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---To Babysit Charlie---

Family, Friends, and Family Friends


Have you ever had to baby-sit for a family friend? And might I add for free?
Welcome to my magical world.

If the family were anyone but the Weasleys I would have said no. I don't mind not getting paid when I baby-sit for Arthur and Molly. If you ever get the chance to meet them you will know. They are the most kind people you will ever meet and they all have fire copper hair. It makes me feeling a bit bored with my own tawny locks.

Anyway, I have to baby-sit for them and they have seven kids. How did Molly do it? I'll never know. See I'm sixteen and in my sixth year of Hogwarts. You have to understand, when your sixteen you're not thinking about your family friends you don't want to baby-sit. Except, of coarse, if it's Bill Weasley. He is a beyond handsome. Though there is a problem, he's my brother's best friend and they are both two years my senior. He would never take a second glance at me.

My mother had insisted that Bill and my brother do what they wish while I baby-sit the children. That would be, six children. Bill would have surely taken on the responsibility if my mother didn't go on and on about how much I loved them all. She didn't fail to mention I have had a crush on him forever, and it was obvious to anyone who looked.

Now, technically I don't have to baby-sit Charlie, seeing as we are the same age. But in all honesty, I trust him about as far as I can throw him. Charlie is the second oldest in the Weasley clan. He is absolutely insufferable, cocky beyond possible. Last year he was voted Gryffindor Quidditch captain for this upcoming year. I swear this was just to piss in my drink. See I'm a Gryffindor Beater, now I have to obey him on the Quidditch pitch. Like that is going to happen. Back to Charlie, you will see, he is incredibly annoying. He continually follows Bill and Tanner, my brother, around. He's like a lost puppy that wants to prove himself.

Then there is Percy, the ten year old who sat on a quill, which got stock up his arse. He runs about after me telling me off for not doing thing exactly like his mother, ie; cleaning pots and pans. This would, in turn, make me flip out. "Of coarse I can't clean how your mother does! SHE USES MAGIC!" You could call me a spaz, but you don't understand the utter mayhem in this house. You now only know three of the seven children.

Lets move on to the little hellions, the twins. Fred and George Weasley, they are adorable, IF you don't know them. Hellions are an understatement. You have to stay on their good side, or fall victim to one of their many pranks. I, for one, am not up to spending all eternity wishing for death, so I DO stay on their good side. For seven years old, they can run the house a muck. I always bring presents or tips for making jokes and pranks, which would be a bribe for not taken me as a victim

Ron; sweet, lovable, five year old Ron. He's a cutie. All he does is stick to my leg, never letting go, the fear of becoming Fred and George's new play toy was to great. Though he has his stubbornly independent streaks, where he likes to join the fun only in the result of becoming a victim to someone in the family.

Lastly the seventh child, Ginny, she is the only girl besides Molly in the Weasley household. She was also sweet, but has a wicked temper, plus the constantly grabbing hair was annoying. She may be four, but she has an iron grip. Toddler my arse, she has to hiding a weight lifter somewhere on her.

"Yeshia!" Bellowed the eighteen year old prick that is Tanner, my brother.

"What!" I snap

Tanner bounds into my room, "Ew, Yesh, This place is a sty."

This was an understatement if I ever heard one. My room consisted of a bed, a dresser, length mirror (like it was any good, I never use the damn thing) and a layer of dirty clothes many that could be found in the most random places, ie the bra hanging off the length mirror.

"I'm so sorry Tanner Lord of cleanliness." I snorted throwing back my head. Tanner was as messy as me, and he knew it.

It was sad. Tanner and I had the same tawny coloured hair, same boring hazel eyes, and same facial features, medium lips with a smaller nose, oh, lucky me. We both look nothing like our mother. She has dark wispy brown hair with blue, almost purple eyes. It was safe to assume we got our looks from our father. Not that we would ever know if we had his personality, he died a month after I was born. When we were younger Tanner assure me I hadn't missed anything, father loved working he always came home late.

"I would leave if I were you. You're going to make Arthur and Molly late for their reservations." He said, casually leaning against the doorframe.

I looked at my watch. "Tanner, you dolt, I have ten minutes until Molly said I should be there."

He was up to something either that or he knew something. Tanner shook his head, with a smirk implanted on it.

"What?" I snapped for the second time.

"Yeshia, Yesh, Yeshia." He shook his head again.

I scowl at him. He was defiantly up to something.

"You should get going." He cooed.

"And you should get a job. You know, instead of bumming off of mum." A snarl escapes my mouth.

"I was going to tell you something, but now I think you can find out for yourself." He raised his head snootily.

Rolling my eyes, "Again Tanner, I'm SO sorry. Tell me."

"I was going to tell you, you can't use floo." He smirked.

"WHAT!" I screeched running my fingers threw my hair.

"I think you heard me."

It took me two seconds to get to the Burrow, the Weasley's abode, by floo but walking it took up to thirty minutes. I would have to run. I cursed myself for not being old enough to apparate.

I grabbed my gift for the twins before I threw myself out the front door of my house. Running across the fields that separate the Weasleys' home from ours my brother appeared with a small crack about ten feet in front of me.

"Yeshia, hurry up." He called after I passed him, "I'll meet you there."

