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"Give me back my Ring!"

The Girl's voice cut through the Chilled Morning Air like a Dagger. Wait, not a Girl, just a high-pitched Male. He finally had to stop and catch his Breath, the running and cold getting to him. His prey stopped a few feet ahead, Golden bangs falling across curious eyes. Ryo was exhausted from chasing Atem around the Park in pursuit of his Ring. He knew that Atem was picking on him to get Bakura's attention, but he fell for the bait anyway. He always did.

"Is Ryo getting tired?" He purred, walking closer with the Ring twirling around his finger. His Crimson eyes were the true beings of mischief as he regarded Ryo with a grin. "Would Ryo like to sleep?" He sighed. Yes, Ryo would like to sleep. He had known that the Two would be meeting today. Bakura had kept him up all night by beating him on the Head with a Phonebook whenever he drifted off. That way, he would surrender easily the next day.

"Yes, I'd like to sleep." With that, he let his Mind relax, feeling Bakura take his Body, and drifted off to a dream full of the sweet, and somewhat sleazy, Malik.

Bakura smiled, looking down at his hands. The Phonebook had worked better than expected. Now he stared across the Small Parkway at his Rival. His enemy. With a sadistic grin, he charged Atem for all he was worth. Because of the distance, Atem moved out of his range and swung at Bakura's head with the Ring. He missed, but Bakura grabbed the Ring and pulled Atem closer, just so that he could kick him backwards. Unfortunately, this maneuver lost him his grip on the Ring.

The fight continued for a while, neither Egyptian backing down. At one point, Bakura made another wild grab at the Ring, and when Atem dodged his back hit the Old Oak in the Park, and he was slammed against it. Unable to control his momentum, Bakura followed, hands on Atem's arms to stop himself as the two Boys' lips met. It was hard to tell who was more surprised, Bakura and Atem or Yuugi, Joey, and Malik who had just ventured into the Park. They hadn't seen Atem and Bakura fighting, or the Swing that had caused them to end up like this. All they saw was Bakura pinning Atem by the arms to a tree and kissing him. Coming to his senses, Bakura pulled back, both of them spluttering.

"What in the name of the Underworld did you do that for!" Atem's voice came between splutters to rid himself of the Tomb Robber's taste on his lips. Bakura was dramatically faking the act of choking and viciously wiping his mouth. Looking to each other, Yuugi and Malik coughed, getting the others' attention. Atem looked, his face falling at the suspicious looks on their faces. "Hello, Yuugi, Jou, Malik." He said, feigning innocence.

"Since when have you two been an item?" Malik questioned, receiving glares from both parts of the 'item'. Bakura stopped choking, rising up to snarl.

"Item? Item! All that was a miscalculated swing and the most horrid experience of my Life!" He shouted, spitting on the ground at Atem's feet. Malik simply grinned, and snickered.

"Whatever you say, Bakura."

Aha! Chapter One is UP! –dances- Yeah, it's short, but it's really just the Prologue-thing for the real story. n-n

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