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Beast Boy opened his eyes to awake from his deep slumber. He sat up and looked around his room. Piles of clothes are lying around his room and games and toys are thrown around the room too. The young green changeling got up from his bed and got dressed in his black and purple jumpsuit. He put his gray belt on and combed his spikey green hair. Then he looked at the clock. 10:00 a.m. it read.

He went into his bathroom and put on some cologne. He opened a drawer in the bathroom to reveal a picture of one of his fellow titans. He sighed. She had short, purple hair and beautiful indigo eyes. Her name was Raven.This was the picture of the first date they went on.


"Raven, will…You go out with me?" Beast Boy'slight green skin was now a puke green. "You're asking me?" Raven said a little surprised. Beast Boy nodded and gulped. He waited for the worst. Raven looked into Beast Boy's dark green eyes. "I'd love to go out with you Beast Boy." Raven blushed. Beast Boy grinned. He grabbed Raven's arm and ran to the nearest pizza place.

End flashback

Beast Boy put away the picture and left the bathroom. It had been 3 months exactly to that day. Today was Valentines Day. Today was the day he would confess his love to her. Beast Boy was as nervous andhe was sweating like a pig. Beast Boy sat down on his desk chair and pulled out a piece of stationary. He would write a poem, confessing his love to his sweet goddess Raven.

My sweet Dark Princess,

My love for you burns without a hint of slowing,

And my love for you is stillindeed growing,

The day I set my eyes on yours,

I knew you were the one,

Your intelligence,

Your sophistication,

Your beauty,

Your smile,

And so I've come to confess,

My sweet dark Raven,

That I shall never leave you,

Not even, at the end of time.

Beast Boy put down his pen to read his work. "Not bad, not bad at all…" He thought. "But will it work?" Beast Boy got up and folded the poem and then signed his name. He slowly left his room off to find his love. He slowed. He would need more than a note confessing his love…He would need another gift to please her. He turned and ran to the nearest exit of the 10-story tower, and to the nearest store, making sure that the poem was perfectly safe in his pocket.


Raven awoke and opened her purple eyes and looked about her room. The room was dark, with dark blue wallpaper and many books on the shelves in her room. She sat up and looked at the clock near her bedside.10:03 a.m. the clock said. She yawned and went into her bathroom to take a shower. The only reason she got up this late was because she knew that Beast Boy would be getting up late also. Valentines Day was this day, and she wished to tell her changeling of her undying love to him…But how?

Once Raven left her shower and dressed, she looked upon her many books to see what she could read to pass the time until her Beast Boy came to greet her. She could not find a book that would please her on this day. All her stories were dark, not such a book would please her on this romantic holiday. She sighed. Perhaps meditation would work? She needed to, especially on a day that her emotions cannot be hidden. She went up to the roof of the tower. Once she got up to the windy outside, she looked at the town maybe 3 or 4 miles away by water. Then something caught her eye. Something flying across the water, and it was green…She looked harder. It was Beast Boy, she knew her Beast Boy.

Raven smiled. Off to get a present of something, no doubt. Should she get something for him? What was his favorite thing…Video-games of course! Now what was that one game called…Mega Monkeys 4? Yes, that was it. She constantly heard him talking about it, and Cyborg said there was another one coming out soon. She'd go to the store and find it. It was the least she could do…But she had to meditate first…For 30 minutes…That's should be enough. Raven started chanting her magic words and began meditating…

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