to ask someone out!"

Jun smiled widely. "Ooh! Who is it!"

Daisuke blushed softly and averted his gaze. "Taichi-senpai," he mumbled.

"Don't tell me that nice boy is gay, too!" His mother moaned unhappily, sitting back down.

"I knew I should have made you take a manlier sport, like karate. Soccer teams are all full of gays." His father sighed.

Daisuke snickered, wanting to agree. "I'll call if I'm not coming home tonight!"

He was out the door before he could hear his mother gasp in horror. He was down the stairs before he felt his embarrassment catch up with him. He was halfway to Taichi's house before he realized what he was doing. And by the time he knocked on his senpai's door, he knew what he had to do.

Taichi wasn't looking nearly as sexy as he was last time, Daisuke noted with relief. Instead, his senpai was wearing an old worn gray sweatsuit, complete with holes in the shirt and worn, years softened cloth. He wasn't wearing socks or slippers either, and Daisuke grinned. 'He looks cute barefoot.'

Taichi shifted awkwardly. "Hi," he finally said when he realized he was being stared at.

"Can I come in?" Daisuke quickly turned his grin into a determined look, one he hoped was impressive.

Taichi shrugged. "I guess..."

They walked into the living room. Taichi folded his arms. He looked self-concious. Daisuke stared at him, surprised. 'What does he have to be nervous about!'

"So-" they both said at the same time.

Then they both laughed nervously.

Daisuke grinned sheepishly. "You go first." 'Whatever he's got to say, it won't change my mind.'

Taichi took a deep breath and frowned. "I'm... all fucked up."

"...Huh?" Daisuke cocked his head.

"I don't like you fucking around!" Taichi blurted out, the tips of his ears turning red.

Daisuke's eyes widened. 'No... WAY.'

"I don't like... hearing about you... with those guys." Taichi averted his gaze. "I shouldn't care. But I do. It's pissing me off. I can't stop thinking about it. And then... when those guys beat you up..."

Daisuke cut him off quickly. "I have to say something first."

Taichi looked disappointed, but he shrugged. "Okay..."

"I came here for my goggles." Daisuke frowned.

Taichi winced. "...Not to see me." Then he frowned. "I thought you didn't want them."

"I do." Daisuke smiled. "I want them back."

Taichi sighed and walked over to the coffee table where they were sitting. He picked them up and sighed. "Guess I thought you were here for another reason. That's all." He walked back over and handed Daisuke the goggles.

Daisuke's smile widened. "This reminds me of when you gave them to me in the first place."

Taichi's eyebrows arched. "I guess. That was a long time ago."

"I decided something else, too." Daisuke quickly grabbed hold of the goggles and his senpai's hands.

Taichi tensed. "Oh?"

"You have to go out with me." Daisuke swallowed hard, impressed at himself for not wavering, impressed that his voice didn't crack embarrassingly, impressed that he got it out at all.

Taichi tensed and began tugging his hands away. "I don't-"

"Yeah, I know. But that's dumb." Daisuke smiled brightly. "So you have to!"

Taichi tugged harder, a panicked look dancing across his face. "Why's it dumb?"

"Because you like me, too." Daisuke blushed softly. "Right?"

Taichi froze. "...I-"

"And anyway, you like me as a friend, right?" Daisuke continued, deciding that if he was going to say it, he'd better do it now. "And you liked having sex with me, right? And that's all dating is! It's sex with a good friend! And if you're dating someone, you don't have to go around looking for sex all the time! You can have it whenever you want! ...Or most of the time, anyway... Anyhow, it's easier! And you're lazy! I know you, Taichi-senpai. You don't have sex with random guys 'cause you like the random guys. You have sex with random guys 'cause you want sex. Right?" He took a deep breath. "And if you went out with me you'd get sex. Good sex! Any kind of sex you want! ...Except the really weird stuff like S&M and pee fetishes and stuff, that's kinda messed up, but mostly I'll do whatever you want! And I'm pretty horny a lot of the time, so it'd be more than you're getting now! And anyway, if you didn't like me at least a little you wouldn't have gotten jealous! 'Cause you are! So you like me! And I like you, too!" Daisuke's voice softened suddenly, as if he realized what he was about to say. "I love you, Taichi-senpai."

Taichi stared at Daisuke, his eyes huge, as if he were still catching up with what Daisuke had said.

"I love you. And... you just gotta go out with me. 'Cause otherwise I'll be depressed. I won't die or anything... but I'll be depressed. And I'll never get over you." Daisuke felt his eyes water up slightly. He blinked hard. "So you'll give me a chance, right?"

Taichi opened and closed his mouth repeatedly. He looked like a fish. Daisuke would have laughed if he weren't so scared.

"You'd better say yes to him, oniichan, that was the cutest pickup I've ever heard!"

Daisuke and Taichi both turned to find Hikari standing in the hallway, holding Miko in her arms.

Daisuke blushed hard. "Hikari-chan... um..."

"Go away," Taichi said, glaring at her.

She grinned knowingly and turned, walking back down the hall to leave them alone.

"Sorry," Daisuke mumbled, looking down and realizing he was still holding onto Taichi's hands. He let go of them quickly, wincing when he saw the red lines his fingers had left. 'I must have been squeezing his hands really hard.'

"...Working at your school... I couldn't date you," Taichi began slowly, eyeing Daisuke and frowning slightly.

Daisuke blinked quickly, repeatedly, feeling his breath catch in his throat. 'It didn't... take him long to say no.' "Oh... I... forgot..."

"But I don't work there anymore. So I guess I don't have that excuse," Taichi said, shoving his hands in his pockets awkwardly and grinning.

