WARNING: This story will contain bashing of every wrestler in one way or another but it's all for fun so don't go yelling at me because I killed off or made fun of your favorite character...Second there will be talk of both Hetero and slash relationships in this story with a few implied situations. I want to keep this good enough for a T rating so I will not be graphically explaining anything, make it up in your own imagination!

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Chapter 1

It was a dark and cloudy night in the small town of Greenwich, South Dakota. The Midwest farmers were out planting their crops for the coming season and the woods nearby were quiet and peaceful. Kurt Angle, the star basketball player for the VMH Tigers, was sitting on his couch watching a scary movie. The night outside his opened patio porch doors looked still and there was no movement to speak out, atleast he hadn't noticed any. He was one of the five major basketball players at the local high school, Vincent K. McMahon High School. This was his major claim to fame beside a deep dark secret he kept that could put him right up there with the prom queen herself. He smiled to himself, taking another scoop of popcorn from the bowl. There was no game that night as it was a Sunday evening, so Kurt had decided to stay in and rest for the week to come. His special friend, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley was supposed to be coming over later that night to study with him. A smile spread across his face as he settled back against the soft cover on the couch. The plastic made a squeaking noise and he loked around to made sure no one was here to watch him.

"It was the plastic, okay…" He mumbled to himself, settling back to watch the movie. The phone rang once before Kurt picked it up from the table next to the couch.

"Hello?" Kurt mumbled, already in a bad mood.

"Want to play a game?" The voice on the other end asked, a playful glee resounding through the phone line.

"I don't play games..." He said sternly before he thought about it, "Unless you mean basketball...or Hunter Hearst-Helmsley?" Kurt said still watching television and taking another handful of popcorn.

"Oh really, that's not what I heard..." The voice on the other end laughed.

"Who is this? I think you maybe have the wrong number mister...What did you hear?" Kurt said getting a little annoyed with the obvious prank caller.

"I heard you were playing pretty pretty princess with girl scout troop 89 when they stopped by to sell you girl scout cookies.." The voice laughed methodically into the receiver. Kurt held the phone away from his ear for a moment to contemplate before he stood up, looking around frantically.

"Yeah, well, you're wrong…" He smiled to himself. "It was troop 79.." Kurt said as if he had just outsmarted the voice on the other end.

"Do you want to die tonight?" The voice asked, suddenly becoming very erie sounding.

Kurt sighed with relief,

"Oh, I really think you have the wrong number, see I know this movie, a girl ALWAYS dies first..." He asked as if he was correcting the killer.

"I thought you were a girl?" The voice asked playfully. Kurt got a look of shock on his face,

"I'm all man, it's true, it's damn true.." He said confident of himself and a bit angry at the comment..

"Do you know where I am?" The voice asked with a giggle. Kurt threw his hands in the air with frustration,

"Afghanistan?" He guessed out of the blue, it had been in the news lately, it was the first place he thought of.

"No, you idiot! I'm in the house." The killer remarked as Kurt looked around feverously, "Where am I?" The voice was becoming angry at Kurt's stupidity. Kurt began to look around frantically again. He checked behind the couch and then behind the television, he ducked under the couch to look and then finally snapped his fingers knowing where to look. He lifted up the pillows and cushions on the couch and began to search, finding a kernel of popcorn and setting in back in the bowl on the table, he was a neat freak after all.

"I give up!" He shouted into the phone after his search was over. The voice on the other end began to laugh again. Kurt suddenly offended he was being laughed at said,

"Hey, do you know who you're talking to? I'm going to be an Olympic gold medalist one day..." He said grabbing at two fake gold medals around his neck and beginning to cry.

Just then a person in a pink tutu jumped out of the closet behind him with a knife in their hand. They looked down, a look of embarrassment crossing their face.

"Opps...Wrong costume...Just turn around...Don't look...wait a minute.." The person returned to the closet with a slight bang of the door. Kurt looked at the closet door with fear, a bunch of banging was heard and then the killer jumped out in a white ghost mask. Kurt screamed liked a girl in freight and began to run around the couch in hopes of outrunning the killer. A poppy sort of playful music began to play as they continued to run around the couch in circles. The music abruptly stopped and the killer sat down quickly.

"Damn it! I never win!" Kurt wined jumping up and down like a five year old. The killer started to laugh and clap his hands, bouncing up and down on the couch pointing a laughing at Kurt. The plastic on the couch shifted and squeaked against the killers bottom. They both stopped in their movement.

