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Everyone Lost

By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Darkness. Although the inn was filled with light, all she could see was darkness. Tears filled her grey eyes; grey eyes that had once been so full of life, but now seemed completely dead…

Beside her sat another woman whose black hair and violet eyes seemed to shine even in the dim light. She looked lost, completely lost; and, in truth, she was: everything she had believed in had disappeared, even the scar, the Dark Mark which had joined her to her master… all of it was gone.

A third woman sat at the table, a woman with dark blonde hair. She, the one who had always seemed to have her head in the clouds, was now firmly grounded by reality. She had also seen too much death…

The fourth had dark, reddish hair. She had been hardened by the war, especially after her family's murders. She kept staring into space, not even seeming to realise where she was.

Had anyone seen them there, they would never had assumed that these four had been in four different houses at school, on two different sides of the war. Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Luna Lovegood and Susan Bones had all fought in the war, the war that was to become known as the worst war that the Wizarding World had ever known.

After a time, Luna spoke.

"He's gone", she muttered softly.

"They both are", Susan replied. "Harry James Potter, a martyr: You-Know-Who, a demon. Both dead".

"Was Potter a Martyr? Was the Dark Lord a demon?" Pansy asked softly.

Hermione shook her head. "They were both brainwashed into fighting this war. The Dark Lord never wanted a war; only that fool did".

"Dumbledore was not…" Susan began, but Luna silenced her.

"Is that why you joined him, Hermione? Did you join He-who-must-not-be-named because you thought Dumbledore a fool? Or did you join him because you found out you were a pureblood".

"I joined the Death Eaters because I knew that Dumbledore was nothing more than a manipulative old fool", Hermione spat. "Besides, the Dark Lord's fight was never about purity of blood".

"Then what was it about?"

That time it was Pansy who answered. "The Dark Lord fought the muggles and mudbloods for one reason only; survival. You see, he knew that, if the muggles found out about us, the mudbloods would side with their muggle parents rather than their wizarding brethren. Why, I doubt that even I could side with my world rather than my kin were I in that position".

Silence, then…

"So you say that your side's intentions were honourable, and yet you still lost the war", Susan muttered.

"No", Hermione replied. "Everyone lost".