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Previously: Max came rushing to the rescue. They both found out that Celia used to be Alec's psy-ops operator. And that she has a rather unhealthy obsession with Alec, and a grudge against Max.

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Sigh…here we go…Final Chapter of Remember by elle6778……

Chapter 6 – Final Chapter

The figure watched her as she headed towards the male transgenic's place. She slipped furtively into the doorway leading to the apartment, unaware that she was being watched. The figure fought to make sense of the entire thing; even tried to rationalise the behaviour of the two transgenics. Perhaps there was nothing going on between them. Perhaps it was just an overactive imagination running rampant. But one could not deny what one's own eyes has seen the past few days, the figure thought, repressing the anger within.

The figure decided that it was time to get the whole thing out in the open. It was time for confrontation. There was no other way.

Alec paced in agitation within the small space in the bathroom. He still could not remember what happened in Manticore. However, random flashes of what have taken place in motel room had invaded him since Celia mentioned it, triggering some of his memories. His face twisted in revulsion. The woman was clearly deranged, he thought.

Now he finally understood Max's reaction the night he confronted her. He smirked at himself. He was surprised that she did not cause him any further bodily harm at the 'accusations'.

Alec could feel the desperation grow within him. What is she doing, taking so long to get here? He hoped that Max had not suddenly decided to leave him to his own devices this time. He knew that she considered him as a pain in her ass, but surely she would not just abandon him as he needed her help.

Would she?

Max frowned. She knew that time was running out and yet she still could not come up with a feasible plan. She finally decided that she should just do what she normally does. She would just barge in and think later.

Grabbing the top of the window, she lifted herself up and swung herself in an arc. As her feet crashed through the glass, she sent a mental apology to Alec for ruining his window. Landing feet first in Alec's living room, she quickly stepped away from the shattered remains of the window, scanning the room till her eyes locked on Celia.

Obviously not too happy with Max's uninvited presence, Celia shot her a death glare. Then Celia seemed to realise something. The death glare faded as Celia bared her teeth in a resemblance of a smile. Max could see the confidence in her steps as she moved to close the distance between them.

Max had heard enough of their one-sided conversation to know that it was essential for her to keep away from Celia. Or rather, keep from breathing in whatever shit that slut produced. She offered a silent thanks to Manticore for all the time she was forced to spend in the tank.

Holding her breath, Max darted past Celia, noting the other transgenic's surprised expression out of the corner of her eyes. She could hear Celia gasp in outrage as she grabbed the metal chair. Lifting the chair, Max swung it at Celia, careful to keep from touching the other woman. She was trying not to accidentally come into contact with the serum.

Celia managed to duck the first swing. The redhead sneered and took advantage of Max's close proximity to punch her in the guts. Max doubled over for a second, still clutching the chair. She forced herself to keep her breath in; she already could feel the pressure in her lung increase from the lack of air. Gritting her teeth, she swung around, her legs lifted in an arc, catching Celia in her ribs. Celia screeched in pain at the impact.

Max raised the chair higher and brought in down hard. She grinned as the chair smashed into Celia's back. As Celia fell, Max blurred away from her, sucking in much needed air. It belatedly occurred to her that holding her breath immobile in the tank and holding her breath while she tried to kick someone's ass was a completely different matter.

"ALEC! Get your ass out of there!" she yelled at the closed door. As the bathroom door opened, Max continued, "Hold your breath. Don't touch her," Max darted a worried glance in Celia's direction. She cursed as she saw a small movement from the other transgenic.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Alec rolled his eyes at Max's statement and said, "Gee, you'd think I would know that by now," Looking around, he grimaced as he spotted Celia pushing herself off the floor.

Max stepped back, extending her arm to push Alec back as well.

"Now is a good time to leave, Max," Alec said softly, keeping his eyes on Celia warily. His body tensed in readiness. For what, he was not sure.

