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Summary: Harry Potter has had many things in his life sacrificed by Albus Dumbledore for the greater good but what happens when Harry accidentally finds out that what Dumbledore is planing for Harry to sacrifice next. Harry draws his line in the sand. This far and no further! Harry versus Dumbledore!

Love and Betrayal

Chapter 1 - A Veela's life is never easy.

"Mr Potter," Professor McGonagall said to Harry Potter the minute he walked into the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Harry had just arrived via the train to begin his Sixth year at Hogwarts. "The Headmaster wishes to see you immediately in his office. The password is everlasting gobstopper."

"Wow Harry that is a record even for you. I mean in our second year he waited until after the sorting to drag us over the coals for crashing dad's car into the Whomping Willow. But perhaps it's good news this time. Maybe Malfoy has been run over by a herd of rampaging hippogriffs. He wasn't on the train after all." Ron said as he clapped his friend on the back.

"It's never good news when I'm summoned this early in the year Ron." Harry sighed and turned back to the doors to go to the Headmasters office.

A few minutes later Harry Potter stood before the Gargoyle statue that was the entrance to the Headmasters office. He paused for a minute taking several deep breaths, calming himself and putting his occlumency shields into place at full force.

"Everlasting Gobstopper" Harry said finally and the gargoyle leaped aside. Harry went up the stairs and entered the office without knocking. He found the Headmaster sitting behind his desk; Professor Severus Snape sat sneering at him from a chair in front of the Headmasters desk and Draco Malloy looking extremely agitated pacing back and forth behind Snape.

Harry without a word of greeting walked in and sat down in the chair at the other end of the desk from Snape. Harry ignored the glare he was receiving from Snape and turned towards the Headmaster.

"Professor McGonagall said you wanted to see me Headmaster? Might I inquire if this is a school matter?" Harry asked calmly but he avoided looking directly into the Headmaster's eyes.

"No Harry this is not exactly a school matter but..." Dumbledore began.

"Does this concern Voldemort?" Harry asked again interrupting the headmaster.

Potter if you would stop interrupting the Headmaster perhaps you would know by now!" Snape snapped.

"Severus please!" Dumbledore cautioned Snape. Turning back to Harry Dumbledore saw the sneer the boy was returning to Snape. Sighing at the mutual display of dislike, Dumbledore said to Harry, "No Harry this is not about Tom either..."

Harry cut him off, "Then Headmaster, you may not speak to me of it. Unless you have school matters to talk to me about or it relates directly to Voldemort, I will be leaving. I don't want to miss the sorting!" Taking advantage of both the Headmaster's and Professor Snape's momentary shock, Harry stood and quickly walked towards the door.

"HOW DARE YOU..." Snape spat out in an enraged tone.

"SEVERUS!" Dumbledore yelled cutting off Snape's angry words. "Harry, come back here. You must listen to me. Through not a school matter it is important that I..." Dumbledore said watching Harry stop at the door, hand on the doorhandle ready to open it and leave.

"I am sorry Professor but unless it is a matter related to my schoolwork I INSIST you do not interfere in my life. You are my headmaster, not my guardian. Now if you will all excuse me..." Harry said and opened the door to depart."


Even Snape looked taken aback by Dumbledore's sudden anger. He smiled through at the sudden change. Harry Potter turned back and strode to the chair he had left moments ago and sat down again. He still looked every bit as calm and focused as he did when he had entered the office. But still Harry avoided looking the Headmaster directly in the eye.

"Harry, I am sorry for my outburst, but the matter I have to discuss with you..." Dumbledore said.

"OH FOR GODS SAKE, JUST TELL HIM!" Draco screamed in frustration.

"Mr Malfoy, try to remain calm." Dumbledore said to Draco to little effect. "Harry, you see..."

"Malfoy," Harry said once more interrupting the Headmasters words, "Why don't you tell me what this is all about?"

"YOU'RE MINE!" Draco said glaring back at Harry like he was going to consume him for dinner.

"I am not yours, Malfoy!" Harry replied calmly.

