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Hell of a Time

By: MercilessTantalus

Chapter Five: Young Love

Many cups of coffee, tablets of Advil, sent e-mails and studied business figures later, the proud CEO of KaibaCorp decided that 7:32 was late enough for him to get ready for his date.

Date...right... Kaiba snorted to himself as he stood from his desk, wincing at the pain the act caused. Yami and I never doing anything anyway...I really don't see what the point is at all... he thought pessimistically to himself as he slipped out of his more comfortable clothing.

Honestly, the pair had not been a couple very long, and they had not spent much more time together than usual. Kaiba knew he felt stirrings of lust for the other boy, but he was just so...dramatic. It was always 'saving the world' this, and 'the doom of mankind' that...he assumed that Yami was not that way on a day-to-day basis, but he had yet to see if he was right or not.

Regardless of what we do... the CEO thought to himself as he put on a black, long sleeved shirt and black pants, donning his white trench coat. I just want it to be an easy and relaxing night so I can come home and just sleep like yesterday never happened.

Right, okay...right...I think I have everything I need... Yami thought to himself as he paced Yuugi's grandfather's home.

He had relinquished control of their body back to Yuugi as soon as he had left the Kaiba estate, retreating to his soul room to plan for his evening with Seto. And, aside from that, if he was going to be in control of their body all night, then the least he could do was to let his hikari have it during the day.

So, whilst Yuugi visited his friends, played video games and pigged out on pizza all afternoon, Yami stayed locked away in his soul room, dedicating himself to thinking up everything to make the evening absolutely perfect for his boyfriend. Hours before the date, he took control of their body once again, bidding his light goodnight, as he went to his soul room so Yami could get to work.

After a short talk with Mokuba, and the use of several of Kaiba's employees...all the work was done and he knew that he was as ready as he was going to be. I'm so glad Seto forgave I have to prove to him it wasn't a mistake...I just want to show him how much I love him...

No sooner had he thought this, then there was a knock at the door, signifying the arrival of said boyfriend.

Letting out a breath and shrugging his shoulders a little to shake off his nerves, Yami walked to the door and opened it, smiling when he saw Seto Kaiba standing in the doorway. "You're early, Seto." Yami allowed himself a smirk as his gaze traveled the length of Kaiba's body, enjoying the view. Tonight also might be a good time for us to...consummate...our love... he grinned mentally at the thought.

"I know." Kaiba nodded, and then after waiting for a slight pause, still standing the doorway, he crossed his arms. "Well...are you going to invite me in then?"

"Huh?" Yami blinked for a moment, shaking himself out of his less than clean thoughts. "Oh, yes, wait! I mean, no, no..."

Lifting a brow, "No?"

"Yeah, no..." Yami's smile returned as he stepped out of the shop and home into the night, standing next to his tall companion, shutting the door behind him. "We're going to go out somewhere else tonight."

Seto Kaiba was actually not heartless enough to look down into the smiling face of his eager boyfriend and tell him to go to hell with his plan to go out, he just felt like sitting somewhere nice and quiet...maybe watch a movie...and then just...sleep.

But, no. If Yami actually had not been cheating on him with Bakura, as he knew now he must not have been, then it really was just his own fault that he was exhausted, and he could not blame Yami for wanting to see him. So here he was, and he would just have to go along with Yami's plans, whatever they may be.

Uncrossing his arms he allowed a slight sigh before nodding, "All right then, where are we going?"

Beaming, Yami slid his hand into Seto's, taking it and squeezing it lovingly. "You'll'll see."

Frowning, Kaiba pulled his hand back, "What do you mean I'll 'see'?"

Retaking his hand with a slight frown, Yami sighed, "Just what I said. Trust me, Seto..."

Scowling Kaiba looked away, allowing his hand to remain there. Whatever. I guess it's too dark for anyone to see anyway. Though he wasn't willing to admit it out loud, he felt badly about overreacting and knew that he should at least try to trust Yami. And...even though he wouldn't admit it to even himself...his hand being felt nice.

The pair walked together down the darkened street, Yami leading the way, and Kaiba following submissively behind him, repressing a yawn. I have to admit... he thought to himself, with all the Advil I took...and in the darkness...this is not so bad...And it is kind of Yami to have set this all up...

He looked down at where their hands were intertwined and he had to smile. It felt so good just to allow someone else to take control of the situation. Someone else to decide where they were going and what they would do. Someone...who did not want to hurt him.

Sensing the eyes of the taller man on him, Yami looked up at him and smiled when Seto blushed lightly at being caught at looked away. Ra, he is so perfect. I just hope that he likes everything I did for him...It may be a bit too much...but I just want to show himhow much him... "Here, Seto...stop..." Yami spoke softly before he, himself stopped, the other man just beside him. "Do you like it?"

"Like...what?" Seto asked, looking around. He saw immediately what he was supposed to see and his eyes widened slightly.

They were standing in front of the entrance to the park, and the whole gate had been decorated with gently twinkling blue lights. Flower petals graced the path on the ground, trailing off into the dark, though Seto could see a gazebo not too far away, also covered in lights. A single table with two chairs as well as several covered dishes on trays nearby were under the small roof. A single red rose lay in the vase on the table.