"Stating the obvious, aren't you?" Max retorted, looking around for a way to escape. Unfortunately, Celia stood between them and the window.

Celia's face twisted in anger as she saw Alec and Max standing together in front of the bathroom door. "You filthy bitch! Stay away from him," she snarled as images of Max and Alec 'copulating' in Manticore started flashing through her mind.

At Celia's unexpected outburst, Max glanced at Alec with a questioning look. Alec just shrugged. He truly did not know what Celia got against Max.

Glaring at Celia, Max said, "I don't like to be called names. Especially when I don't recall doing anything to deserve it. Or did you conveniently erased my memory of you?" Max paused as if she was thinking, and then carried on with a smirk, "That may not be such a bad thing, you know,"

Her eyes almost bulging out with rage, Celia spat, "You don't deserve him. He was meant to be with me, instead he was forced to be your breeding partner,"

"Huh?" Alec interrupted, a frown creasing his forehead, "What the hell are you talking about? You were my freaking psy-ops operator. Anything else was definitely not initiated by me. And not to mention you had to practically knock me out with your so called serum to get me near you. I am sorry, sweetheart, but we are definitely NOT meant to be together," he said, shaking his head.

"NO! We are meant to be together. You just haven't realised it," Celia insisted loudly, her face twisted in an expression akin to anger.

"I think you have been breathing in too much of your own concoction. You have to be seriously deluded to even think that I would have gone anywhere near you voluntarily, after what you have put me through," he paused as he appeared to think on the words he just said. Then he continued with a smirk, "Actually, good thing I don't remember, otherwise I would be quite disturbed,"

Resting her hands on her hips, Max said, "And just for the record; I did not ask to be paired up with HIM as a breeding partner, alright! Who would want to?" A small pause. Then looking pointedly at Celia, Max continued, "Oh yeah, I forgot…you would!"

"Hey, who's side are you on?" Alec asked as he stared at her incredulously.

"I'm not taking sides, Alec. I just want to set the record straight!" Max said in exasperation.

"'Successful copulation. Twice.' Remember, Maxie?" Alec teased; his eyes twinkled in anticipation of Max's response.

Max snorted, "One of the things that I prefer to forget," What the hell does Alec think he's doing? This is so not a good time to catch up on unpleasant memories, she thought irritably.

Alec smirked, "Aw, come on Maxie. Admit it, it was good for you too, wasn't it?" he looked at her meaningfully. He was trying to buy more time so that he can think of a way out of this.

Finally understanding his intent, Max played along. She drawled sweetly, "You don't actually think I was going to admit to that, do you? I still have a reputation to protect, unlike you," She hoped that they could rile Celia up. Then maybe she would get careless.

"Sweetheart, your responses to my touch told me what I needed to know. Actions speak louder than words, haven't you heard? You can't hide it," Alec said, waggling his eyebrows.

"As if you can hide yours any better. Your groans could have woken up the entire continent," Max retorted saucily, winking at him. Alec bit back a laugh at the expression on her face.

Celia stared back and forth at the pair of transgenic in front of her. Her eyes narrowed. They are ignoring me! How dare they ignore me!

"Enough!" Celia shouted at the top of her voice. Seemingly startled out of their conversation Max and Alec turned towards her, blinking innocently.

Celia decided she had heard enough. Less talk and more action, she thought. Purposefully, she strode towards them. She smiled as they backed away from her warily, keeping the few feet of gap between them.

The figure stood at the door, listening to the conversation which filtered out from the other side of the door.

"Aw, come on Maxie. Admit it, it was good for you too, wasn't it?" the male transgenic prodded.

"You don't actually think I was going to admit to that, do you? I still have a reputation to protect, unlike you," the female answered flirtatiously.

"Sweetheart, your responses to my touch told me what I needed to know. Actions speak louder than words, haven't you heard? You can't hide it," the male transgenic drawled.

"As if you can hide yours any better. Your groans could have woken up the entire continent," the female said in a sexy tone.