"DOLT!" I screamed before I hear a crack behind me telling me he was gone. I ripped over a fence and dashed across the next field. Finally only the one hundred meter stretch to go. I sprinted, the whole experience couldn't have taken much more than fifteen minutes.

I knocked on the door. Molly answered it with a smile. "Hello dear." She was wearing a floral pattern robe, her copper hair tied in a loose bun.

"S-sorry for being late M-molly." I panted. "I hope y-your not late f-for your reser-vations." I took a deep breath. FINALLY AIR! I was back to normal.

Molly ushered me inside. "What ever are you talking about dear? Reservations? Arthur and I don't have any reservations, we're just going to a quiet dinner."

"What? I ran here. I thought you had reservations." I looked at Molly, she smiled warmly and brushed some imaginary dirt off my shoulder.

"You ran? Why on earth didn't you just floo?" She sighed and was now fixing my hair.

"Tanner. I'll kill him." I hissed. I stood in the middle of the kitchen I could faintly hear laughter trying to be stifled from up the stairs.

"Tanner!" I yelled. Molly had been used to such behaviour just let me jump to the bottom of the stairs "Tanner, show yourself! You prat!"

The laughter burst out and Bill, Tanner and Charlie rushed down the stairs doubled over with laughter.

I growled and took Tanner by the ear. "Why, in the name of Merlin, did you tell me the floo was down?"

"Ow! Yesh, let go!" He yelped when I pulled his ear so far it could have come off the side of his head.

"This is NOT funny!" I bellowed tightening my grip on his ear.

"Your right. That was hilarious!" Charlie harped while he and Bill leaned against each other supporting their weight. Both their red mops swaying slightly.

I glared at Charlie. Oh if only looks could kill. I pulled on Tanner's ear.

"Who thought of this Tanny?" I asked in a deathly sweet voice.

"Wasn't me!" he whimpered

"Who then?" I snarled. I smirked as my brother that was two years older then myself, pointed a finger at Charlie like a two year old snitch. I let go of Tanner's ear as he raised I punched him in the arm.

"Ow!" Was Tanner's response. God, I'm I ever related to intelligent people.

"Charlie." I nearly whispered. I was like a jungle cat closing in on its prey. I walked painfully slow toward him, "What, pray tell, were you thinking you would gain from this."

"Erm. I good laugh." He stammered looking nonchalant. He sidestepped away from Bill.

Wrong answer.

I was about to start the usual battle of wits and sharp tongues when Molly bustled over.

"Yeshia dear. Don't be to hard on them, boys will be boys."

Molly? What happened to the Molly who would blow off the rooftops when the boys pulled something on me? She must really want a peaceful night.

I only growled in response. The glee on Charlie's face was enough to make me sick. I gave him a look that clarified that this was not over.

He gave a short bow and the boys took off upstairs. I let out a huff of air.

"Sorry dear. It's just been so long since Arthur and I have been out, for something that is meant for grown ups. You understand don't you?" Her sincerity was touching, who couldn't let the fact she hadn't stock up for me slide?

"It's fine, you and Arthur have fun!" I smiled pleasantly. Just the way I used to when I was four knowing full well it would melt Molly's heart. I have never been so right, she practical squeezed me to death, it was her gigantic bear hug.

This was Molly's secret; if she hugged you she liked you. Than again it wasn't hard to tell the people whom she disliked from the people she liked.

Arthur came into the room carrying a small red head girl. The little copper haired child let out a shriek of glee when she caught sight of me.

"YISHA!" This had been Ginny pet name from me for as long as I can remember. I beamed as Arthur put down the girl and she ran toward me. "Yisha! Yisha!"

"Hello Gin. What have you done today?" I picked her up and placed her on my hip.

"I drawed a piggy!" She struggled to get down and retrieve the masterpiece.

"You drew a picture of Tanner! Isn't that nice!" I clapped my hands together.

The child frowned and shook her head, handing the drawing over. "No. Piggy, piggy!"

I nodded and looked at the picture. "Yes. Tanner, Tanner." I laughed as Tanner waltz toward Ginny followed by the twins, Bill and Charlie.

"Me?" He question raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yes. You." I replied handing over the picture, "Gin Gin has drawn a portrait of you."

"No! P-I-G!" The young girl sounded exasperated.

"Clever girl. When did you learn to spell?" I cooed as I stroked the head of the now proud looking child.

"I taught her." I small pompous voice called from the stairwell. It was Percy. His glasses were on, his chest ever so slightly puffed out.

"Well, good for both of you." I beamed looking at Percy then Ginny again, who had reclaimed her picture.

Charlie looked beside himself. "Perce. She only knows how to spell pig." He shook his head, "and she says it about fifty times a day."

I ignored Charlie's attempt to squash his brother's pride and turned my attention to a bashful red head peeking out behind his father's leg.

"Hello Ron." I called, the boy beamed, as if glad I didn't forget him. He rushed forward and stood by my side like an obedient dog.

"Well, that's everyone." Arthur said pleasantly stepping beside his wife.

"You know where to reach us if you get in a spot of trouble." Molly asked. You would wonder why she asked this every time. It made me feel as if I was two.

"Yes, use floo to get you at Wiggy's Step." I replied, though it was a force of habit.

"Right you are." Arthur smiled, "Goodbye everyone, I trust you will be good." And with that he and Molly were gone with two pops.

Oh, Arthur. You give your trust to willingly. I sighed. the night had begun.