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May I remind you that the name "Bakura" will always refer to Yami Bakura and "Ryou" will always refer to good Bakura.

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Warning: This story is going to be far more farfetched and random than When Anzu Snaps, so be prepared to expect the unexpected and the straight-out impossible. You have been warned!

Let the madness begin.

So You Want To Be A Rock Star Chapter 1: Ryou's Crazy Idea

Yami Bakura sat on the couch one boring Saturday afternoon, flipping the channels on satellite TV. Nothing exciting had happened since the Anzu-Battousai incident, and that was over a week ago. He needed action. Adventure. A good old natural disaster would do the trick…a tsunami or an earthquake or a flash flood…anything.

Nothing but boring, boring, boring. There were no reports of crime on the news either. He enjoyed a good crime report. Not today. Yep, it was one boring day in Domino City.

Bakura angrily threw the remote at the TV, breaking the third TV set they had bought that week. "Argh! 900 channels and nothing to watch!" he growled angrily. "That's just it!" He jumped off of the couch and proclaimed boldly, "I'm going to do something evil today!" He put on his jacket and called up the stairs, "Ryou! I'm leaving! I'm going to put a good crime story on the news. Keep on the watch, okay?"

He was answered with very loud and off-key electric guitar playing that nearly blew up his eardrums. "Oww! What in bloody…! Ryou! What the Ra's name is that horrible racket! Are you trying to make me go deaf!"

Upon response, Ryou came to the top of the stairs wearing a punk rocker outfit with his hair spiked up.

"Ryou! What in bloody heck! What kind of crazy shenanigan is this!"

Ryou simply struck an out-of-tune chord on his guitar. "Ahh! Can you dig it?" he shouted over the noise.

"I'm serious, Ryou!" Bakura shouted, covering his ears. "You're starting to scare me. What kind of crazy idea has crossed your mind this time?"

Ryou stopped playing. "Bakura, I've decided to become a rock star!"

"A rock star!" Bakura shouted. "You can't be no bloody rock star! You don't even have a band! AND YOU CAN'T PLAY! And we all know how horrible your singing is."

"I can too play!" Ryou argued. "And you're just jealous of my singing. I sound like Sting, and you know it! And I do too have a band!"

"You do not sound like Sting!" Bakura shouted back in frenzied anger. "And I've not seen no bloody band."

"Yeah, I've got a band."

"Yeah? Who's in it?"

"Marik, Yugi, and Amelda."

"…" Bakura stared at his counterpart. He could not believe what he was hearing. "That's it…" he finally sighed. "Heard enough. I'm out of here."

The doorbell rang. "Ah! That's my band right there!" Ryou said as he went to answer the door. Sure enough, Marik Ishtar, Yugi Mutoh, and Amelda who apparently doesn't have a surname, were standing in the doorway.

"Hey there, Bakura!" Yugi said. "So, did we figure out who's playing what?"

"Yep!" Ryou said. "And since I'm the leader, and if you don't like the instrument I stuck you with…tough. Deal with it or quit, you can all be easily replaced."

Bakura stared in disbelief. Yep, his hikari was getting quite a bit of an ego.

"So, spill already," Amelda said as he plopped down on the couch.

"Alright. Yugi, you play the drums, Marik, since you already play the piano, you'll play the keyboard…"

"But, I hate the piano!" Marik shouted in rejection.

"You know, I can always have Varon take your place…" Ryou said as he pulled out his sheet and began to cross Marik's name off.


"I thought so. And Amelda, you'll play the electric bass."

"But, I don't know anything about the bass!"

"It's quite a simple instrument. You can learn it in 5 hours."

"But I can't read music that well! I wanna be the drummer!"

"No! Yugi's the drummer, and if you don't like it, you don't have to be a part of MY band. Kaiba can take your place. I hear he plays the bass quite well…"

"Alright, I'll do it!" Amelda replied quickly. He didn't like Kaiba much because of what happened to his brother Miruko (though that had nothing to do with Seto at all), and didn't want him taking his place and his chance to be famous.

Bakura couldn't believe that Ryou was serious about this rock band thing. He had just about had enough of this. He picked up his keys from the table and slammed the door behind him. This is blinkin' outrageous…! he thought as he stormed down the street. In his angered frenzy, he nearly bowled over Katsuya Jounouchi.

"Hey, watch where yer walkin' why doncha!" he shouted.

"Look you, I'm already in a bad mood, so if you don't want to spend the afternoon in the Shadow Realm…!"

"Ack! Bakura!"

"Oh. Hi, Jounouchi. It's just you. Thank goodness you're still your normal self. Did you know that Ryou, Marik, Yugi, and Amelda are forming a rock band!"

"Yeah, I knew…" Jou replied casually. "Actually, I don't feel like my normal self."

"…What are you talking about?" Bakura said, in a state of shock. His eyes were glazed with a hint of fear.

"Well, I was bored earlier today, so I pulled out some paper and started writing out complex math problems. And I understood them! I…I think I got smart somehow!"

Bakura screamed. This couldn't be. Jounouchi smart?

"So, I've decided…" Jou started, "…to go to college and become an architect!"

Bakura screamed some more. His mouth was hanging wide open. He couldn't believe this. First, Ryou gets a rock band, and now, Jounouchi becomes smart.

God help me! Bakura thought in a frenzied panic. I'm in the Twilight Zone!

End Chapter One!

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