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Chapter 11:

After much debate in the limo, Stephanie convinced Jeff that they needed to go to Hunter's party to finish things with him and then they would deal with the head vampire still roaming around. They arrived at Hunter's party a few minutes later, Stephanie looked over her dress which was ripped in the skirt and had some blood on it. Amy didn't look much better her dress ripped and stained as well. They headed for the house, Stephanie leading. A lot of people were already there, including Shane and the poilce, who were drinking and yelling. There were people everywhere in the house, screaming yelling and dancing with the music. Hunter saw them arrive and met them in the hall with Austin, and Malenko. Jeff looked Hunter up and down as he did the same.

"I see you made it. We thought you might not come, it was pretty obvious we're gonna kick your butt and I might kick her butt too.." Hunter said looking at Stephanie.

"I'd like to see you try.." Stephanie said stepping up.

"You're not even worth our time.." Stephanie said going to leave.

"You have to have the slut hold you back?" Hunter laughed at Jeff. Jeff turned around, anger in his eyes and went to punch Hunter. Taker, Kane and sara walked in the front door as this was going on.

"Well hey, Party Animals!" Taker yelled happily. Hunter's expression changed.

"Hey, Steph, how you doin'?" Taker asked as she smiled, "He given you problems again?" Taker asked motioning to Hunter.

"No!" Hunter said smiling and trying to hug Jeff, who pushed him off,

"Get off my you metrosexual..." He said walking away quickly.

"He's not being very nice to his guests.." Stephanie said shaking her head.

"Is that a fact? well, that just ain't right.." Taker said walking towards Hunter. He squirmed as Taker came to right infront of him and stood there.

"Relax, I ain't gonna hit..." Taker siad helping him up, "Hard..." He said knocking him into the stairs.

"Who's in the mood for a fight?" Taker yelled as Kane, Matt and Jeff jumped in, attacking anyone that got in their way. Trish came running out of one of the upstairs bedrooms, half dressed to see what was going on downstairs.

"Oh, you btch.." Trish yelled coming down the stairs and jumping on Amy and Stephanie.

"She don't know who she's messing with..' Amy said annoyed as she pulled her off Steph and held her arms as Stephanie kicked her butt.

"That's for my Father!" She screamed completely enraged.

"That's for my Mother! This is for Jeff! and This one, well this is all from me!" She said knocking Trish out. She fell to the floor, slightly whining. The guys were finishing beating each other senseless.

"I'll get you Hardy!' Hunter yelled as Austin dragged him out the front door away from Jeff. "And that little prude too!" He yelled Stephanie slapped him on his way out the door and threw Trish out with him, shutting the door.

"Thanks!' She said touching Taker's arm.

"Hey, I think it's time to get this party started!" He yelled as Hunter's guest looked at him scared.

"Well, dance you little bastards!" He yelled, heading for the beer. Everyone started to go back to what they were doing. Matt and Amy disappeared to the back porch to talk, as Stephanie looked for a quiet place to talk as well, heading up the stairs.

They found an empty bedroom, heading in and shutting the door. Stephanie sat while Jeff paced the room.


"Stephanie, I'm just really confused right now.." He said holding his cheek from one of Hunter's punches, his lip was bleeding too. Stephanie got up, meeting him at the window and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"I'm sorry..." She said softly, "I didn't mean for all this to happen.." Jeff turned to her,

"It's not your fault..."

"I know, but this whole vampire thing...I mean...Amy and I are sisters..." She said turning, "I never ever talked to her before I met you.." She said heading to sit.

"Well, there's a reason why we were put together..." Jeff smiled.

"Jeff, things are gonna be different after tonight.." Stephanie said sighing and touching his bruised face.

"Stephanie, I'm with you in this.." He said taking her hand.

"It could get tough.."

"It doesn't matter.." Jeff said smiling. Stephanie smiled too and began to kiss him as they laid back on the bed.

Back downstairs Debra went out to the garage to get more beer that Steve had put in the cooler out there. The door shut behind her, so she decided to go out the car doorbut that wasn't opening either. She looked around and didn't see any other exits, so she began to bang on the door,

"Hey, guys, let me in..." She yelled in her heavy southern accent. There was no answer and she turned quickly hearing a noise from the back corner of the garage.

"Hello?" She asked becoming scared. She thought she could make out a figure coming towards her in the dark. They stepped into the light and it was the ghost mask. Debra laughed,

"That is so last season...but nice try Steve..." Debra said beginning to walk away. The killer grabbed her from behind and sliced into her arm, causing her to drop the beer. She screamed, falling to the ground. The killer loomed over her, she screamed again, throwing a glass bottle at him and getting up to run. There was no way out, so she broke the near by window and began to climb out but the killer grabbed her by the hair pulling her back in the garage and slamming her against the wall.