A sexy tone that she never used on him ever since she came back from Manticore with Alec in tow. His lips compressed in a tight line. He knew that his jealously was fuelling his rage, but he could not help it. Not after what he had seen, and now heard. He had hoped that his eyes were deceiving him. But now he had verbal confirmation from the horses' mouth themselves.

Shutting his ears to block out anymore conversation, he pushed the door open.

Stepping forward of Max, Alec signalled to her behind his back.

As she read his instructions, she moved slightly to the left. Alec moved to the right. Alec wanted her to distract Celia as he attacked. She took in deep breaths to prepare herself to hold her breath.

A sudden movement by the door caught Alec's eyes. Three pairs of transgenic eyes zeroed in on the door as it swung open.

Max's eyes widen as she took in the figure standing by the door looking at them.

"Logan! What are you doing here?"

Logan's angry expression faded to a confused one as he saw the transgenics. Surprised at seeing not two, but three of them in Alec's living room, Logan gave a small shrug and said, "Erm…Just looking for Alec,"

Alec's eyes narrowed as he recalled the day he left Max's apartment; the night he saw Logan's car pulling out of the alley. He had wondered then what the older guy was up to, but caught up in his own problems, Alec had forgotten all about it.

Now he suspected that Logan has been keeping tabs on Max. As he kept an eye on Celia who was suspiciously quiet during the bizarre interruption, he asked, "What can I do you for, Logan?"

Not answering Alec's question, Logan ignored the tension in the room and walked in.

Max tensed as she took in the new light in Celia's eyes. Shit! Too late, she realised what Celia was about to do.

"Logan! Get out of here. Stay away from her!" she shouted in panic. She was about to start forward when Alec pulled her back, shaking his head.

Not heeding her words as usual, Logan walked towards her. His eyes were drawn to Alec's hand around Max's arm.

Not about to let the opportunity pass, Celia grabbed him as he was about to pass her.

"Hey!" he protested indignantly at the sneering woman who had him in her grasp. He struggled against her hold, but to no avail. Belatedly, he realised that with her strength, the woman was probably another transgenic. Her arms tightened around his chest painfully. As he tried to suck in more air, he felt his mind growing numb.

Still keeping her eyes on Max and Alec, Celia whispered in Logan's ears, "You did not see me here tonight, did you? I am not here. Say you did not see me here,"

Blearily, Logan mumbled almost incoherently, "Did not see you here. You are not here,"

As she watched Logan capitulate under Celia's influence, Max's face twisted in anger as she snarled, "You are really something, you know that? Manipulating people all around you. It's pathetic. You make me sick!" Holding her breath, she shook Alec's arms off and made a move towards Celia.

"Uh-uh, 452…You wouldn't want me to accidentally snap his neck, do you?" the redhead threatened, the maniacal gleam in her eyes told Max how serious the other woman was. Max stopped mid-stride and glared at her.

Holding his hands up, Alec said, "Come on. This is getting ridiculous. Let the man go, 119!" Logan was not his favourite person in the world but he did not deserve to die this way.

"All I ever wanted was you, 494," Celia said, the gleam in her eyes turning wistful, then she continued in a harder tone, "But you went with her instead. Why her? Why not me?"

Alec was at a loss for words. How do you explain to a psychotic spawn of a test-tube that people don't just automatically get something just because they wanted it? How do you tell someone to her face that you found her revolting?

Alec's silence and the disgusted expression on his face was all it took to push Celia further over the edge. With a growl, she tossed Logan carelessly to the side. Still disoriented, the cyber-journalist tripped over the metal chair lying on the floor and fell headlong into the wall, the impact knocking him unconscious.

As Celia advanced towards them, Max and Alec exchanged a look. Alec nodded, hoping that she understood that he wanted them to carry on with the plan he signalled earlier.

Returning his nod almost imperceptibly, Max held her breath and blurred to her left, catching Celia's attention as she did so. As predicted, Celia turned her attention to Max.

