It was the most romantic thing I could possibly imagine. Jake and I were standing in the snow, making a snowman. It was our first date, and so far, things were going smoothly. I looked at the snowman, then at Jake. "Aww!" I exclaimed, "He's got your eyes!" His reply was, "And he's got your smile. Hmm, something's still missing..." Then I realized what was missing. "Arms!" I said, and ran to find some sticks for arms. I was only gone a few minutes, and when I came back, I heard Jake say, "What do you know? He is a she..." I looked at our snowman, and was surprised to see that he had turned it into a ice sculpture of me! "Wow..." I exclaimed and smiled at Jake, "...That's great!" Then he surprised me by saying "Not as great as the real thing." Before I knew it, we were leaning in, about to have our first kiss. I closed my eyes and smiled. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment for me now! But all of a sudden, my timer the Huntsmaster'd given me started going off. I sighed. "Jake, I'm sorry, but...I have to go.." I told him, flashing an apologetic smile and racing off. This was really getting on my nerves! It was the second time that my Huntsgirl duties had interrupted Jake and I. We had been so close! I knew we would've made contact if it weren't for my stupid timer. For a moment, I considered going back to Jake, and then telling my Uncle I'd lost the timer, and hadn't heard it. I quickly rejected that thought, knowing that if I was any later, my Uncle would skin me alive!