"Help!" She screamed as the killer stabbed her in the stomach. She fell to the ground as the killer pulled a key from their pocket and unlocked the door to the house, heading in the back door.

Jeff kissed Stephanie's forehead looking at the clock, it was almost 11, he thouhgt getting up to find his clothes. Stephanie sighed, gettingup too.

"I love you..." Jeff said with his back to Stephanie as she buttoned the last button on her dress. She smiled,

"I love you too..." She said as he turned to her, smiling. They began to kiss again and headed for the door to get Amy and Matt to head home. The killer stood in the doorway and slashed at Stephanie and Jeff. They slammed the door on the killer and the knife came through the door. Jeff grabbed Stephanie's hand as they ran though the ajoining bathroom into the next bedroom. Scotty and Stacy jumped up as they bursted in,

"Don't knock or anything!" Scotty began to yell before seeing the killer and running for the other door. The killer stabbed Stacy in the leg, knocking her to the floor but continuing on their main target. Stehpanie, Scotty and Jeff ran down the stairs. People began to run as they saw the killer coming down the stairs. Stephanie and jeff headed for the door as another killer appeared pushing them back in. Matt and Amy came running in from the back porch, seeing what was going on. They only ones left were Jeff, Stephanie, Amy, and Matt as the killers took off their masks...

"Hunter?" Stephanie said as Jeff was looking at the other killer,

"Trish?" Jeff asked shocked. Trish laughed,

"In the flesh..." She said touching herself. "we've been together for a while now..." Trish said nodding at Hunter with a smile. Hunter snickered,

"Okay...in the kitchen.." Hunter said pushing them towards the kitchen.

"Hey, think we can make a deal with those vampire things for Steph and Amy?" Trish asked.

"Sure, you work on that.." Hunter said clearly annoyed with her.

"Atleast tell us why?" Stephanie said as they were pushed into the corner, Trish getting some rope.

"Why? You want to know Why?" Hunter yelled pressing the knife to Stephanie's face. Jeff tried to move but her could get out of the ropes.

"Well, where to start.." He mused. "Well, Angle was for you..." He said looking at Stephanie as she began to cry.

"He had dirt on us, Stephanie...It just happened with him and I need to get rid of the problem...After tht, it started becoming whoever annoyed me or Trish or just if we were pissed off!" He said pressing at her again. "Hey, we had fun.." Hunter said as Trish nodded away. Stephanie was getting scared and angry at the same time and wished she could hit Hunter, the cookie jar on the top of the cabinets began to move and fell, knocking Hunter out. Trish was distracted and went to check on Hunter as Amy set a fire on the rope, it disappeared.

"Steph!" Amy said as she hugged her. Trish got back up and still had a knife. Just then a cloud of smoke filled the room and Gangrel and Rikishi and Haku appeared. Trish started to shake and dropped the knife, trying to pull Hunter out of the way of the vampires.

"I see you're ready to face me.." Gangrel said looking at Amy and Stephanie.

"What took you so long?" Stephanie asked sarcatically. Gangrel, threw out his hands and put Amy and Stephanie in a trance again.

"Shall we begin?" He said taking out his sword from under his cape. Stephanie and Amy were throw from the trance, hitting the wall behind them. They were up in a second and double teamed Gargrel as he laughed,

"I'll have to do batter than that!" He yelled. He grabbed Stephanie almost bitting her but Amy hit him from behind. Gangrel overthrew both of them and they were throw to the ground.

"Now, it's time for you two to join the undead.." He said raising his sword above his head. Matt and Jeff went to jump in but Haku and Rikishi were there to combat them. Amy and Stephanie looked at each other and kicked him in the balls at the same time.

"Oh..Daddy..." He said falling to his knees, as Stephanie and Amy grabbed the knives Trish and Hunter had and stabbed him in the back. A Gigantic light emerged from his body. Amy and Stephanie grabbed each other as he burst into dust over the entire room. As soon as the dust cleared Matt and Jeff looked around for the girls, who were on the floor, where Gangrel had been. Haku and Rikishi were still alive as Matt and Jeff stabbed them running for the girls. Either one was breathing and Jeff picked Stephanie up as she began to cough. He rolled her over so she could breathe. Amy came sround too and coughed up dust. Stehpanie stopped and looked up at Jeff.

"Hey.." He said touching her cheek.

"Hey..." She said smiling a little. "Is it over now?" She asked as Jeff laughed,

"Yeah..." He smiled huggin her.

The police came back in the house from outside and looked around

"Alright, what happened here?" Shane asked. Stephanie just laughed at him as Jeff helped her up. They walked out of the house and looked around as the state police showed up and arrested Trish and Hunter. The whole vampire thing was never discussed and Trish was declared insane, not standing trial. Hunter was sentenced to life. Jeff, Stephanie, Matt, and Amy finished school and headed to college...Until...

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