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Ch: 4. SOLD! To the creepy guy in the cloak!


The red light of the wizards spell shattered against a shield of white fire.

"Stupid mortals." Grumbled Ophelia.

"LET GO OF HARRY!" Shouted a voice from the other side of the shield.

"Let go of me my arse," hissed Harry as he looked to Darius "Can I kill them?"


"Dismember them?"


"Maim them?"


"Scare the shit out of them?"



"Lower the shield Ophy." Purred Harry.

"I told you not to call me that boy." Ophelia growled coldly.

"OPHELIAAA." Harry whined loudly, then smiled somewhat proudly as Ophelia sighed and made a gesture with her hands, canceling the shield.


A pulse of dark energy raced outwards from Harry slamming the Order of the Roast Bird members away from the pristine house of number 4.


At the second shouted word a beacon of red fire haloed the heads of the attacking witches and wizards sending them into unconscious oblivion.

"That was fun, lets do it again." Chirped Harry.


"Aw . . . "

Eleven years ago . . .

"Next we have an unknown creature found on the outskirts of the city three days ago. Though untrained the creature is of goodapperance . . . "

A rough hand grabbed Harry's chains while the announcer prattled, dragging him to the front of the sale block so that the crowd had an unobstructed view of him.

"We'll start the bidding at 50 scoins."

There came a movement from the crowd.

"55doIhear55-60!DoIhear65-65totheclaokedbeingupfront70-75-80-85doIhear90-95-100!totheKlackdemonintheback!100-120 . . ."

"1,000!" came a voice followed by a mad bought of snickering.

gasp"1,000 scoins to the cloaked being up front. Do I hear 1,001 . . . No? 1,000 going once, going twice, SOLD! To the creepy guy in the cloak!"

Harry's chain was given a sharp tug as he was pulled off the stage and flung into Ophelia's arms.

"Looks like you two are goin' to da palace." The guard sneered then turned away just before Ophelia blew him a raspberry.

"Ophelia? Who bought you?" whispered Harry.

"Guy standing next to the one that bought you." She stated.

"Where's this 'palace' we're going to?"

"At the heart of the city, but I'm kinda curious as to who exactly bought us."

They're conversation was cut short as a shadow fell over the two from outside the holding pen. A figure lowered his hood to reveal a ethereal face with high cheekbones and slanted eyes; peaking out from his mane of wild black hair were two pointed ears. Slowly he opened the gate and motioned them forward.

As the two slaves walked from the pen with Harry clinging to Ophelia's side another hooded figure walked up to them and lowered his hood as well.

'Hello . . . '

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