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The sign on the Kame Game Shop said close, as Yuugi reached the door. So he thought nothing of the silence as he made his way into the part of the shop that was the house. Yuugi figured that his Yami, Atem, would be out with the gang.

Now, this bears the question, why was Yuugi not with them as well. To claim it was complicated would be an understatement.

It all began after Atem and the other Yamis received their own bodies. At first all was well, but as time went on things began to change. The others began to get wrapped up in each other, school things like preparing to go to university, and just their own lives in general. This being said some of them went back to old habits without really realizing it and others developed new habits, and not necessarily good ones.

Jou and Tristan, while they did not go back to picking on Yuugi, they no longer hung out with him either. They both were too busy with school, girls, and in Jou's case his sister's wellbeing, too. Anzu stretched herself so thin, between school, the job she secretly has , trying to keep up with her dream of a dancing career, and let's not forget , hanging out with her love interest, Atem.

Now as far as the other Hikaris and Yamis are concerned, none of them are even in the country currently. Of course, Malik and Marik had to go back to their home in Eygpt with Malik's sister, Isis. Ryou and Bakura are in England spending time together and visiting with Ryou's father while he has some down time from work.

Then there is Grandpa, he decided that since Atem was here now, Yuugi didn't need to help in the store anymore. The thought behind this was nice, it would not only let him focus more on school but it also gave Atem something to do to pass the day.

This leads to Atem himself. He's been so caught up in learning about this modern world around him, helping in the store, hanging out with Anzu as well as Jou and Tristan on occasion. Yuugi could understand, Atem has such a strong and powerful presence about him that it just draws people to him.

Yuugi knows that he is still painfully shy, and compared to Atem, it is no wonder he would fall back into the wallpaper. Even knowing this did not really make him feel all that much better about it. He could remember how it started out as cancelled plans and being told that they were too busy. Yuugi hadn't really minded, he understood; that was until after such a time when they would just not show up as planned without calling. Then he would come across one or more of the guilty parties out with either each other, someone else altogether, or even everyone would be together.

It was about that time he realized that his consideration and understanding had effectively helped him lose his friends, and with them, his protection and support. That being said, it should be no surprise that the bullies at school had not only noticed his situation, but had taken advantage of the opportunity as well. Let in not be said that Ushio hadn't missed his favorite punching bag.

By this point Yuugi had reached the kitchen, hoping to get a snack and an ice pack before going to finish his homework. As he set his bag on a chair he noticed note on the counter. Yuugi decided to put off looking at it until he had gotten that ice pack for his brand new black eye, courtesy of Ushio of course. After getting that he went ahead and made a sandwich, while also grabbing a drink from the fridge. During this process, Yuugi tried to decide if he should go retrieve the first aid kit from the bathroom or not. Finally, after deciding against the kit, Yuugi figured he'd put off looking at the note long enough. He picked up the paper and while reading the words his heart sank even more in his chest.


I'm going on a last minute dig with Professor Hawkins in Egypt. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before I left, but he called last and in my haste to prepare it slipped my mind. I told Atem as I left this morning while you were at school. I went ahead and told him to keep the store closed while I'm gone. The dig should last about a minimum of 6 months to a year. I should be able to come back briefly if it does go over 6 months to see your Graduation ceremony, but I'm not going to promise anything. I will see you, hopefully, soon. I love you and please be careful.



'Well,' Yuugi thought, 'at least I won't have to worry about hiding the bullying so much now.' With that sentiment Yuugi put the note on the trash and grabbed his stuff to head up to his room. When he reached the stairs, he sighed, 'this is going to hurt,' Yuugi thought.

He finally reached his room and achingly opened his door. Once more it struck him, as he looked around his room, just how bare it was. This made him think back to when he shared this room with Atem. First, they had to make room for another bed. So most of his old toys, games, and puzzles were either given away or put into storage. Then, not too long after that, Atem decided that the room was too small so he needed to move into a new room of his own. The way he put it was closer to needing personal space away from Yuugi, or at least that is how it felt and sounded anyway. So they had cleaned up the guest room and removed the new bed since it was no longer needed in Yuugi's room. The while he was at school, Atem had removed his things into his new room. It was not too long after this that the problems with Yuugi's 'friends' really began. So when it got to the point that it became painful to look at the pictures with and of them, he took them down and put them in a box in the darkest spot in the bottom of his closet.

So it was with a great, depressed, sigh that Yuugi set his things down and sat at his desk. He got out the homework he needed to do. During this process Yuugi began to eat his sandwich. 'I hopethings change for the better soon. I'm not sure h much more of this I can take,' Yuugi thought before getting immersed in his homework.

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