Summary: Set after Brainiac, Season 2. A blast from the past. Someone turns up and throws a spanner into the already volatile relationship between Max and Alec.

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Chapter 1

The figure stood to one side of the crowded street next to a wall covered with colorful graffiti, observing the two transgenics bickering at the entrance of Jampony.

Apparently, there was a debate on who should deliver a certain package. The female transgenic, complete with a frown on her face, was attempting to relieve the male transgenic of the brown paper package clutched under his arm. The male transgenic playfully sidestepped her attempts, laughing at her. The female transgenic lunged at him suddenly, and the package barely avoided capture. He held the package over his head, looking down at the smaller transgenic warily. The female transgenic, perched on her toes, tried to wrestle it from him.

They were frolicking like kittens shamelessly in the open.

The figure's eyes narrowed, lips curled in distaste at the public display put on by the transgenics. Fists clenched, the figure turned and faded back into the crowd.

"Alec…" Max warned. She tried to swipe the package from him. Again, he moved, barely avoiding her hand. He grinned mischievously, holding the package over his head.

Alec studied her warily as she raised herself up on the tip of her foot, trying to gain extra height to enable her to reach the package which was so tantalizingly close. But at the same time, still unreachably far. Balancing on her toes, she tried to grab the package, carefully making sure that she was not in contact with any of Alec's body parts. She had never liked all those touchy-feely stuff. Maybe that's why she stayed with Logan even though they could not touch.

'Nah, Max. You are still with him because you love him,' the voice in her head said. She frowned. Why was she having these thoughts now? She has more important thing to focus on at this moment. She tried to stretch he arms further.

Alec was enjoying this. 'This' being his daily dose of high from pissing Max off anyway he could or driving her up the wall by his asinine comments. He knew that his actions were not helping their volatile friendship much, if it could even be classified as such. But he just could not resist it. Max gets riled up so easily, it's too much to ask of him to avoid annoying her on purpose. But this time, he was not doing it deliberately.

"Come on, Max. I deserve some fun too," he pleaded, his eyes widening in an attempt to appeal to the softer side of Max. If that exists. He held the package up higher, away from her grasp.

Max gave him an incredulous look. The fun-loving, irresponsible socialite of a transgenic was complaining of lack of fun?

"And I'm supposed to believe that fun is something that occurs so infrequently for you? Alec, you didn't even turn up for work for the last two days! Haven't you had enough fun?" she said, raising her eyebrows. Still on her toes, she tried to snatch at the package. Alec clucked disapprovingly, shaking his head at her.

"I was ill," he said not too convincingly, as Max snorted disbelievingly. Then he ignored her and continued, "I get bored easily. Besides, you had your fun. You have been out here for how long? Ten years? The way I see it, I need it far more than you do. Besides, it is my package,"

"If I have to deliver my package to Sector 1, I won't be able to make it there in time," she complained. Then, after a moment's deliberation, she said, "Okay… I'll PAY you for it," Hoping that Alec would fall for the lure of cold, hard cash. She looked at him with a hopeful expression on her face.

"Uh-uh…Not this time. No amount of money would be worth losing the only chance I have to see it. Tough, Max. You are on your own this time," Alec said, shaking his head. What? Does she think he could be bought so easily? He snorted inwardly. Outwardly tossing Max his trademark smirk, he made a move towards his bike.

He was just going to walk away? "Hey, where are you going?" she asked of his retreating back, irritation flaring.

"What does it look like? To do my job, of course…" Alec said, throwing a backward glance at a very disgruntled Max. He grinned. Knowing that it would only serve to rile her up further, he continued with…

"…And I might just pay a visit to a certain motorshow while I am in the area,"

She was even more pissed off than usual today. Well, maybe it was not strictly Alec's fault this time. But why couldn't he swap the package with her. Why does he want to go to that motorshow anyway? It's not like he NEEDED to go. She, on the other hand needed to get her hands on some bike parts for her baby. Those parts which she had not been able to find for months. Why can't he understand that?

Alec? No… Stopping to think of someone else apart from himself? Max snorted. That selfish smartass of a transgenic cannot think of anything but himself, she continued ranting in her head.

As if on cue, the contrary inner voice butted in, as expected, 'Max, you know that is not fair on him. He did come through for others and even you on occasions,'

'Yeah, right, like when?'

'He helped save the underwater division transgenics, for one,' the contrary voice in her head answered.

'That's just because he was hoping to score with the mermaid, that sick bastard,' the other Max exclaimed, even though she knew that the idea was ridiculous.

'Don't be unreasonable. You can't seriously believe that?' the inner voice continued in an incredulous tone.

"Whatever," she said under her breath, knowing that she was fighting a losing battle to her inner voice. Anyway, she needed to find another package which needs to be delivered to sector 8, where the exhibition was being held, she thought as she walked into Jampony.

Sketchy has the misfortune of being in Max's path as she barreled back into Jampony after the discussions with Alec. He flinched back involuntarily when Max suddenly stopped in front of him, hands on her hips. She was frowning deeply.