The atmosphere in the office grew thick. The very air seemed to pulse. Harry felt his occlumency shields mentally groan under the massive bombardment from Draco Malfoy's direction. Both Dumbledore's and Snape's faces paled visibly. Harry, maintaining his calm outward appearance, watched Draco Malfoy.

"YOU... ARE... MINE!" Draco repeated with lust in every word.

NO... I... AM... NOT!" Harry replied calmly but forcefully. For a few moments no one said anything, no one moved. Draco and Harry were still in a staring contest. Green eyes versus pale blue. The green eyes won when Draco Malfoy collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Harry was the first to speak. "Well if that is all Headmaster, I will return to..."

"POTTER!" Snape screamed as he pulled his wand and sent a slashing curse towards Harry. But Harry was quicker than Snape. As Snape's slashing curse cut into the back of the chair that Harry had departed a moment before, Harry swung his fist and connected it to Snape's hooked nose with spectacular results. Snape went flying backwards over the back of his chair and crashed to the ground in an untidy heap on the floor.

Dumbledore was stunned at the speed of the boy.

Smiling at the Headmaster's confusion, Harry said, "Seems all that training with Dudley over the summer really paid off. I will of course Headmaster, be making a formal complaint to the Governors of the School about Snape's unprovoked attack on me."

"Professor Snape, Harry." Dumbledore replied out of habit.

"Not for long, Headmaster." Harry replied smiling evilly. Things had so far gone much better than he could have hoped for. "Well if that's all Headmaster..." Harry said once again heading towards the door.

"HARRY!" Dumbledore snapped.

"WHAT!" Harry replied in kind. "You want to tell me Malfoy there is coming into his Veela powers. I get it okay! I just don't care!"

"Harry I am afraid..." Dumbledore said.

"NO! Stop right there, Professor. You don't get to interfere in this. It's MY LIFE, not yours. You are my school's headmaster only. Remember that. You made it perfectly clear last year that aside from my role as your weapon; you don't care about me at all. This matter is outside of my role as either a student or a weapon. SO BUTT OUT!" Harry turned his back on the shocked Headmaster and strode out of the office.

Dumbledore sat there unmoving but his face expressed his horror at how wrong things had gone with Harry Potter in the last few minutes. A groan from the floor alerted Dumbledore that his potions master had regained consciousness.

"Potter!" Snape growled sitting up, "Where is he?"

"He's gone Severus!" Dumbledore said.

"I'll get him..." Snape replied.

"No you will not!" Dumbledore snapped, "What were you thinking trying to curse him! "

"You saw what he did to Draco!" Snape said hotly.

"It was young Mr Malfoy who chose to unleased his full veela powers. A foolish thing to do this early in his transformation. He is unconscious because of the exhaustion from his own actions. Harry Potter did nothing, which in itself is most surprising. He seems totally unaffected by Mr Malfoy's veela powers of attraction. That will make this affair very difficult for all parties." Dumbledore said.

Snape still furious but seeing there was no arguing with Dumbledore, did not reply.

"You best take Draco to the hospital wing for now." Dumbledore said as he considered the best course of action after tonight's events. "Have Madam Promfrey take a look at your nose. "

"What punishment are you assigning Potter? By rights he should be expelled for attacking a teacher!" Snape raged as he levitated Draco Malfoy from the floor.

"You attacked him, Severus! Mr Potter has stated his intention of lodging a formal compliant with the Governors but I will talk to him in the morning when he has had a chance to calm down. I am sure I can convince him that the needs of the Order outweigh the animosity between the two of you. But it is imperative that you do not take any action to provoke him further. This is a delicate affair Severus and needs to be handled carefully to achieve the outcome we want." Dumbledore replied seriously.

Snape fumed. Dumbledore was right. He couldn't fly off the handle now or he would ruin everything.

"In that case Headmaster I refuse to have Potter in my NEWT Potions class this year." Snape stated.

"I am afraid that is not an option Severus. Harry obtained the necessary outstanding grade in his OWL and I have deemed it necessary that he must be in potions class. It will make things easier to cover when you begin occlumency lessons again with him as the rest of the school will be told they are remedial potions." Dumbledore stated coldly eyeing Snape.

Snape spluttered but gave in. He led the floating body of Draco Malfoy out of the office at a brisk stomp!