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Special Note: Reading the Love Hina manga and watching the Love Hina anime is highly recommended to help you understand the events and characters that appear in this story. This fic is loosely based off of the manga and anime.


Prologue: Origin of the Hate


The one weakness of all men. Although they may seem fragile in appearance they are twice as dangerous as men and three times as deadly. Some of the greatest men in the world have fallen victim to the charm and allure of the female.

What is it about women that can make the most callous of men act like nervous imbeciles?

How is it that the man who is supposed to be the stronger of the species is measured in worth according to how women see him?

Even though the man may see himself as in control it is in fact the woman that wields the true power. The man who no woman shows any interest in is seen as useless and branded a failure. Even the fellow man will turn his back on his friends for a woman.

This is the conclusion that dawned to Keitaro Urashima after twenty years of hellish misery that he had to endure.

Who is Keitaro Urashima you ask?

Well this poor soul has just been kicked out of his house by his own mother. His own mother had called him useless because he had failed to get into Toudai University twice and called him a pervert because she believed that he had tried to rape Kanako.

"Money isn't the root of evil. Women are!" yelled Keitaro.

He received many strange looks from people as he walked across the bridge leading to the famous Hinata Inn which was owned by his grandmother.

But maybe we are jumping ahead of ourselves. Let us go back and take a look at Keitaro's childhood. Maybe we will find our answers to his irrational loathing of females.


Rewind Back 14 Years:

As a child Keitaro was an only son of Mr. and Mrs. Urashima and lived in a little house with his parents just a couple hours away from his Grandmother Hina and his Aunt Haruka. Even though Keitaro's parents would take him every weekend to visit his aunt and grandmother they realized that he seemed lonely and that he was a very quiet boy.

"I think Kei-kun needs a playmate. He's such a sweet boy and it's not healthy for him to be so quiet," said Mr. Urashima.

"Honey you know that I can't bear any more children," replied Mrs. Urashima.

"Maybe we can adopt a child," said Mr. Urashima.

"I have always wanted to have a little girl," said Mrs. Urashima thoughtfully.

"It's settled then," Mr. Urashima said with finality "Let's keep it a surprise for Kei-kun."

One Week Later:

"Kei-kun we have a surprise for you," announced Mrs. Urashima holding the hand of a four year old girl with raven black bangs that shaded over her eyes.

"Don't be shy honey, come on," whispered Mrs. Urashima as she gently pulled Kanako into the living room.

"What's the surprise!" yelled Keitaro as he ran into the living room to see his parents standing with a little girl.

"Kei-Kun say hello to your little sister Kanako," said Mr. Urashima.

"Hello Kanako-chan," chirped Keitaro with a warm smile on his little face.

Kanako's face brightened at the warmth and kindness radiating from the boy in front of her. She felt an emotion that she had not felt after he parents had died. It was the feeling of intense love that she felt for her new brother. However part of this love was something that was not supposed to be felt between siblings. In time this love would grow to consume her but for now it had only started to bloom and was nothing to be concerned about.

"Hello onichan," said Kanako.

"Come on let's go play Kanako," Keitaro took hold of her hand and lead her to his room.

"Isn't it great Keitaro finally has someone to play with," Keitaro's father happily exclaimed.

"Yes and I've always wanted a daughter," added Mrs. Urashima.


Fast Forward Ten Years:

"Oh God, don't look now but here comes that perverted dork," whispered Miko.

"Did you hear about how he tried to grope his sister?"

"That's so sick what a creepy loser," replied Nina.

Keitaro's life had become living nightmare during the last couple of years. He had been labeled an unattractive loser by the girls. He had no guy friends because they were all afraid of what the reactions of the girls would be if they were seen around with Keitaro. No guy wanted to ruin his chances of getting a girl just to help out the poor boy. Keitaro was starting to slip into a depression. His only two friends Haitani and Shirai outright refused to be seen with Keitaro at school. However unlike Keitaro the Haitani and Shirai actually were perverted and were desperate to get with any girl at the school.

Finally the sixth period bell rang and school was out. Keitaro speed walked down the hallway. He had to get out before…

"Onichan wait up for me!" yelled Kanako.

Damn! thought Keitaro I was almost out.

Kanako ran up to Keitaro and grabbed hold of his hand. Keitaro noticed the looks he was getting glares from the other kids and forced his hand out of her grasp.