"Yami..." Seto started before stopping and looking away, his eyes filling with a strangewetness. What the fuck? No, it's just the lack of sleep and the drugs... he told himself firmly. Clearing his throat he said, "Roses and lights, Yami? Are you trying to romance me like a girl?" he snorted as the two walked along the path to the gazebo.

Yami, who had seen the look in Seto's eye, knew better than to take him seriously and only smiled, "Not at all...I just think everyone deserves to be spoiled sometimes, don't you?"

As such, when the two reached the table, Yami squeezed Seto's hand before separating himself from him, and pulling out his chair for him. "That's not necessary." The taller duelist replied with a faint blush as he took his seat.

Yami only smiled, knowing better than to comment.

Two and a half hours later, the pair had finished their food and were heading back down the path. "Yami...I have to did you set all this up, anyway?" Seto asked and he allowed himself a faint smile, looking at the lights.

Heart singing with happiness, and just a little wine, Yami let out a low laugh. "It was not hard...I merely had a talk with your younger brother, who told your hired help to do whatever I told them too...after that, it wasn't too difficult...and, I had been saving my part of the money Yuugi's grandfather gives to him..."

This caused Kaiba to stop short and stare at the other boy. " are seriously telling me that you not only did all the work for this, but you also paid for it?"

"Yes, of course. It was my treat, after all, why should you have to pay?" Yami blinked at him, not understanding why Kaiba would think he wouldn't pay for it.

"Oh...right...of course..." Kaiba finally forced out, walking again. He's so...different from everyone else. He really does just want me to be happy...No. I will not allow myself to be swayed so easily by nice actions. They could all be for shit when he gets what he wants from me. Kaiba reminded himself as he allowed Yami to take his hand once again. But...still...Yami hasnever been like that...

Having the strong impression he was doing all the right things to win the taller boy over again, Yami smiled more. "The night is young, Seto...and I know Mokuba is still off at his friend's house...what say you come over for a movie?" That sounded innocent enough, didn't it?

Frowning ever so slight, Kaiba shook his head. "I have to get up early tomorrow, Yami, and so does Yuugi. You know he has class..." he pointed out. In all honesty...Kaiba's sanity was only left hanging on by a thread. True, it had been a romantic evening, and Yami had proven to be good to him... But I just can't stand to be held and to be touched...let alone have sex again after...after...last night...

Thinking of the other night, Kaiba's heart pounded as he glanced down at his watch. It's eleven...That asshole is going to know that I won't show soon...Mokuba is safe, but...what if... Unwanted fear pierced through the CEO's heart and he felt himself come to a standstill again, his heart pounding.

"Seto...Seto what is it?" Yami's voiced his concern, frowning and standing in front of his boy friend, looking up into his eyes. "It's okay, you don't have to stay, we can do it another time, we-"

"No!" Kaiba suddenly exclaimed loudly, squeezing Yami's hand tightly. His knees felt weak, suddenly, "No...Yami...I want...I want to watch the movie with you..." he finished, clearing his throat, hating the obvious fear in it.

There is something going on here...there is something that Seto is not telling me... Yami frowned to himself. But it was clear now was not a good time to push the other boy. "Okay...we can watch the movie and then you can go, all right? We don't have to do anything...else." Damn... But Yami shoved aside his disappointment, putting his boyfriend's sudden need in front of his own lust.

"Thank...thank you, Yami, I appreciate that..." Seto said weakly as the walked the rest of the way home. He just had a strong feeling he didn't want to be alone when midnight rolled around.

Hours later and one viewing of 'The Two Towers', the extended version, as it was the longest movie Yuugi owned, Seto Kaiba opened the door to his home, letting out a tired yawn as he did so.

Maybe I should have just stayed at Yami's...It is already almost three am now anyway... he thought to himself as he dragged his weary body up the many flights of stairs to his bedroom., I have to work early tomorrow...Shit, I have that meeting at eight... Finally making it to his room, he opened the door, I will just have to sleep a few hours then...

Kaiba's hand, which was on the door to shut it, was suddenly grabbed and wrenched behind his back. The person behind him pushed him into the door and he let out a grunt as his stomach was pushed against the knob. "Who the fuck-" was all he managed to get out before fabric was shoved in front of his face, blocking his ability to speak.

The person behind him, growled lowly, "I do not appreciate being ignored, Seto Kaiba...and you will be taught not to do it again."

Fucking bastard... Kaiba thought as he kicked out behind him, trying to hit the person pinning him. How dare he...

Easily leaning away from the wildly swinging feet, Bakura glared and slammed the CEO's head against the door with his spare hand. "We had an agreement. You broke it. Now you will pay."

Those were the last words Kaiba heard before he passed out due to the chloroform on the gag over his mouth.

Smirking in satisfaction as he felt the other man's body go limp, Bakura brought him up towards him and threw him over his shoulder, ignoring how Seto's head banged painfully against the wall. So it was a good thing I knew his home...Yes, now he will pay. He thought to himself with a smirk, throwing Kaiba down on his bed.

He will be out for a while. Plenty of time for me to get everything ready.

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