"Ummm.." The killer looked embarrassed. " It was the couch…" He mumbled.

"Sure…" Kurt mocked, a slight nagging in his voice. The killer then realized what he was here to do and pulled a knife from their costume. Kurt started to scream and ran for the patio doors. They made it out the door before the killer tackled Kurt to the cold ground just outside the back door and stabbed him in the butt pulling out a silicone implant with the knife.

"I hope you intend to replace that, those things were expensive.." Kurt started to protest. The killer looked at the implant a little strange before dropping it with a chill of disgust. Kurt got up running for the road quickly as the killer regained composer.

A silver car was coming down the road at a high rate of speed, swerving from lane to lane. Matt Hardy sat in the drivers seat relaxing a little too much. He leaned back in his seat and laughed a little, taking his hands off the steering wheel and placing them behind his head. The car swerved towards Kurt on the side of the road as he jumped up and down.

"Matt, Matt Hardy! Help me!" Kurt yelled jumping up and down and tossing his hands in the air. The car struck Kurt head-on, sending him flying into the air in a flip. Amy Dumas sat up fast from just below the steering wheel,

"Matt did you feel that?" She asked as their car continued into the field of corn just off the side of the road.

"No, it was nothing. Do that thing again, it tickled." Matt said pushing her head back down into his lap.

The killer ran out into the road was Kurt was stumbling to his feet. Kurt started to wave his hands in the air as a plane was passing over head. The plane made an abrupt stop and turned in his direction. Kurt realized it was an alien space craft as it got nearer, coming to a stop over his head. He was too shocked to move as the killer stabbed him from behind , blood coming from his opened mouth in gushes. He was dead within a moment, his eyes staying wildly open. The killer let Kurt's body fall to the ground before clapping a little at his first kill and jumping up and down with excitement. The killer remembered the alien space craft and looked up with distain.

"Go to go… So many people to killer, not enough time…" He mumbled, running quickly off into the woods. The space craft groaned and moved on towards the corn field, maybe a good crop circle would make them feel better.

It was a bright 8 am as everyone was arriving at school the next day for their early classes. There were reporters everywhere as Jeff Hardy, Amy Dumas and Matt Hardy arrived in Matt's silver car, a few pieces of stray corn still stuck in the windshield wipers. They got out of the car and looked around, confusion marking their already vacant faces.

"Whoa, what's going on?" Matt asked as he looked at Amy for an idea. Amy looked back at him with worried eyes,

"Do you think they saw us last night, you know we were on private property...not to mention the dream I had last night that we were abducted by aliens.." She whispered into his hair as she grabbed his arm.

"You had that dream too?" Matt asked before they started to make out at the coincidence. They make out about everything, Jeff thought before moving to the trunk to get his bag. He groaned with contempt before he walked away, he had to deal with this 24/7. Amy looked over Matt's shoulder at the T.V. crews beginning to film the arriving students.

"Look Mattie, we're on TV!" Amy laughed with excitement.

"Ohh, quick lets show them that home video we made.." Matt said kissing her and pushing her up against the car in a forceful manner. Amy moaned loudly with enjoyment. Jeff caught a camera man actually filming it and walked over.

"Hey, I was wondering if I could get a copy of that...you know for blackmail purposes only.." He started as the cameraman looked at him strange before moving on. Jeff watched him go.

"Was it something I said?" Jeff asked himself, still very confused. Vince McMahon walked passed, he was the co-principle of the school named after him.

"What did I tell you two last week in my office about these public displays of affection? This isn't sex education for god sakes." Vince yelled pulling them apart by the arms. They tried to reach for each other again but failed. They both groaned before getting a smile on their faces.

"We have sex ed this morning.." Matt laughed with excitement, grabbing Amy's hand and pulling her towards the school. They'd purposely failed it 3 times to take the class again. Jeff picked up his book bag and chasing after them, catching them just before they entered the school.