"Kanako you have to stop this," he stated.

"Stop what?" she asked innocently "You always used to hold my hand on our way to school."

"Kanako be reasonable, we were in elementary school. We can't do that anymore. Please try to understand this isn't right. You're family and I love you but you've started acting strangely."

Keitaro was well aware of Kanako's growing feelings for him. His instincts were telling him to stay away from her at all costs however his kind and giving heart would not allow him to.

Keitaro sighed "Let's just go home."

The next day Keitaro walked down the dull plain hallways of his high school when he saw a group beginning to form in the middle of the hall.

Looks like the girls have found themselves another victim, he thought to himself.

The girls at his school hung around in tight groups and they always looked out for each other. Every time they had trouble with a certain boy they would corner him and harass and humiliate him by hurling insults and accusations. The sad thing was that the other boys would just stand their laughing or they would join in at hurling insults at him. Keitaro was just about to walk by the group without giving another thought when he heard the boy's voice.

"What did I do? I didn't do anything" said the voice.

That's Haitani's voice! thought Keitaro.

Keitaro walked into an opening in the crowd. Apparently the girls were too preoccupied with Haitani to notice him and mock him.

"How can you lie to my face like that you stupid jerk!" yelled Miko "we all know that you tried to two time me by taking advantage of poor Takako."

"You got it backwards Miko. Takako is the one that came on to me." pleaded Haitani.

"Liar!" screamed Miko as she slapped Haitani hard across the face.

Haitani flashed back to all of the things that he had to do just to go out with Miko. Even though Shirai had told him that she liked him, Miko like most other girls played hard to get. Finally after all of the gifts and love poems and the long lecture he received from her father about treating his daughter right the two of them finally became an item. However Miko would flirt with other guys even when she was with Haitani without any remorse. She would show up ridiculously late on dates and would make him buy anything she saw that she liked. Haitani had spent his last two paychecks on gifts for her. But the problems didn't stop there most of the time Miko would be too "busy" to even go out with him. However on one occasion Haitini was not able to go out on a date with her because he had to study for exams. She wouldn't talk to him for a week until many gifts and apologies either.

Haitani's mind returned to the present to hear Takako say "What makes you think that I would come on to the likes of you?. All you are is a lying, cheating pervert."

Haitani could not believe his ears. The other day Takako had claimed to be in love with him. She had pleaded with Haitani to at least be with her for the day. Haitani thinking that he was some big shot player now decided to let the poor girl have her "day". It never occurred to him that she would twist everything to make herself look like the victim.

Things started to get out of hand as the girls began to hurl insults at him.

"Liar!" "Cheater!" "Womanizer!" "Pervert!" "Lecher!"

Even the boys standing around joined in on the insults. A huge boy named Satoshi stepped up and shouted "That's it you bastard, you are going to get what you deserve!"

Finally Keitaro had seen enough. Even though he Haitani refused to talk to Keitaro at school, and would blatantly use Keitaro. Even though Keitaro warned Haitani that he was being used and Haitani had just mocked Keitaro and told him that he was just jealous. Regardless of all of this he was still one of Keitaro's friends and it was part of Keitaro's nature to help out a friend in need.

Before he knew it Keitaro was in the middle of the circle standing next to Haitani.

"That's enough!" yelled Keitaro "Leave Haitani alone!"

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" shouted Miko.

"You're the pervert that wants his own sister," said Takako.

"It figures a pervert would try to protect a fellow pervert," said Miko in a mocking manner.

"Let's knock both of their lights out," said Satoshi "These two are a disgrace to the school."

As the crowd started to move in a shouting was heard in the background.

"What's going on here?"

"Damn, it's Mr. Seto run for it," yelled Satoshi.

Just like that the group disbanded and took of in separate directions.

"Are you two okay?" asked Mr. Seto with a concerned expression on his face.

"Yeah we're fine," replied Keitaro.

Haitani seemed too stunned to answer and meekly nodded his head.

"Well you two better hurry and get to class, the bell is about to ring," warned Mr. Seto "But please if you two are in trouble please come to me for help. I know you don't' want to come to a teacher for help, but next time I will try to find out what has happened. See you boys later then."

Mr. Seto turned around and walked down the hallway into his classroom.

