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"Beast Boy! We should get Cyborg up to, we need to think about this!" Raven said, catching up with the green changeling. "But, Raven! We can't put our lives in danger any longer! I want to get out of this hell hole called Jump City and start a life with you! And to do that we need to stop Rc once and for all!" Beast Boy panted, transforming into a cheetah and charging at full force. Beast Boy tackled Rc, head on, and Rc stumbled to the ground.

Beast Boy then transformed into a gorilla then tried to smash Rc, only hitting her twice because she was no match for him. "Beast Boy!" Rc yelled, not knowing how strong he really was. "Stop, please! I surrender!" Rc screamed, knees on the ground, begging for mercy. Beast Boy transformed back to his normal self and walked over to Rc. "Do you swear to leave Raven and me alone forever?" He asked.

Rc looked at the ground, then after what seemed like minutes, she slowly nodded. "Beast Boy! No, its a trick!" Raven yelled, but Beast Boy didn't listen. Beast Boy bent down and took Rc's hand, and then put both hands behind her back. Rc grinned at Raven who stopped in her tracks. "Beast Boy!" Raven yelled, as Beast Boy transformed into a pteradactol and started slashing Rc's back with his large talons.

Rc screamed and begged for mercy, as Beast Boy then transformed back into himself, with sloth arms and continued cratching her. Her clothes ripped to show her back, and it was bleeding intensly. Beast Boy continued to cut, slash, and bleed until her bones showed, and by then, she was onconscious. Raven begged Beast Boy to stop, why was he doing this?

Then Beast Boy did the impossible. He slit Rc's throat, as she fell limp on the ground. "Beast Boy..." Raven gasped, as she fell to her knees, as she slowly felt Rc slipping away from her body, Raven couldn't help but feel sorry for Rc. This wasn't like Beast Boy, not like him at all.

Raven then felt a hand on her shoulder, and she turned around. There, she saw Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin all smiling at her sadly. "It's okay Rae, its not your nor Beast Boy's fault." Robin said. Raven looked confused. "Did you not see him toture her to death!" Raven yelled, rising from the ground.

"Love changes people, Rae." Was all Cyborg said, and Raven frowned. Raven turned to Rc on the ground, in a pile of blood. "Raven, listen." Robin started, and Raven faced him. "This is exactly why you guys should leave together. Your almost 18, after all. And us titans...The Teen Titans; are leaving the adolesent years we have so fondly lived in. Beast Boy killed off the greatest of all foes. Beast Boy's own demons Cyborg set into Rc. It was all a plan." Robin smiled softly. "Beast Boy actually had a demon inside of him. Killing Rc released it; all the pain, all the hate, all the guilt. They have now been freed. Cyborg built Rc to help Beast Boy. He was actually slowly falling apart, Raven, and none of us but BB knew it. Thats why he told Cyborg."

Cyborg smiled. "He aked me to help him, and I did. He doesn't know it now, but his life is as perfect as can be." "So...You never loved me?" Raven asked. "Sure I did, your like a sister to me. I had to fool you guys in order to think nothing of Rc was a plan."

Raven was still confused. "How could all of Beast Boy's problems be in Rc and now released?"

Starfire was smiling now too, "Friend Beast Boy wanted you to have emotions. When friend Cyborg made clone Rc, she was you, only with emotion. Then, friend Beast Boy realized that you are the perfect just the way you are." Raven shrugged. "I guess."

Cyborg and Robin laughed. Beast Boy then came up to the Titans. They didn't tell them of the plan they had schemed, and they 'scolded' Beast Boy for killing Rc, but since she was only a clone, they didn't have to arrest him.

Whil they were in the car, Raven had something pop into her head. "Where did Slade go?" She turned to Robin, who smiled nervously. Starfire nudged him with his elbow. "I-I've decided that I should let this whole superhero thing go, and marry Starfire, and live on Tamaran as the second heir to the throne." Starfire nodded approvingly. "The Slade was hired to destroy the Teen Titans. Once we leave, he shall leave too."

Raven nodded in understanding. Raven didn't want to leave though, all the memories from the teen titans. Finding Terra, dating Beast Boy, fighting Slade, dating Beast Boy, defeating Doom Patrol, dating Beast Boy. OK, so maybe most of her memories was with Beast Boy, but whatever.

Beast Boy turned to Raven and then kissed her, very softly. "Raven, I love you more than all the tofu cheese-its in the world." Raven laughed inside. "I love you more." Raven smiled.

The End

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