Okay, something else to scratch off my Write-It-Or-Get Hollered-At list,finally getting this story posted.

Just to give a little history on this one: this fanfic is based on a fan-art drawn by KM8688-san (who does AWESOME art!). I thought it was adorable and hilarious! I asked her if I could write a fanfic to it since she didn't. She told me that she'd be honored!

Well, that was several months ago and I feel like a heel for just now getting to it. Sorry, KM8688-san, but here it is now! So you can finally see my comedic genius at work!

Okay, disclaimers for the story:

1) "I Hate Babysitting" the fan-art belongs to KM8688-san and the fanfic is dedicated to her ENTIRELY!

2) "InuYasha belongs to Takahashi-sama

3) My heart belongs to Miroku (those who've read my other stories know this by now)

4) Sesshomaru was Aerosmith's inspiration for "Dude Looks Like a Lady"

"I Hate Babysitting"
Chapter I
"My Brother and I"

Sesshomaru sat before the living room TV playing his PS3, lost in Final Fantasy IX. It was the first day of his winter break and he had made big plans as how he would spend it. The first week he would spend with his favorite video game and the remaining two would be spent at a five star resort in Hokkaido with his girlfriend.

Sesshomaru was musing in his vacations plans while playing his game when he was suddenly interrupted as someone had pressed the pause button. Taking a guess as to who it was, he looked behind him and found his human stepmother standing over him wearing her coat and holding her purse, smiling kindly at him. Sesshomaru gave a lighthearted smirk and waved up at her. He wasn't very thrilled that his great youkai father had married a mortal woman after his divorce, but Sesshomaru saw for himself that his stepmother was a kind and good woman and that she loved his father very much. Given that, the young youkai let the matter slide.

"Don't worry, Sesshomaru, I'm not going to nag you. I just had to check on you since you haven't given that console a break since early this morning." His stepmother chuckled, early that morning meaning four o'clock in the morning and it was now a quarter to ten.

Sesshomaru's father shouted to his wife from upstairs, "Iyazoi! Where'd I put the plane tickets!"

"I have them in my purse, Inutaisho!" She answered.

Their suitcases were already packed and loaded into the car, their hotel reservations in Okinawa were set; Inutaisho and Iyazoi were ready for their second honeymoon. He came downstairs after checking to see that nothing important was forgotten. They stared at each other as they realized what was forgotten.

"The keys!" They exclaimed.

The couple searched hurriedly all about the couch and loveseats but had no luck. They looked up at each other and inquired as to the last place the keys were seen, when they heard a loud jingle. Sesshomaru nonchalantly picked them up from one of the shelves on the grand entertainment center and held them up in the air, jingling them to get his parents' attention.

They teardropped in embarrassment as Iyazoi took them. The couple gathered their remaining bags and headed out. Iyazoi kissed Sesshomaru, who had resume playing his game, and bid him good-bye.

Inutaisho shared a word with his son before leaving. "Sesshomaru, you're the man of the house until we return. You already know the rules. Just to let you know, you're going to have company tomorrow so don't run them off with your poison claws again!"

"Yes, father." Sesshomaru replied without looking away from the screen.

Inutaisho started to head out to the car when he stopped at the doorway to tell Sesshomaru one last thing, "Your mom and I will return on Thursday afternoon. And Sesshomaru...?"

The youkai rolled up his eyes, predicting what his father would request of him.

"I know, father. I promise I'll try to make an effort this time."

"See that you do. And stay away from the knives while we're gone."

Sesshomaru barely heard the door shut as his parents left for the airport. The house was quiet, allowing him to concentrate more on his game strategies. The silence also allowed him to hear even the quietest of noises. A faint sound entered his ears and made the youkai glare in severe discontent.

I can live with the fact that my biological parents are divorced. I can live with the fact that they can't stand each other. I can live with the fact that my great father married a mortal woman. I acknowledge her; she's a good woman. I can live with the fact that they've been happily married for the past three years.

What I CAN'T live with-

A lock of Sesshomaru's long white was seized and lightly pulled on. His golden eyes rolled up in aggravation.


is what they spawned two years ago.


Sesshomaru slowly brought his glaring eyes behind him to the assailant on his white tresses.