"Hey Haitani are you alright man?" questioned Keitaro.

Haitani still had a glazed look in his eye but was able to respond with a simple "Yeah I'm fine."

Keitaro walked up to Haitani and offered him his hand to help him up. Haitani graciously took it and stood up.


"Damn that's the bell we're late. I'll see you later Haitani," said Keitaro as he began walking down the hall.

"Wait," said Haitani

Keitaro stopped and turned around.

"Thanks," said Haitani. "For helping me out. I know that I haven't been a really good friend but you still had the guts to look out for me. You were right, Miko was using me all along. She probably already has another boyfriend," he chuckled. "Looks like I'm in the same boat as you Keitaro. I was a fool to think that she actually liked me."

"Women are really hard to understand. It sucks that they can accuse you of practically raping them and if you don't have any solid proof that you're innocent no one will believe you. Even if you prove your innocence the seed of doubt has already been planted and most people will not trust you after that," Keitaro mused thoughtfully. "You've got to be on your guard around them and watch out because you can never be too sure about their true motives. Most of the time they just want use you. It's funny how the men are always portrayed as the evil ones, and because of this it is so easy for women to take advantage of us. Men always love extra attention and that makes them easy prey."

"Damn you've really put a lot of thought into this," Haitani said thoughtfully.

"Well I've had my whole life to think about it. Maybe I'm wrong you know" Keitaro said as he looked at the ceiling "It just may be this school. I don't know I've kind of grown wary of females."

"I guess I can't blame you, you have to deal with a lot of shit especially because of your sister" said Haitani.

"Hey you two kids get to class, you're late!" yelled a hall monitor walking down the hallway.

Keitaro and Haitani both looked at each other, nodded and ran towards their respective classrooms.


Fast Forward Two Years:

"Finally done with high school and onto college," Keitaro sighed in relief. "I'll never have to see any of those bastards again," Keitaro referred to his tormentors in high school.

I know exactly which college I want to go to, thought Keitaro Time for some major exam preparation.


We find Keitaro riding on the train on the way to take the Tokyo U Entrance exam.

Now I can finally fulfill that promise I made with the girl all those years ago….the girl,I wonder if she even remembers me. She's the only girl that I feel I can trust. The only girl that won't judge me as unworthy as soon as she lays eyes on me. I wish I could remember her name…I hope she remembers mine… thought Keitaro as he walked into the Tokyo U testing center.


"You failed?" screamed Mrs. Urashima "This is unacceptable. Didn't you study at all? How did you not pass?"

"I'm sorry mom," Keitaro said in a dejected tone. "I don't know what happened."

Lately Keitaro's mother had become very harsh on Keitaro. She would constantly nag at him. "You lack focus. Without focus you cannot succeed in life. Do you just want to work at our sweets shop for the rest of your life?"

"Mom just listen to me for a second," Keitaro pleaded

"Enough of your excuses!" screamed his mother. Your days in this household are numbered.

"Now wait just a second," Keitaro's father finally spoke up. "I know that Keitaro messed up but…"

Mrs. Urashima glared at her husband who stopped mid sentence and sat back down as if nothing had happened.

That's right! thought Mrs. Urashima full of anger I run this household.

"You're days in this house are numbered Keitaro if you disgrace our family again I will have no choice but to disown you," she threatened.

"I understand," said Keitaro softly and he turned around and trudged towards his room.

Mrs. Urashima turned around and glared at her husband again. "I'm sick of you always trying to help the boy. He needs to grow up and become a man. This is for his own good."

Mr. Urashima just looked at his wife before getting up and leaving the house.


Fast Forward Two Years:

Keitaro pushed his way through the crowd to get a look at the results. Keitaro Urashima had failed the test to get into the prestigious twice now and failed to meet the promised girl of his memories. She seemed to be the only girl these days that he seemed to actually want to meet.

"Come on, come on please!" prayed Keitaro as he scanned the lists of all the people that had passed. As he approached the U's his eyes opened wide as he realized that he………………………………………

Did not make it. Again

"I don't believe it. I'm so screwed. Mom is going to blow her fuse over this. She already hates me enough as it is."

He looked at the list one time just to make sure that he had not missed his name. When he saw once again that it was absent he sighed and slowly shuffled out of the University.

