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I dedicate this story to my friend Charlene…who should be a contestant on the show! I luv you girl!

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The Model Search

Anzu stood in her room pushing the vacuum cleaner around while listening to the music from her headphones. She was dancing and partly singing to One Thing, by Amerie, when her mother walked in on her.

"Anzu," her mother yelled over the vacuum. She didn't respond, Anzu just continued dancing. "Anzu do you hear me?"

"Sorry…can't hear you mom. I'm dancing," she laughed. "It's just one thing that's got me trippn'…" she continued to sing.

"Ok then, I'll tell Rei to come back later then," her mother said as she left the room.

"Rei's here?" Anzu asked excitedly. She cut off the vacuum cleaner and hurried out the room. She passed her mother in the hallway and blew her a kiss. "Love you mom…" Her mother smiled back. Anzu continued down the stairs to find her best friend waiting patiently for her. She wore her red and white kimono, which was odd because she only wore it when she was at the Hikawa temple.

"Omigod Anzu!" she said slightly out of breath.

"Omigod Rei," she laughed mimicking her.

"Stop it," she giggled. "I have something important to tell you, so I ran all the way here."

Anzu chuckled, "wouldn't it have been be easier to use a phone?"

"It was too exciting to tell you over the phone." Rei took a deep breath, "remember when I entered the contest to find Domino's Next Top Model?"

"Yes," Anzu answered. She now knew where this conversation was going.

Rei put her hands on Anzu's shoulders. "I'M ONE OF THE TWELVE FINALIST! I'M GOING TO BE ON T.V.!" she shouted happily.

Anzu hugged her tightly and screamed along with her. "I can't believe it Rei! I'm so proud of you!"

"Oh! And you haven't heard the best part!" Rei said as she got comfortable on the couch.

"What could be better than that?" she asked stepping closer.

Rei's face changed from excited to nervous. "I…um…I know you said you didn't want to…but I um…entered you in the contest as well…" she said softly.

"YOU DID WHAT?" Anzu yelled throwing up her hands. She turned away from her friend. How could she have entered her into the contest when she specifically said that she wouldn't be caught dead in a contest where that arrogant guy Seto Kaiba would be judging her body and looks? Maybe she was getting ahead of herself. It wasn't like she would be one of the twelve finalists like Rei was. Anzu knew she was good looking, but not 'Top Model' material. Rei on the other hand was. She was tall, lean, and had long hair–

Rei interrupted her thoughts, "I know…I know…I shouldn't have filled out the application with your name and information on it but…I thought this would be a great opportunity for both of us," she smiled.

"You know that I don't want to be apart of anything that has to do with Seto Kaiba," Anzu turned around and faced her.

Rei jumped up, "but Anzu! You are one of the twelve finalist too!" she said wrapping her arms around her happily.

Anzu almost fell to the floor. How was it even possible for her to become a finalist? She shook her head, this wasn't happening. "Are you serious? How? When? But…Omigod!"

Rei nodded, "I know! We're both going to Tokyo! Aren't you glad that I entered you?"

"I'm speechless. I just can't believe that out of about every girl in Japan that I made it to the top twelve!"

"What's not to believe? You're pretty, smart and talented," Rei assured her. "There are a few things to get out the way…"

"Like what?" she asked. 'I can't believe it! How could I be chosen as one of the top twelve? I didn't know I could possibly be a model,' Anzu thought to herself.

"Your parents have to sign a release form," Rei said as she slumped on the couch. "Coz we're going to living in a hotel for about three months."

Anzu's heart sank. Her parents would never allow her to live in a hotel for three months to be in a contest. They also wouldn't be too fond of her pursuing a career that she wasn't planning to do in the future. Anzu was a dancer, not a model. Her parents were behind her dancing career, and it was hard enough to get them to agree to that. Now she has to ask them if she could be apart of the modeling world. That would be out of the question. "Rei I don't think my parents will let me do this…" she said softly.

She looked at her strangely, "why?"

Anzu plopped down on the couch. "It took my parents long enough to allow me to be a dancer…" she rested her head on the back of her hand, "…I just don't think…" she let her answer dangle, she felt she didn't need to finish the sentence anyway, Rei would know what she meant.

"I'll convince them!" Rei said with full confidence. "Don't worry about that." She smiled, "do you remember who won the last Top Model Search?"

Anzu knew she was changing the subject just to make her feel better. It was ok. At least she knew she was one of the finalists. "Yeah. Mai and Charlene wasn't it?"

