*Teaser* Chapter 1 Revision

The sign on the Kame Game Shop said close, as Yuugi reached the door. So he thought nothing of the silence as he made his way into the part of the shop that was the house. Yuugi figured that his Yami, Atem, would be out with the gang.

Now, this bears the question, why was Yuugi not with them as well. To claim it was complicated would be an understatement.

It all began after Atem and the other Yamis received their own bodies. At first all was well, but as time went on things began to change. The others began to get wrapped up in each other, school things like preparing to go to university, and just their own lives in general. This being said some of them went back to old habits without really realizing it, and others developed new habits, and not necessarily good ones.

*Teaser End*

The rest of the Chapter will hopefully be ready soon. I have about 2 pages worth written and am expecting at least another two before its done.

Sorry everybody, this is mostly an author's note. Although, hopefully it will be a helpful/ reassuring one. ^_^

I am really sorry for falling off the grid like I did; it started with writer's block, which was followed by losing the flash drive that had my most recent chapter(s) that I had not written down, and this was soon followed by getting caught up in school, work and life in general.

I'm looking to not only start writing for this story again but also to revise the previous chapters as well. I've already done a couple things to the first chapter, though I am playing with the idea of taking it down and redoing it (almost) completely.

I've also been looking through past reviews, and I think I should answer some of the questions that were asked.

Yes I plan on Yugi being a ninja, though I believe it would suite him best to be a Medic-nin.

I know that I did not really explain the whole 'friends forget Yugi' thing, but I really didn't think my approach through very well at the time. I was still in the phase of 'if it is obvious to me then it is obvious to everyone else too,' and thus did not want to bore people with a detailed explanation.

I do plan on going back and fixing my spelling errors, such as Kankuro and not Kokoro.

I started this story as someone that was new to writing for someone other than a teacher (really I still am) and I honestly did not really plan my chapters thoroughly like I should have. I am considering a Beta, but I'm still not completely sure how that works.

Last thing, I want to be clear on one thing though, stemming from the problem I had over a Flame. I am not against well thought out, constructive criticism. But that does not entail insulting me as not only a writer (especially after I said myself that the story was probably going to suck), but as a person as well. Those types of reviews do not help, it doesn't matter who they are from. If I feel that the review is more of a Flame the person's comments will be dismissed and they will be blocked.

Thank You all for your support and patience! I hope that I can remake this story to be better and that you guys enjoy it!

Oh and before I forget! I am also working on a completely new story, it is a Harry Potter/Ouran crossover, and it will also be a Mori/Harry pairing as well. The first chapter is almost finished, it just needs to be typed. Hope you all will enjoy it!

Yours truly,

Shiroiro tora