"I don't belong here. That promised girl has probably forgotten all about me. Even she turned her back on me." Keitaro no longer referred to her as his promised girl.


Keitaro took a deep breath as he stood in front of the door to his house. Well it's now or never, he thought and turned the key to unlock the door he twisted the knob and walked into his house. It was empty. There was nobody to greet him. Well at least I can think of a defense, he thought as he sat down on the sofa in the rather small living room. He thought he was alone until he saw Kanako walk up to him.

"Are you okay onichan?" she asked. "Did you get accepted?"

Keitaro looked away and shook his head sadly.

"I'm so sorry," she said as she pressed her body against his.

"What are you doing?" asked Keitaro his voice full of fear.

"Relax and let me comfort you onichan," said Kanako as she slid her arm around his neck and turned his head around.

"I love you onichan. I want to be yours forever," Kanako said with a longing look in her eye. She leaned in to kiss him when Keitaro suddenly jumped out of her grasp and backed away.

"What the hell are you doing?" he demanded. "You're my sister for goodness sake!"

"Technically we are not related," said Kanako looking at his eyes with that same longing look.

"I want you onichan, I want to comfort you. Let me comfort you." she got up and walked towards him, ready to initiate intimacy again.

Keitaro was starting to get annoyed "That's enough Kanako. Back off okay."

"What will it take to show you how much I love you?" asked Kanako.

"You can love me as a sister. Nothing more" said Keitaro with a solemn tone. "I'm going to my room."

He walked towards his room and shut the door. He took out his futon and laid down in it and began to think.

"What the hell is wrong with my life?" he questioned himself "No girl ever shows any interest in me and all of a sudden my own sister has the hots for me? It doesn't matter that we're not related by blood. It's disgusting. She's disgusting."

Wait, what am I saying about my own sister? he thought. She just needs some help. Here I am lying down while my sister needs someone to help her. I'll just have to tell her gently that nothing can happen between us and she will realize that what I am saying is right. Yeah that'll work. I'll go tell her now/

He opened the door of his room and walked out into the living room.

"Kanako I…" he started

"Onichan please just give me a chance," she pleaded

Keitaro was starting to panic but managed to keep himself in check. Time to go into big brother mode, he thought to himself.

"Listen Kanako…"

Suddenly Kanako's lips were pressed against his as she laid him onto the sofa. Keitaro's mind shut down for a second as his body seemed to take control.

This feels so good, he thought to himself. Kanako is a great kis…

His mind rebooted up at that thought. What the hell! he yelled in his mind. What am I thinking! I'm not a pervert. This is sick and wrong.

He bolted up and pushed Kanako off of him. "That is enough!" he yelled. "I'm going to go take a walk and hopefully you will come to your senses when I come back."

He walked to the main door and was twisting the knob when he heard Kanako speak.

"I'll tell mom," said Kanako her voice dripping with venom

Keitaro let go of the knob and turned around to face her.

At his confused look she responded "I'll tell mom that you tried to molest me."

"What?" said Keitaro with pure disbelief.

"You heard me. Either you come to me willingly or I'll force you to. I try to show you how much I loved you but you keep pushing me away. I will have you or no on else will. I'm dead serious too."

"I don't believe this," he started "What the hell makes you think that you even care for me. Here I come home after failing the exam and all you can think about is yourself. I am so sick of girls always trying to take advantage of me. I have been insulted mocked and now threatened."

"You can go to hell Kanako because no female…" Keitaro spat out the word female with utter disgust "will ever take advantage or mock me again."

He turned around and walked out the door without looking back.

Big mistake, thought Kanako as she watched his figure walk out the door. I always stay true to my word. Maybe this is the only way to make you understand that you will be mine.

A couple of hours later Keitaro returns home after he has cooled off. He is still angry and disgusted with Kanako but he has bigger problems to face right now. He still has no idea how to tell his mother about his failure to pass the entrance exam.

Keitaro unlocked the door and walked into his house. "I'm home!" he called out as he took of his shoes.

His mother walked up to him with a neutral expression on her face.

"Hey mom," Keitaro started "Listen I have to tell you something"

Suddenly his mother slapped him incredibly hard against the face. Her expression was pure rage.