"You bitch! You are going to pay for taking 494 away from me!" the redhead snarled, her eyes full of hatred for Max.

Smirking, Max sidestepped the punch Celia aimed at her. Crouching down, Max tried to sweep her feet from under her. Celia anticipated the move and jumped just as Max's leg was about to catch hers.

Unfortunately for Max, her position gave Celia ample opportunity to attack her. Max barely avoided a kick aimed to her side. She rolled away, but she was still too close to Celia. Her lungs were beginning to suffer from the lack of oxygen, Max realised. She desperately craved a lungful of air, but she knew that she had to hold on until Alec made his move.

Celia advanced again, the maniacal grin plastered on her face a testament of her insanity. As she watched Celia's advance warily, she saw a movement behind the other woman.

To ensure that the Celia remained ignorant of Alec's approach, Max decided to feign an attack. As she blurred towards the surprised woman, Alec made his move.

In a swift motion, he lowered the large bin bag he had in his hands over the unsuspecting transgenic's head. Once covered, Alec wrapped his arms around her, effectively immobilising her. He knew that she would pass out soon from the lack of air. If she had the same training as they did, it would take about 5 minutes. But then again, he wasn't sure because the psy-ops units were give different training programmes.

Alec tightened his hold on her as Celia continued to struggle. Then after a few minutes, she slumped in his arms. Alec waited for another couple of minutes to make sure she was truly out before he loosened his arms.

Instantly, Alec realised his mistake as she wretched out of his grasp. As both Max and Alec moved towards her, Celia staggered blindly, trying to remove the offending bag from herself. Her uncontrolled, frantic movements made the simple task difficult.

Max and Alec looked on, frozen in horror as Celia tripped over the rug and fell face down onto the upturned metal chair. Max cringed as the other transgenic impaled herself with one of the metal legs. Celia gasped and twitched spasmodically then went still in a show of finality. Max and Alec stared, stunned, as a pool of blood began to form under her.

Alec decided to break the silence. Eyeing Celia's still form, he said, "Now I suppose I have to clean up,"

Max nodded wordlessly' she barely heard what Alec said. She had not intended for this to happen. She did not know what else could they do to get rid of Celia, but she would not have killed her.

At Max's silence, Alec turned around to face her, registering the look on her face. Turning her to face him, he said, "Hey, Maxie…You okay?"

This time she managed to choke out, "Yeah,"

The look Alec gave her was full of concern as he told her, "I am going to wrap her up and bring her down. I hope Logan wouldn't mind me using the boot of his car. We need to dispose the body," he paused as he gave her a considering look, "You'll be okay here?" he asked softly.

Max nodded. This time she seemed to snap out of whatever that was occupying her mind. Holding Alec's gaze, she said, "Yeah, I'll be fine. Do what you have to do with…" she gestured at Celia's body, then continued, "I'll stay and check up on Logan,"

Max sat down on the floor until Alec left the apartment with the bundled-up body. She did not want Logan to wake up to a dead body beside him. As the door clicked shut behind Alec, she stood up.

Max walked towards Logan, who was lying down unconscious by the wall. Kneeling down beside him, she prodded him gently with her shoe-clad foot.

"Logan, wake up. LOGAN!" she shouted, resisting the urge to touch him. She knew well enough that her touch would kill him. He did not respond.

She went into the bathroom and emerged again with a pail of cold water. Standing over Logan, she splashed the water over his face.

Max exhaled a sigh of relief as Logan's eyes fluttered behind his spectacles.

He opened his eyes and blinked rapidly. "Max?" he spluttered, raising his hand to his wet face.

As he digested her presence, he remembered why he was there. A furrow began to from between his brows as he looked past her to see Alec entering the room to stand just behind her. Logan's head spun as he sat up unsteadily. He gritted his teeth, forcing himself to a standing position. His exoskeleton whirred softly as he straightened.