"Yep…" Rei sighed, "they're both so pretty…I wish I was that beautiful…"

"You are Rei, that's why you were picked as one of finalists," Anzu smiled. "Are the rules the same?"

Rei nodded, "Hun-hun. There will be eliminations each week, and each week we will have to complete a photo shoot and whatever else they tell us to do. You know, like the show. By going on interviews, doing a fashion show, and so on. The producers don't want us to know about everything so we don't have any time to prepare."

"I see…" she paused, "Rei do you want to do this like a career?"

"No. Just for fun, you know? I want to continue my studies to be a Shrine Priestess and pursue my singing career." She giggled, "I know…it's a little strange."

Anzu shook her head. Rei was a wonderful singer and a great priestess. She could do fire readings and was very spirit aware. She threw a pillow at her, "stop fishing for compliments. You're great at singing, and your readings," she assured her. "So why is Kaiba having another search? He already has Mai and Charlene."

"I think it was Mai and Charlene's idea. They wanted to give other girls a chance I guess," she shrugged, "who cares we made it!"

"You made it Rei. My parents won't let me be part of it," Anzu said with disappointment in her voice.

"Yes they will, trust me Anzu."

"Excuse me Anzu," her father said suddenly walking in the family room. "We need to discuss this." He brandished an open envelope in the air. The return address read: Top Model, from Tokyo, Japan.

Anzu knew her father had just checked the mail, and she could tell by the way he whipped the letter around, he was angry. "You better go Rei. So I can explain this to my dad," she said clutching a pillow.

"Are you sure? I can help you…" she whispered.

"I'll be fine." Anzu waved bye as Rei left out the door. Anzu sighed; she knew this was going to be a long night.


Anzu sat on her bed listening to her parents arguing back and forth about her being part of the Top Model search. They have been discussing for about an hour, without even once even asking Anzu how she felt about.

"NO…NO…NO…NO…NO!" her father yelled, "I don't want my daughter prancing around in skimpy outfits while old men gawk and ogle at her!"

"Not all the judges are old honey," her mother responded in a softer tone. "Two are women and two are boys from her school. Pegasus is the only man that is a little older. Also I've seen the show, and each model was covered up," she retorted, "I think this will be a good experience for Anzu."

"Oh so two of the judges are from her school…yeah that makes me feel better," he said sarcastically. "Listen. No daughter of mine is going to be involved in that kind of work. Not a chance!"

"But honey…" she said through gritted teeth, "she made it to the top twelve. Do you understand what that means?"

Anzu was sick of this. It was her turn to talk, after all it was ultimately her decision, and her body; she should be able to make any decision that she wanted. She stood up between her parents. "Could you two stop arguing so I could say something?" she asked without waiting for a response. "Look. You two have been arguing for about two hours now and haven't even asked me how I felt." She glanced back and forth at her parents, "I think this should be my decision, after all I will be the posing if I choose to go through with it right?" She sighed, "I know where you're coming from daddy. I know you worry about me but I'm growing up and I can take care of myself. I'm one year from graduating from high school with honors. I think I deserve this." There she said it. She just hoped it worked, and her father would sign the papers.

"Anzu…" he touched her shoulder, "I know you are responsible but I just can't picture you…" he couldn't seem to finish his sentence; all he did was shake his head.

"Daddy?" He looked at her. "I can handle this. I promise I will make you proud of me," she said softly in her sweetest voice.

"I just can't picture you growing up," he paused, "you are my one and only girl." He scratched the back of his head, "are you sure you want to do this Anzu? I don't want your heart broken if you don't win."

She nodded with excitement, "yes daddy, I do. Please don't worry."

He let out a long sigh, "I'll try not to Anzu. I guess we should start helping you pack for your trip to Tokyo…"

Anzu threw her arms around her father, "thank you so much daddy! I love you both so much!"

After her parents left the room she called Rei and told her the good news: her parents were going to let her do it! Anzu knew now there was a God and he was definitely with her tonight. The only thing she worried about was the judges. Seto Kaiba was one of the judges. That could work against her. She wasn't exactly on good terms with Kaiba. She just hoped that he wouldn't enter in his feelings about her when it came time to eliminate a girl at the end of the week. Well, then again, Kaiba won't be the only judge in the competition. Pegasus, Mai, Charlene, and one other person, she wasn't sure whom, would be judging the contest. She got comfortable in her bed and fell asleep soundly.

This wasn't her dream but it was a start.

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