"You pitiful sick minded pervert!" she yelled "How could you take advantage of your younger sister like that! What the hell is wrong with you? It is your duty to protect and honor your sister yet you took advantage of the innocent girl and defiled her"

"Mom listen to me that's not what happened," Keitaro tried to explain "Kanako is lying. You know me better than this."

Keitaro turned to his father who was sitting in the living room. "Father, please! You believe me don't you? You know I would never do anything like this."

His father only gave him a sad look before he looked away.

"Don't interrupt me!" yelled his mother "She loved you as a brother and you committed incest!"

"Mom, please…" pleaded Keitaro.

"Did you pass your exam?" Mrs. Urashima suddenly asked in a normal voice. "If you want me to believe you tell me that Kanako was lying when she told me that you failed your exam again."

Keitaro looked at the ground and whispered "No,"

"What?" asked Mrs. Urashima

"No I didn't pass," repeated Keitaro.

"Then your sister was telling the truth," began Mrs. Urashima with fire in her eyes "You were so frustrated after you failed the test that you decided that you would take your frustration out on her."

"No that's not…" began Keitaro but he knew that he was screwed. Of course his mother would believe the innocent little Kanako. She always favored Kanako and in this case Kanako had made sure that her story was believable.

Keitaro looked over at his father. His father did nothing. He just sat there and watched the scene unfold in front of him.

"Get out!" yelled Mrs. Urashima. "I want you to pack your bags and get out of my house you disgrace! If you aren't out of this house in one hour I will throw you out myself!"

Keitaro was horrified. This had turned out to be the worst scenario that could have happened. He ran into his room and started to pack his belongings as fast as he could.

A little while later his father walked in. Keitaro looked up to see who walked in and quickly turned away when he saw that it was his father.

"Keitaro I just want you to know that I believe you," said his father.

"Then why didn't you come to my defense when mother was yelling at me?" he asked

"It's a little complicated…" his father began.

"How? I don't get it. Why do you always let mother have her way? Why don't you ever stand up for yourself?" asked Keitaro.

"Listen Keitaro," said Mr. Urashima ignoring Keitaro's questions "I want you to go to my sister. Go talk to Haruka. She will be able to help you find a place to stay. Oh and here take this too," he reached into his pocket and pulled out some money. "This should help you get to Hinata. Goodbye son and good luck." His father got up and exited the room.

Thanks a lot dad, Keitaro thought sarcastically. You always were a pushover. You always let mother make all the decisions while you sat back and watched.

Keitaro put the last of his possessions into his suitcase and looked around his room one last time. He wasn't able to take any of his furniture so he packed all of his clothes and most precious belongings in a suitcase and his backpack. He walked out into the hallway and started to head towards the main door.

"Wait!" called his mother.

Keitaro stopped and faced his mother. She walked up to him and said "Apologize to Kanako,"

Keitaro looked at Kanako who was sitting on the sofa. Her face contained no expression. Keitaro realizing what apologizing would mean responded by saying "No I won't apologize for something I didn't do. I have nothing more to say."

"You are a shameful disgrace and no longer part of this family. As of now I never had a son, only my sweet daughter Kanako. Now get out."

Keitaro just smiled wryly and walked out the door without looking back. As soon as he left the expression on Kanako's face changed from neutral to regret and sadness. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. I never thought that mother would overreact this way. I'll have to find another way.


Back To The Present:

So now we are back to the current time and we find Keitaro heading towards the tea shop of his Aunt Haruka.

Haruka was the only woman that I could ever depend on. She always looked out for me like an older sister. She's the only family I have left and now she is the only woman that I can trust. Keitaro thought. My life has been ruined by women and I will be damned if I let it continue that way. From now on things will be different. I swear it.

Keitaro walked up to the teashop and opened the door to enter. He walked up to Haruka and greeted her.

"Hi Aunt Haruka," he said when suddenly he was hit with a fan.

"Just call me Haruka," she replied.

Instantly Keitaro became enraged but he managed to cool himself down. This is Haruka, he thought. I can trust her.

"Okay Haruka," he said smiling while he rubbed his head.

"Before you say anything I've been expecting your arrival for a while now. Congratulations Keitaro, Granny Hina has selected you as the new manager for an all girls dormitory."

Haruka repeated herself when Keitaro didn't answer. "Keitaro did you hear me?" she asked as she turned around to find Keitaro out cold on the floor.