Leaning against the wall to keep himself steady, he asked with a frown, "So, want to tell me what's going on?"

Logan's lips compressed as he saw Max and Alec exchange a not so discreet look.

Alec answered just as Max opened her mouth, "You said you came here to look for me. You didn't say what for," He wanted Logan to admit to following Max all by himself. Knowing what Max was like, Alec did not want to start throwing accusation at her 'not-like-that' boyfriend until he has some solid proof.

Ignoring Alec, Logan turned to Max and said in a hurt tone, "I saw and I heard what's going on, Max. You can tell me,"

Frowning in confusion, Max stared at him for a moment before she asked slowly, "Logan, what are you talking about? What did you see and hear?"

Almost shouting in frustration, Logan snapped, "You and him, that's what! I saw him at your place, touching you. And today I heard you talking. I don't want to believe it. But it's true, isn't it? Tell me, Max!"

Max's eyes widened at his accusations. She sputtered, "You can't possibly think…Me and Alec?" Throwing her hands up in the air, she groaned, "What's going on with everyone? I have heard enough of this the last few days to last me a lifetime! First Alec, then Celia and now YOU? How could you possibly think that?"

Logan recoiled visibly at her vehement response. Steeling himself, he plowed on, "It's not just that, Max. You have been…distant…since you returned from Manticore. Since you got to know him,"

"What? I…" she started.

Alec decided that he should interrupt, "Hey, Logan. Just in case it escaped your notice, she's distant because she can't actually touch you without killing you. So why don't you cut to the chase and just tell her that you don't trust her,"

"Alec!" Max snapped at him, her eyes shooting daggers at the other transgenic.

Although he knew that he should stay out of this conversation, Alec could not help himself saying, "Ask him! Ask him what he was doing the night I came to see you,"

Turning her attention to Logan, Max asked in apprehension, "Logan? What is he talking about?"

"I told you. I saw him at your place, touching you. I was downstairs," Logan admitted, his lips set in a stubborn line. No sign of remorse could be detected in his voice.

All colour left her face as Max stared at him disbelievingly, "You were following me… You were stalking me?" she said incredulously. She could not believe that he would stoop so low as to spy on her activities. Then she said, "Why don't you just ask me, Logan? Why did you have to do all that?" At his silence, Max understood, "You don't trust me," she said in a flat tone.

Logan ignored the hurt look in her eyes as he remained silent. He threw an accusing glare at Alec, who just stared back indifferently.

Max took a moment to think about what she was about to do. Coming to a decision, she turned to Alec and said, "Could you give us some space? Logan and I need to talk,"

Shrugging carelessly, Alec said, "No problem. Take your time; I needed a walk to clear my head anyway,"

Alec turned and left the apartment, leaving Max and Logan standing staring at each other.

Alec found her up in her usual perch; the space needle.

He walked towards her, subtly making his presence known so that he did not startle her. He detected a slight tensing of her shoulders as he approached. Then she relaxed. Somehow, she had known that it was him even without turning around. He smiled at the thought.

"Nice view," he said as he reached her side.

Max nodded, "I come up here to think,"

Alec sat down beside her, "You think too much sometimes. Now me, I am all action. Go get what you want and think about it later," he said in his usual light-hearted manner.

"Yeah, and that's how you get your ass into trouble all the time, just in case that escaped your notice," Max snapped at him.

Recoiling from her sharp tone, he looked at her and said defensively, "Hey, what was that for? I was just making conversation. You know, small talk? Like normal people do?"

"Alec, we are not normal. Far from it. We are mutants, remember? Freaks," Max said irritably.

What's up with her now? He wondered. She seemed grumpier than usual.

He decided to risk her wrath, "Hey, Max. You okay? You can tell me you know. Is it Logan?" he said softly, trying to look into her eyes. Wordlessly, she continued staring straight ahead at the Seattle sky-line. The sun was just beginning to rise, threading rays of light between the buildings.