Standing on his tippy-toes and reaching up as much as his little arm would allow was Sesshomaru's two year old hanyou half-brother, Inuyasha. He had long white hair and golden eyes as his brother and father, but had adorable pointy dog ears. Inuyasha wore his favorite red hakama pants, his gi and undershirt discarded in the hallway as always, and looked at his big brother with a wide playful smile.

"Hi, Sesshounii!" The little hanyou greeted.

Sesshomaru gave his baby brother a forced greeting. He came to learn if he didn't give the toddler some kind of response, Inuyasha'd pull harder and scream his nickname louder until he did. The toddler giggled in satisfaction, keeping his hold on his elder brother's hair.

Sesshomaru painfully aware of it.

"Inuyasha?" He lips curled into a fake smile.

The little hanyou cast his wide innocent golden eyes on Sesshomaru as his name was called.

"Hai, Sesshounii?" Inuyasha answered adorably.

"What did Sesshounii tell you about grabbing his hair?" Sesshoumaru growled in a low tone, keeping his smile.

Inuyasha stared at his brother and then looked down at the floor, trying to remember.

"I know! I know!" He exclaimed, jumping in excitement and tugging on Sesshomaru's hair more.

The youkai immediately placed his clawed finger on atop Inuyasha's crown gently, silently telling him to stop. The hanyou obeyed and stared at his brother's expression, eyes wide and his smile broadened to a strained grin, baring his gnashed teeth and fangs.

"Haha! Sesshounii funny!" Inuyasha laughed, poking the youkai's nose.

Can you focus for one minute, kid? "Inuyasha...?" Sesshomaru spoke slowly to re-grasp the toddler's attention. "What did Sesshounii say?"

Inuyasha regained his train of thought and resumed where he had left off, "I know! I know! Sesshounii always say, 'Gods, I hate this freakin' kid!;"

Sesshomaru stared, his tense visage easing. "The other thing."

Inuyasha lowered his eyes to the floor in thought and stayed like that for two minutes. Sesshomaru teardropped, his visage fading as he wondered why it was taking the child five minutes to answer a simple question.

Inuyasha thought for a minute longer, then answered. "Don't?"

"There ya go." Sesshomaru's sarcastic smile returned. "Now what is Inuyasha supposed to do?"

"Re...lease?" Inuyasha said, trying to said it right. That was a big word for him but he had heard Sesshomaru scream it all the time.

Inuyasha smiled as his elder seemed pleased.

"Excellent. Why don't you get a jump on it?"

Inuyasha laughed gleefully and did as his beloved brother commanded. He jumped onto the lock of hair he had been holding and swung on it like it was a rope.

Inuyasha was seized by Sesshomaru's fur; it wrapped carefully around the little hanyou's waist and pulled him away, but he wouldn't let go of the lock of hair. Sesshomaru was technically yanking on his own hair as his fur pulled Inuyasha away to release it.

Realizing after the fifth yank that his little brother wasn't getting the message, Sesshomaru pried the little fingers away and quickly distanced Inuyasha from his head before he could reclaim his hold. The little hanyou laughed as he thought Sesshomaru was playing with him, even when he glared at him.

"Inuyasha." The youkai growled sternly.

Inuyasha recognized the term and silenced, giving his elder brother his undivided attention.

"Hai, Sesshounii?" Inuyasha answered obediently in the most innocent tone.

"I am not in the mood for games right now, do you understand?" Inuyasha nodded his head. Sesshomaru to soften his tone just a little. "When I am playing Final Fantasy, I do not wish to be bothered. Now go and occupy yourself, Inuyasha. Play or something."

Inuyasha's gleeful smile returned as he made an "OK" sign in compliance. Satisfied with his answer, Sesshomaru released his little brother and watched as he ran hurriedly to the back rooms, falling down a couple of times and getting right back up, unphazed. He saw Inuyasha disappear into a room and resumed playing his game, enjoying the following three minutes of silence.


Sesshomaru froze, his glaring eyes rolled up as he heard Inuyasha shout, "I didn't do it!". His head dropped to the carpeted floor, his arms extended before him as he still held the controller, looking like he was practicing Yoga.

"The parents are on vacation, a large house, an eighteen year old youkai and a two year old hanyou...

"It's going to be one hell of a week."