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Price of Remembrance…

Chapter 4: The Answer

Molly was confused. How could this teenager change the past? She was only a girl. . . .wasn't she? The thought of seeing Rick again made Molly's head spin. Was she really prepared to go through that, to make her heart break again?

This angel had offered her something she had dreamed of. To turn it away would be silly. . . .but what if Lucy was wrong. What if she goes back and Rick still dies? Then it would be Molly's fault.


Lucy and Fiona were walking through the woods. The autumn air was still warm, leaves were just starting to change colors. Lucy's sparkling blue eyes took in the scene. It had been years since she could walk around on earth and enjoy the beauty of it. "So Luc" Fiona stopped in mid sentence. There in front of the girls was a graveyard. "Oh my god. This is incredible!" Fiona started to go through the rows of stone.

Lucy hung back and prayed Fi didn't find the Harrison tombstone.

"Hey look at this!" No such luck. Fi had found it. Lucy walked over to Fiona and tried to block her view of the stone. "What are you doing?" Fi asked.

"You know I think I saw a deer over by that creek. Let's go see if it's still there."

Lucy began to pull Fiona away from the stone, but before she could Fiona let out a small gasp. "This has your name on it." Fiona turned to Lucy. "Are you a ghost."

She gave Fiona a small smile. "Go ask your mother what I am. I'm sure she could clear all this up." Lucy disappeared before Fiona's eyes.

Fiona's eyes widened. "Mom!" she screamed. Fiona raced through the forest and ran straight into room twenty one.

Lucy was standing off to the side while Molly sat on the bed. Molly looked up at Lucy. "I've made my decision. I want to go back. I want to save Rick."

"As you wish." Lucy closed her eyes as a storm started to rage inside the hotel room.

"NO!" Fiona screamed into the wind. Lightning blinded her. When the storm subsided, Molly was no where to be seen.

xXx End chapter 4 xXx

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