Heh, my second Outsiders fanfic. I actually came up with this one before Speechless, but I wasn't sure on the plot or how this one would come out. Like, the other, this is just a trial to see what you guys think of it so far. If nobody likes it, then I'll just work on the other one. Thanks for reading.

Note: Fanfic is told in Ponyboy's POV

The pain...

A sharp jab to the stomach.

... is starting to go numb.

A blow to the jaw.

I'm starting to lose myself.

Something being picked up.


A few steps forward.

... is fading from my site.

Item grasped tightly.

I hear a mixture of shouts...

Arms raised high above the head.

... but I can't make sense of anything.

Item is swooped down quickly.

What's going on?

Connects in one, clean hit.

Why is it so dark?