"Okay, okay. Have it your way. Keep it all in. Don't blame me if you implode one day!" Alec said in exasperation.

Surprised at his sudden outburst, Max looked at him and said, "No…I am not thinking about Logan. It's all over between us. I told him just now," Shaking her head, she continued with a heavy sigh, "I should have seen it coming,"

Alec absorbed the news. Transgenics and humans were not meant to be together anyway. It's a good thing that the thing between Logan and Max ended before it was too late.

"Okay, it's not Logan then. So what's on your mind?" he asked.

Max was feeling guilty at the thoughts she had about Alec a couple of days ago. About how she thought his behaviour was due to the psychosis Ben had. She should have known better. Alec was nothing like Ben. And also she literally tore him apart as he was trying to tell her what happened. Or rather, his version of what happened that fateful day he went on that delivery. Max realised now that contrary to what she thought, he was not the love-'em and leave-'em type of guy. He actually had the decency to come talk to her when he thought that they had slept together. Instead of just brushing aside the whole thing. She knew that she should ease up on him. Even Original Cindy thought so.

Knowing that she should say something about her less than pleasant words to him, Max resigned herself to be ridiculed, "Alec, you know what I said to you when you came over that night to talk about…uh…you know?" she started hesitantly. She found it hard to bring herself to say what she wanted to say to him after everything they have been through.

"Yeah, from the sound of it, the very thought of sleeping with me freaked you out," Alec said wryly, as he recalled her words from the night he went to her apartment. Thinking back to all the things that had happened since they met, he said, "Not that I blame you. And anyway, it's nothing new. Your reaction back in Manticore when we first met was pretty much the same. At least I did not get kicked to the door this time!" He let out a laugh directed to himself.

"It's not like that," Max protested quickly, and then went silent.

Surprised at what she just said, Alec asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I don't really mean it that way," she said hesitantly, unsure how to explain herself.

Alec gaped as he tried to absorb what she meant, "So are you saying that you would sleep with me?" Never in a million years he would have thought the she would say that.

"NO! What I meant was…Argh! Forget it!" Max said in frustration. She turned away and moved to put some distance between them. He was too close for comfort.

Understanding her built-in response to run whenever she felt out of sorts, Alec grabbed her arm. He said, "Hey, you can't say things like that and stop halfway,"

Taking a deep breath, knowing that she backed herself into a figurative corner, Max said grudgingly, "All I am saying is that you are not as objectionable as I made it out to be, okay!"

Alec felt a cheesy smile spread across his face, "Um, Max? Do I detect a hint of interest there?" Alec teased mischievously, enjoying her discomfort.

Max bristled as she reached out and gave him a hard smack on his arms. Alec winced exaggeratedly at the contact. He held his arms up in a gesture of surrender.

"In your dreams, pretty boy," she retorted, her discomfort evaporating as she noted the teasing look in his eyes. She was relieved that he did not take it 'that' way. Then she frowned, did he?

They sat wordlessly, both caught up in their own thoughts for a few minutes before Alec decided to break it.

"Er… Max, I am not really in to these chick-flick moments but…well," he paused, slightly embarrassed at what he wanted to say. He had been meaning to tell her but he never found the right time to do it.

Max raised her eyebrows, wondering what Alec was about to say before he stopped. She prompted, "Yeah?"

"I know I have been a pain all these time you know me. And yet you were always there when I needed help. All I am trying to say is; thanks for saving my ass again," Alec said in a rush; he wanted to get it out of his system before he changed his mind.

"It's no biggie," she said with a smile, giving him a soft punch on his shoulders, "And anyway, what would I do with all my free time if you don't need me to save your ass!"

Rolling his eyes, Alec said, "Gee, Max, nice to know that I am that high on your list of priorities,"

They sat together in companionable silence, watching the sun rise above the horizon. To them, it seemed to signify the beginning of a change in their relationship.

THE END (Gosh I am all choked up now…)

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