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One Quiet Friday Evening

Chapter 1

On one quiet Friday evening, six teens were having a movie night.

"Hey T, where's the chips?"

"Duh Phil, in the pantry!"

It was six pm and Tommy, Phil and Chuckie were at the Pickle's residence readying themselves for a movie night-sleepover, without parents, with Angelica, Lil and Kimi.

Tommy and Chuckie were in the lounge setting up pillows and blankets while Phil was in the kitchen finding food.

"Hey Phil? Why did the girls say they'd be late?" Tommy asked, pushing the coffee table into a corner.

"Oh I don't know… Lil muttered something about getting ready." Phil answered as he came into the lounge carrying three packets of chips, one on his head. Chuckie cocked an eyebrow at him.

"I will laugh so hard if you trip." Phil rolled his eyes and placed the chips down onto the coffee table. As he turned he tripped over a blanket that had been neatly laid out on the floor. Tommy and Chuckie cracked up laughing.

"And you say I'm clumsy!" Chuckie said. Phil glared at him and the three boys went into the kitchen.

"I still cannot believe you're going out with my cousin, Chuck." Tommy said, opening the fridge.

Chuckie grinned, "I didn't really see it coming either. And what about you, Phil? Going out wit MY sister?"

Phil suddenly looked nervous, "Should I start running?"

"Nah man, but if you hurt her I swear…" Chuckie punched his fist into his hand to emphasize the point. Phil laughed.

"I could never hurt Kimi trust me. So, T, got anyone in mind?" Phil asked, winking and nudging him in the ribs. Chuckie made a fake cough that sounded oddly like 'Lil' which went unnoticed to either Phil or Tommy.

"What? Ah…no, no, course not!" Tommy chuckled nervously.

"You may be a good director bro, but you aren't a terribly good actor… what are you hiding, c'mon!" Phil said, following Tommy as he walked into the lounge with a bottle of soft drink.

Tommy sighed, "Look it doesn't matter, okay?"

"Okay, okay, no need to get snappy!"

Meanwhile at the Deville's…

"Kimi? Did Angie say she was coming around here before she went there?" Lil asked as she looked lay on her bed.

"Umm yeah when I spoke to her at school today she said she wanted to come round and help us 'get ready'." Kimi replied. Lil turned over to look at the petite Asian girl.

"That doesn't sound very… Angelica like." She said.

Kimi chuckled, "Yeah I know… but she seems so much friendlier ever since she started dating my brother."

"Yeah I agree." At that very second the Deville's doorbell rang and seconds later Angelica Pickles was standing in the doorway.

"Hey," She said quickly, coming in and sitting on the bed, "Sorry I'm a bit late."

"Nah, it's cool," Lil said and sat up.

"Well then," Angelica said impatiently, "What are you two wearing?"

After an hour, the three girls were ready and heading over to the Pickle's place.


"I'LL GET IT!" Phil yelled racing to the door.

Chuckie and Tommy laughed, "Not excited to see Kimi, are we Phil?"

"Hey ladies," Phil said and Angelica and Kimi giggled as they walked in. Lil however wasn't there.

"Where's Lil?" Tommy asked after the others came in.

"Oh, she felt bad that she didn't have any food to bring, so she went back to get some." Kimi said, hugging Phil.

"She didn't have to-" The doorbell rang again and Tommy got up to get it.

"Hey Li-" He stopped in mid-sentence and his jaw dropped. She looked different. Correction. She looked amazing.

Standing there was Lillian Deville. The same one he had known for 15 years. Her long curly brown hair was trailing down her back, out of its usual pony tail, with a single red chunk at the front. She wore a black t-shirt saying 'Devil' on its front with a short pink skirt. It wasn't her outfit though, she was just different.

Hot. Tommy thought, Oh my god… I did not just think that!

"Umm… Tommy?" Shit.

"Uh, sorry. Come in!" Tommy said, his voice higher than normal.

She slipped past him and went to the lounge room. He followed her.

"I'm back." Lil said brightly, sitting on a bean bag seeing that the couch had been taken by the two other couples.

Chuckie looked up for Tommy. "Hey T, you alright? Look like you've seen a ghost!"

"I'll be back in a minute." He mumbled walking to the bathroom.

Oh man, this is bad.