"What? But why don't you!" Daisuke felt his depression suddenly paused, and he wasn't sure what to feel.

"Because it's better to quit than to be fired." Taichi smirked. "I told you I wanted to kick those guys' asses."

Daisuke stared at him, shocked. "You... did that!"

"Yeah, kinda." Taichi sighed and scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment. "After you left I saw them in the halls and... well, I don't think I woulda been allowed to work there any longer anyway. So I called around... there's a cool music store downtown I think I can get a job at."

Daisuke felt his mood lifting suddenly. "You lost your job 'cause of me!"

"Yeah." Taichi chuckled, looking awkward. "Guess I did."

"So... so you can't reject me!" Daisuke beamed at him. "You DO like me!"

Taichi blinked at him and chuckled. "I guess... when you put it like that..."

Daisuke pouted. "Wow, you seem so enthusiastic about it, too."

"Hey, this isn't easy." Taichi grinned again. "...You're good at convincing people, y'know that?"

Daisuke nodded, smiling again. "Yeah. Lots of practice at whining until I get my way."

Taichi's grin faded and he looked awkward again. "I guess I do like you."

"So you'll go out with me?" Daisuke asked, his voice soft again.

"Yeah." Taichi nodded hesitantly. "Can't refuse an offer like 'good sex whenever you want it'." He grinned and licked his lips. "And I guess... I don't want anyone else ever touching you again." His eyes sparkled dangerously.

Daisuke felt a shiver go down his spine and his whole body went light. "I-"

But he couldn't finish what he was saying. Taichi's tongue was already in his mouth. And when they parted, the thought was already gone. It only took a few minutes before they were in Taichi's bedroom again, and soon after that, they were undressed. All Daisuke knew was that the more Taichi touched him, the better he felt. And when Taichi thrust into him and they both moaned, Daisuke noticed how gentle Taichi's touch had been, even compared to the first time. Maybe Taichi did love him back. At least, he thought of all of this when he looked back on it later. While it was happening, he was a little too distracted to think anything more than about how incredibly sexy Taichi was, and how good it felt, especially when he knew he was his.

Afterwards, Daisuke found himself in a vaguely familiar position. His head was on Taichi's shoulder, and Taichi's arm was wrapped around him. They were still panting.

"I should go," Daisuke mumbled unhappily, glancing out the window. He could see the sliver of moon that was in the sky. "My parents-"

"You aren't going anywhere." Taichi's grip tightened on him. "You're staying here."

Daisuke relaxed back onto Taichi and smiled. "Okay," he whispered. "I'm staying here."

Taichi chuckled. "Man... listen to me. You'd think I was possessive or somethin'."

Daisuke grinned and kissed Taichi's neck. "You? No way!"

"I really was, wasn't I?" Taichi whispered.

"You were what? Possessive?" Daisuke tried to sit up so he could see his senpai's face, but Taichi held him firmly in place.


They were both quiet for a long time. Daisuke wanted to nod and agree, but he wasn't sure that was what Taichi wanted to hear. Anyway, he was happy just lying there. 'This is okay. He can say whatever he wants now. I'll just stay here forever.'

Daisuke's eyes had began to shut when Taichi finally continued. "I swear I wanted to kill them all."

"Mm? Who?" Daisuke yawned loudly.

"Everyone you kissed. Everyone who touched you. Everyone you... shit, I don't even wanna think about what you did." Taichi's grip tensed.

Daisuke frowned. "You messed around, too, y'know. But that doesn't matter. Because you didn't like those people, right?"

Taichi nodded hesitantly. "You... didn't like any of them, either?"

Daisuke finally tugged out of Taichi's grip enough to sit up enough to make eye contact with him. "Are you kidding? I just wanted to be with you. The whole time I just thought about you. Even when I didn't want to."

"You didn't want to?" Taichi pouted and gave him doe eyes.

"You're overacting." Daisuke grinned. "And yeah... I didn't wanna think I was gay, y'know. And I didn't wanna think I had a crush on you. And most of all, I didn't wanna think I wanted you to fuck me. But I guess I did." He blushed and smirked at the same time.

Taichi smirked. "Well, who wouldn't?"

Daisuke laughed. "That's better."

"What is?" Taichi arched an eyebrow at him and tugged him back into place on his chest.

"You're... you again. It's weird seeing you not smug or full of yourself," Daisuke said in an affectionate tone of voice.

"...Man, I knew you were weird, but I didn't think you were that weird." Taichi chuckled. "But I guess that means you won't want me to change. That's good. I'm bad at change."

Daisuke nodded. "Only thing I want you to change is the touching other boys part. And girls!" he added quickly. "No girls, either. Girls are gross."

Taichi nuzzled his face into Daisuke's hair. "Okay. No girls, either." He yawned. "All yours."

Daisuke smiled so wide his face hurt. "That sounds good. All mine! Taichi-senpai is my boyfriend. Mine."

"Well, you're Taichi-senpai's too, y'know. Works both ways." Taichi sounded more than a little amused.

"Yeah. That sounds good, too," Daisuke added, cutting himself off with a yawn. "I should call my parents," Daisuke mumbled, making no move to sit up.

"Mmm... probably," Taichi murmured. "Later."

"Okay. Later."

Before falling asleep, Daisuke realized he was going to be in trouble when he did call them in the morning. But until then, he didn't care. He just wanted to stay right there, forever. He reached over the side of the bed where his goggles had fallen and picked them up, holding them in the hand that rested on Taichi's chest.

"Goodnight, Taichi-senpai," Daisuke whispered.

"Night, Daisuke," Taichi whispered back.



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