By Hikaru Hayashi

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Chapter 2: In the Twilight Zone

"Jounouchi the Nerd and Otogi the Dancer"

"I don't believe this!" Bakura shouted. "Jounouchi! You can't be smart! It's not you!"

"I know that, awright? Like, I wanna be smart," he replied. "I don' know how it happened, it just did. So I figured I'd make the most of it!"

"I don't believe this…" Bakura repeated, not in disbelief this time, but in denial, as he plopped down on a random park bench. "This just can't be…"

Just then, Yugi and Ryou walked up to them. "Hey Jou! I've been looking for you. So, how didja make out on that test? I'm pretty sure I flunked badly!"

"Actually, Yug, I think I passed with flying colors!"


"Tell me about it!" Ryou chuckled. "Jounouchi couldn't pass an exam to save his life!"

"Well, I did," Jou shot. "So there, in your face Mr. Rock Star. By the way, Yug, have you sprouted? You look a bit taller…"

Bakura looked at Yugi. It was true. He looked much taller. He was about as tall as Yami now! Great…what's next? Kaiba shrinks?

"Hey guys!" Came the voice of Ryuji Otogi. The gang looked at him.

Bakura screamed bloody murder. Otogi was wearing a ballet tutu and tights. Good Lord in Heaven! This is the Twilight Zone!

Jou snickered. "Smnn! Yo, Devlin! What's with the tutu!"

"Well, you'd never believe it," Otogi started, "but I've decided to become a ballet dancer!"

I believe it! Bakura thought, putting his hand on his forehead. "You know, you don't have to wear the tutu…"

"I know," Otogi replied. "But, it's rather comfy, actually."

Bakura fell over anime-style. "Jesus Christ, Otogi!" he shouted. "You're out of your blinkin' mind!" He had had just about enough of this nonsense.

"No, I'm not," Otogi answered simply. "I really wanna be a ballet dancer."

"Oh my god!" Bakura shouted. He was embarrassed for all of them. He felt like running away and leaving the country. Where would be nice? He had always wanted live in San Francisco. Maybe he could move to America…and never come back. No, that would be a bit too harsh. Besides, Ryou would pound him.

"Hey, guys, did you know that 196/92√4?" Jounouchi blurted out randomly.

Everyone stared at him. Bakura fell over anime-style again. Heaven help us…!

"What the heck does that mean?" Yugi asked confusedly.

"It's two, morons…" came a weak-sounding familiar voice from behind them. Bakura turned around.

On the park bench right behind him facing in the opposite direction was a figure sprawled out and kind of sick looking. Bakura was shocked at what he saw. "…Uh..!…Kaiba…?"

The figure looked up, his face was pale and he had circles under his eyes, but it was indeed Yugi's rival, Seto Kaiba, the young CEO of Kaiba Corporation.

"Gosh, Kaiba! You look terrible!" Yugi said.

"Thank you for stating the obvious!" Seto replied sarcastically. "Yes, I feel like crap."

"I'm sorry, Kaiba," Otogi said as he felt Seto's forehead. "Well, you don't have a temperature or anything."

Seto slapped Otogi's hand away. "Touch me one more time, tutu-boy, and I'll…!…" Before he got the chance to finish his sentence, he jumped up, slapped his hand across his mouth and gagged.

"Uh…Kaiba? Are you feeling alright?" Yugi asked, concerned.

"Oh!…I think I'm gonna puke…!" Seto moaned. He did just that.

"Yikes!" Otogi shrieked as he jumped back. "Next time, warn me before you do that! I'll get you a trash can next time."

"Um, he did warn you…" Bakura said, amused that Kaiba would be so sick.

"Oh, Kaiba…" Yugi sighed. He felt a bit sorry for his old rival.

"Well, Yugi, we had better get back to the band! Practice makes perfect, you know," Ryou said, dragging Yugi away. "Besides, our first show is the talent show at school and that's 2 weeks from now!"

"Okay…Bye Kaiba! I hope you feel better!" Yugi called as he was being literally dragged away.

Seto looked up weakly. He was shivering. "I-I don't feel well at all…take me home, Bakura…" he stammered.

"Oh, alright…" Bakura sighed as he helped Seto to his feet. They walked towards his limo, which had just pulled up. Mokuba Kaiba, Seto's little brother, jumped out of the back seat.

"There you are, Nii-sama!" He shouted. "You had me scared to death! I've been looking all over for you and…what happened? You look terrible, Nii-sama!"

"Stand back, shrimp. I'm helping your brother into the car, and you're in the way."

"Fine. Don't be so mean, Bakura!" Mokuba snapped.

Seto gagged again.

"Hey!" Bakura said. "You okay? Are you going to throw up here or in the limo?"

"I think…both…" Seto muttered.

"Good grief…" Bakura sighed as he slammed his hand on his forehead.

Meanwhile…from behind a tree…someone was watching the whole thing.

"So…Bakura's forming a rock band, eh?" Said the hidden figure that appeared to be Anzu Mazaki. Her tone of voice changed. "I don't like rock music!" She growled angrily. "I'll make sure his little band never gets off the ground…nya ha hah…sorry, little Anzu, but I'm going to have to dispose of your little friends once more…"

A voice from within her: "No! It can't be! You can't be back! Bakura got rid of you! Leave me alone! Get out of my body! Bakura! Yugi! Help!"

"Shut up!" The evil voice growled.

"Nooooooooooooo…Yuuuugiiiiiiiiiiiiii…" Cried Anzu as she went sailing through a whirling vortex.

"That snippy little tomb robber and that little shrimp won't be helping you out again! And as for that pathetic excuse of a Pharaoh…well…heh, heh…" The evil being within Anzu said upon taking control of her body. She stepped out of the shadows. "Evil will emerge triumphant once again! Domino City has forgotten my name, but I'll make sure that Ryou Bakura never forgets the name Anzu-Battousai! Nya aha ha ha hah!"

End Chapter Two!

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