Title: On the Off-chance That You'll Glance My Way

Disclaimer: J.K.Rowling owns dear Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Hermione Granger.

Summary: In an angry soliloquy, Draco Malfoy reflects on his feelings for Hermione Granger.

Author's Notes: The idea for this came to me while I was washing dishes, and upon finishing I immediately came upstairs to write down all the lines I had thought up in my head. Now I've created a (very short) one-shot for your enjoyment, which may or may not develop into a real story. Either way, hope you like it. And remember, reviews are for lovers.

On the Off-chance That You'll Glance My Way

"Why are you always staring at me, Malfoy?"

Stupid filthy mudblood, jumping up and down in excitement you can't contain over knowing the bloody answer to every damn question. I bet you take pride in being an annoying know-it-all and shoving it in our faces. Dirty muggle-born, so unworthy. Thank Merlin Potter and Weasel are too dim to get into Newt level Potions, or I'd have to deal with watching you pant over those two pathetic morons as well.

I'll admit though, Granger, sometimes you've got a lot of spunk. In those rare moments when you aren't trying desperately to get the poor red-headed loser's attention, you can conduct yourself with an aristocratic air that would make even my father proud. And in those few seconds time, I can't help but wonder what might have been if you hadn't been sorted into bloody Gryffindor.

Sometimes you're so Slytherin it hurts, and I want to rip off your scarlet and gold robes and deck you in green and silver. You'd look fabulous in green, Granger.

And I don't mean Slytherin the way we're usually portrayed: muggle-hating, unkind and snobby (though that we are). I mean Slytherin in the light we're rarely recognized: ambitious and cunning, innovative and sharp.

You've got so much potential, Granger. If only you'd open up your mind and let me show you it's not about good and evil, it's about power. Sometimes I get so caught up in the possibility that I stare at you all through class, hoping that I'll catch your eye, and your interest.

That's why I stare at you everyday, silently, resolutely. On the off-chance that you'll glance my way.