SCAM: X-Files Spoilers: John Doe Genre: er... insert for the episode, maybe a little angst.
Notes: This really won't make sense if you haven't seen the episode.
Pairing: Doggett/Shoe Archiving: Please ask.

One Man's Shoe.
by ALC Punk!


The voice haunts his dreams. There's an elusive scent that accompanies them, sometimes. He thinks he should know what they both are.

Sometimes, he sees a face.

She's young and quick, beautiful, and she speaks like the people around him.

(I don't belong here.)

The shoe is something he can cling to. Something that he knows is from his former life. Grounds him to this one.

He only has the shoe. His shirt, pants, even socks, don't bring any memories.

But the shoe...

"Daddy, come on!"

There is laughter contained within. And her scent on his pillow (her pillow has been empty for years).

He's scared by some of the things he knows how to do. Disarming the bully-boy was so simple he hadn't blinked at the time. He'd known how the gun worked, understood the firing mechanism, and how to shoot it.

The tattoo on his shoulder says he's a marine. The call he made confirms it.

But the wanted poster containing his description and crimes says something else.

There's a moment where it almost all makes sense, and then he kills a man, and it spins out of control again. And he's left shaken on the cold floor of the garage, aching in every muscle.

When she appears, and he pins her to the bus, he remembers. Not everything. Just bits and pieces. His son.

The elusive scent tickles his nostrils, and he breathes in while she calls him John.

It triggers more memories, a cascade, and he remembers it all. Blood on his hands, and blood on the water, and the FBI.

She stands and defends them both, and the movement brings the rest of him back.

He has both shoes now.