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Ch:1. Of those we Love and Hate

There were only a handful of people that Harry Potter loved.

His parents, for their sacrifice.

His Godfather, whom he had lost to early, before even really getting to know him.

The werewolf Remus Lupin, who he believed to be his last link to his parents.

And then there were those that no one knew he loved.

His Master and Life Mate Darius Nefas High King of a land aptly named Dementia.

Ophelia, a time sprite, who was also Harrys' first and best friend.

Fern, a Forest Elf, Captain of the Royal Guard and Harry's sensei.

Daas, Ferns' Life Mate and Harry's Shadow.

There were others but very few were still amongst the living.

Unfortunately for Harry he had more people to hate in his life then love.

Voldemort, for the obvious reasons, like he killed Harrys' parents and has been trying to do the same to Harry since he was an infant.

Bellatrix Lestrange, for making him lose his Godfather.

Peter Pettigrew, for the betrayal on his parents.

The Dursleys, for abusing him and treating him like scum.

Serverus Snape, for being an all around git.

Umbridge, that heinous insane psychopathic bitch.

Fudge, for being a dumass.

And so on and so forth,

Then there are those that no one could see Harry hating; but he did anyway.

Dumbledore, a manipulative old man who had finally shown his true face.

Granger and the Weasel, who were only his friends in order to reap the benefits of his fame. (it really helps at times being able to talk to snakes. Though agian no one would believe he would ever do such a thing.)

And of course he hated a large portion of the Wizarding World in general for using him as a scapegoat.

Now it was almost midnight on the 30th of July, and soon it would be Harrys 16th birthday. Knowing his relatives were already asleep Harry stood from his bed and with a flick of his wrist he banished all of Dudleys' old junk from the center of the room. Taking a stick of white chalk that he had 'borrowed' from a local toy store, he knelt down on the small rooms' floor boards; and he began his work. Harry had a summoning to perform.

He had three hours to complete the circle needed, and of course Harry being Harry, he completed it perfectly in half that time. So he took his position splayed out in the center of the circle and waited, and waited; and waited some more. Then finally midnight, the witching hour, came. Harry's body arched in pain his mouth open in a soundless scream. Power flooded out from his body lighting up the circle like a roman candle. Harry clothes turned to ashes in the flame. But the fire, power, and even sound went no further than that chalked line, as if it were being directed elsewhere.

Slowly as each chime for the midnight hour sounded from a grandfather clock on the main floor. Four glowing figures began to form inside of Harrys' circle. At midnights final strike it was as if the world froze. Then, the circle exploded outward it's power causing all the windows and breakables in the house to implode. Then in one last surge of strength the power dissipated taking all of Dumbledores wards with it.

Harry weakly opened his eyes, only to see four out of focas shapes looming over him, dancing in and out of clarity. With one whispered word Harry sliped into the darkness that sought to claim him. That one word was . . .

'Master . . .'

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