In the back of the parking lot Raven was getting off his motorcycle and parked it next to Taker's, Kane's and Jerry Lynn's . He had been running late that morning and everyone else was already there. Taker was going to have his head for being late again. The killer was hiding in the bushes behind him plotting his next victim. He finally just decided to use Raven and jumped out attacking him from behind and pulling him back into the woods behind the school. Raven tried to scream and punched the killer in the mask, running back to the parking lot for help. The killer followed and punched Raven back, soon there was a crowd forming to watch the fight. The killer pulled a knife from the costume and stabbed Raven in the stomach, holding him against him as he coughed on his own blood. The crowd started cheering as Raven fell to the ground in a pool of his blood. The killer took a couple of bows before they ran off into the woods again. The crowd began to walk away, leaving the dead Raven laying there.

As Jeff, Amy and Matt entered the school, Jeff saw the Big Show and Boss man (their gang names) beating up on Justin Credible for his lunch money, a daily occurrence, Jeff thought to himself. Bradshaw, Faarooq, Rikishi, Haku and Jackie watched. They were the school bullies, he thought again before they looked over at him. Jeff looked away, he didn't feel like getting his butt kicked today.

"Hey, man!" Brian Lawler said coming up to them with Scotty Garland following close behind.

"Hey!" Jeff said shaking hands and walking over to his locker next to Matt's. Matt and Amy were making out again at Matt's locker. Brian and Scotty opened their lockers on the other side of Jeff's.

"So what's with all the cameras and reporters?" Jeff asked.

"What? You didn't hear?" Scotty asked in disbelief.

"No, we didn't have time to catch the news this morning. Matt woke up late complaining about some pain in his butt." Jeff said motion towards Amy.

"Kurt Angle was killed last night." Brain repeated astonished that someone didn't know. Jeff leaned against his locker, he didn't really like the guy but it didn't mean he wanted him dead.

"Do they know who did it?" Jeff asked. Brian and Scotty started to laugh,

"With our police department? They could catch someone unless they had a doughnut on them and were pissing out coffee.." Scotty laughed. As if on queue Shane McMahon, the resident deputy and Joes abs, Pete Gas and Rodney Lienhardt, the police of the town walked in the front doors, moving everyone out of their way. They were notorious for bothering the kids and hanging out at the coffee shop in town. With them, no murders had been solved in 15 years. They walked down the hall to the main office scaring the freshman as they went. Jeff started to laugh

"I know what you mean.." He started but was distracted by someone coming in the door behind the police.

Stephanie McMahon, the youngest of the family walked in the front door with the rest of the cheerleading squad, Tori, Joanie, Debra and Terri. The Hardy brothers were briefly involved with Terri before she made the squad and decided she was too good for them. Stephanie looked as if she had been up all night crying as they walked by Jeff and his friends. Their lockers were directly across the hall from theirs. Jeff had requested these lockers for a reason, he reminded himself as Brian and Scotty continued to talk and then realized he wasn't listening.

"Hello?" Brian waved his hand in front of Jeff's face. Jeff didn't move.

"Brian, give it a rest. It's Stephanie hour..."Scotty motioned to Stephanie across the hall. Stephanie was fixing her hair in a mirror she kept in her locker. Brian laughed as Jeff came back to reality.

"Man, when are you going to give it up? Stephanie's never going to give you a second thought, especially since she's dating Hunter, the captain of the basketball team. You know, Trish is staring at you..."Brian said nodding his head at Trish Stratus. Jeff turned to Brian ignoring Trish,

"Not this year, she's going to notice me this year..." Jeff said confidently. Brian and Scotty began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" K-Kwik asked walking up, they called him that because he's fast on a skateboard.

"Jeff thinks he's going to get Ms. Prom Queen to go out with him..."Scotty laughed. Stephanie was now chatting with the other Cheerleaders and putting her pom-poms in her locker. K started to laugh a little too, trying to control it.

"So, what's the plan for after school? Ridin' as usual?" K asked.

"Yup, that is if Jeff can locate his skateboard under all his pictures of Stephanie.." Brian laughed making kissing noises and kissing his hand. Stephanie glanced over at them making noise and laughed slightly before walking away with the other girls.

"Did you see that?" Jeff asked as everyone stopped to look.

"What?" Asked K

"She smiled at me.." Jeff laughed getting his books together. Brian and Scotty started to laugh,

"Great, now he's seeing things..." Scotty said heading to his first class. The first bell rung as Jeff watched Stephanie walk away. She dropped a note as she was in a hurry to keep up with the other girls and Jeff quickly ran over to pick it up. He shoved it in one of his books, slamming his locker shut. This startled Matt and Amy, who were still making out but hurried off to Sex ed.