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On with the story…

Chapter One: Hell's contract

"Kaede," came the solemn voice of Kikyou, " take the Shinko no Tama, and burn it with my remains."

"Onii-samma!" a young Kaede called out in protest. She would get better wouldn't she?

Kikyou took the young girl's face in her hands, "you must do this." came her waning voice, " This jewel has caused far too much turmoil, and needs to be perished from this earth. These wounds won't allow me to live, but as the Shinko no Tama's protector I can at least take it with me into the afterworld."

With her last staggered breath, she fell to the ground

"Onii-sama!" Kaede cried out, but she was already gone.

Scene change

A lone figure dressed in miko garb glided up to two black gates. A Kidoban walked up to the miko-looking figure, "welcome to hell, how was your life?" he inquired. (oh I forgot to put in the disclaimer that I might use certain concepts from other stores in my fic so don't sue.)

" … " Kikyou simply gave him a blank stare that said 'leave-me-alone-to-wallow-in-sorrow'

'Another one with a tragic death' the Kidoban thought to himself, 'why do I have this job again?'

Cough " well, follow Me. " he led the dead Kikyou to a room similar to a waiting room (you know, with the bad magazines) and went up to a corky looking man at the front counter.

"Kikyou is here," he said

The man at the desk got up and went over to one of the many file cabinets lining to room, took out a file titled Blood line Tree through year 3000. On it was a family tree type graph. The man ran his finger down the page until he got to a line with Kikyou's name on it, he put the death date were it was supposed to be.

"Do you wish to be reincarnated?" he asked, looking at Kikyou

Not knowing what to do, and apparently not caring, Kikyou nodded.

"Ok," he said and ran his finger further down looking for a name that was not marked to be reincarnated. When he came to an empty spot he said, "we have an opening, but it is in 450 years." He looked back up to the two.

"Very well," the Kidoban said

"Then just sign here, Kikyou" the man said motioning for Kikyou to sign the line that said who the person on the graph was going to be a reincarnation of. Kikyou did so, and the Kidoban cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Well, I will leave you here to get your instructions." With that he left the two.

The man behind the desk handed Kikyou a fairly thin book titled Guide to Reincarnation. " This is a rule book you need to read, become familiar with it, not that you will have much esl to do."

Looking back at the graph she got a glimpse of the persons name---

Kagome Higurashi

(dun dun dun!)

Deiety—well that is the end of my first chapter, it was more explaining than anything esl, but trust me it will get better, I hope, the pairings are InuKag MirSan and SessOC


Gomen ne- I know it is boring and if I read this I would not even bother but give me a chance this is harder than it looks



Gomen ne – sorry

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