"Sketch, you got any packages going to Sector 8?" she asked impatiently.

Shaking his head, Sketchy said, "No, not me. But I think Celia over there said something about riding out to sector 8 to deliver a package…" His voice trailed as Max started walking from him, headed towards a girl who was just outside the entrance.

Max bemoaned her luck that day as she approached the girl. Of all people, it must that one girl. The girl who, in their short acquaintance, had always given her the cold-shoulder for reasons unknown to Max. The girl had started at Jampony just a couple of days ago. OC had thought she was hot and quietly hoped that she was batting for the all-girls team. Unfortunately for OC, Celia was very much more interested in the male species than the female. Sketchy, of course, had tried to flirt with her without any results, much to his disappointment. Even Normal ogled her over the top of his spectacles.

Max wondered what would Alec's reaction be to the new girl, but she can pretty much guess what will happen if those two meet up. She has yet to see Alec practice restraint when it came to the female population. It seems to her that he is up for any female of any shape, size or form. And thanks to Manticore and their genetic tinkering, majority of the female population finds him irresistible. Max could understand why. Even for Manticore's standard, Alec was considered exceptionally good looking.

As she caught up with the red-head, she reached out a hand to the girl's shoulders, trying to gain her attention, "Celia!"

The voluptuous girl, dressed in figure hugging, low cut cream top and black cargo pants, turned around to face Max. Her lips curved in a fake smile which turns Max's stomach. "Max, hi. What's up?" she asked.

Plastering an equally fake smile on her face, Max said, "Listen, Celia, I was wondering if you would like to trade packages. I heard you are heading towards Sector 8?"

"Oh yeah. That's right. But I am afraid I can't do that," Celia said, shaking her head in a motion which conveys regret, and she continued, "There's something I need to do in sector 8,"

Max slumped visibly.

Max struggled to keep her face straight as she detected a flash of satisfaction in Celia's grey eyes at her obvious disappointment. The bitch was going to make her beg for it? Would she do it for the sake of her Ninja? Swallowing her pride, she offered, "How about this? I deliver the package and run your errant as well?"

"Sorry, Max. I really can't. It's something I have to do by myself. It was sweet of you to offer, though," Celia gave Max a sickly sweet smile.

Max gritted her teeth and nodded. She forced out a smile. "No biggie. Later," she said, walking away from Celia.

Almost immediately, she shook all thoughts of the unpleasant encounter out of her mind. She does not have time to waste on that redhead. What she needed to do was to come up with a plan. She was beginning to feel a growing sense of desperation, the motorshow exhibition was a one day deal only and she had to get there today.


The wind whipped past him as Alec pedaled his way to sector 8, whistling a tune. He did not know the name of the song, but it had been stuck in his head since that morning. The package Max so desperately wanted as an excuse to go to sector 8 was strapped securely across his back.

The route he was traveling on was one the messengers chose to use normally as it was much less crowded that the main routes. Deserted actually. No one wanted to travel on a disused dirt road full of potholes - normally. However, it was easier to travel through here as he did not have to worry about knocking anyone over, considering the speed at which he was traveling.

He grinned as he caught the whirring sound of another pair of bicycle wheels not too far behind him. It must be Max, he thought. Some sucker have fallen for Max's charms and swapped packages with her. Must be one of the guys. She's hot and could be really charming if she put her mind to it. Manticore had made sure of that. It was a crying shame that most of the time she was such a bitch. Well, to him anyway. He wondered what was it about him that compelled her to treat him that way. She definitely treats Logan and Zack differently. Heck she even treats Normal better than the way she treats him.

'Man, ever thought that it might be because you tried to kill her and her dog-boy friend not so long ago? As if that was not enough, you made her choose between saving you or her sex-life. Small wonder she does not have warm fuzzy feelings towards you,' he mocked himself. Well, it no biggie, as Max would say. He has no problem with the way things stand between them. Considering that friendship was pretty scarce all his life, what Max offered was more than he could ever asked from anyone else. And he never liked to ask for anything.

There's sex, of course. Yeah, that's the only other thing he would ever ask from a hot female. Hot monkey sex.

Hell would freeze over the day Max agrees to that, he thought. Alec smirked. Though it would be fun to ask her, just to see her react. And boy, would she react. It possibly would be the fastest, most painful way he could imagine to get himself killed.

He grinned at himself for thinking thoughts of Max and sex in the same vein. I need to get laid, he thought as he shook his head.

He decided to slow down, to give her a chance to catch up. At least he would have some company during the exhibition. Max probably wants to grab some stuff for her Ninja while she's there. She had been whining about her bike for the last few weeks, or was it months? So this exhibition actually came at a right time. He wondered of she was actually going to pay for the stuff, or she was just going to help herself to it.

As he heard the other bicycle approach, he braced himself for the inevitable tongue lashing from Max. No doubt she was going to berate him for not helping her when he could. He turned to glance over his shoulders.

His eyes widened in shock.


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