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PS: would anyone be interesting in a Titan's story, involving a war between the Gordanians and Starfire's people?

Blackfire blinked, a moment ago Slade and Raven had been standing mere feet apart, Robin jumping forward to attack, there had been a funny flash of…black? Then they were gone, just gone.

The foundry was dead, gutted of motion and flame, huge rents were torn through the corrugated floor and, in at least to places the metal had run as if it were water, forming pools and striations that stung the senses.

Her eyes were drawn to the prone Cyborg, blood pooling around his head, her knowledge of human physiology wasn't great (does Beast Boy count?) but that couldn't be healthy…

"What the hell just happened?" With small yelp Blackfire nearly dropped her passenger; in her search for Slade she'd entirely forgotten about BB.

"You ok Komi?" The changeling's voice was still shaky from his fall. wordlessly Blackfire pointed to the bodies, easily keeping Beast boy aloft with a single arm.

Robin, his training under Batman overriding his shock, crouched down by his friends still forms.
Raven seemed battered but alive, the steady rise and fall of her chest indicator enough, but Cyborg…
Robin had seen the leopard blow performed only once, Bruce had demonstrated its power in training by shattering a block of stone; he knew it was fatal.

Blackfire set BB down a little way behind Robin but hung back while the green shifter ran to his fallen friend.
Idly Robin noted the rogue Tameranean's presence but ignored it; mind racing ahead through the reasons for Slade's reappearance, his new powers anything to avoid the now.


Both Robin and Beast boy jumped back in shock as Cyborg pulled himself upright, coughing blood.

"b-bbut you were dead!"

"What happened?" interjected Robin, his simmering rage springing to the fore now that Cyborg was apparently alive

"…internal diagnostics read minor damage…" Cyborg gave his head a sharp shake before continuing in his more familiar tone. "He pulled that punch, Slade coulda had me dead…but he didn't." replied Cyborg slowly, shakily pulling himself upright.
"What's she doing here?" he queried, pointing a shaky finer over Robin's shoulder.

Robin's eyes narrowed as he turned to Blackfire for the first time "I intend to find out…."

It was 3 hours later, Robin, obviously angry but seeing the need for restraint had waited until Raven was safely stowed away in the Towers infirmary before going ballistic.

"I consider myself a reasonable man Garfield, so I'm only going to ask this once, why is SHE here"
Beast boy winced; Robin's even, almost calm tone and the use of his real name meant that he was far beyond merely angry and, judging from the twitching of his mask, accelerating off into full-blown rage.

With a buzz the Towers computer screen blinked into life.
"This is the Martian Manhunter, respond T-tower."

Robin ignored it.
"If you think-"

"I repeat, this is the Martian Manhunter, respond!"

Robin shuddered with barely repressed fury and they both saw that it took all that remained of the boy wonders already strained patience not to put a fist through the screen.

"GO!...Just go! I'll deal with you later." He added darkly, although to whom was anyone's guess.

Retreating into the hall Beastboy and Blackfire waited until the sounds of Robin's shouting match with the Martian Manhunter died away before speaking.

"What was that all about?"

"Robin's been having 'issues' with the league lately"
Replied beast boy, still amazed at their luck.
Blackfire didn't say anything. Recognising that, however cheerful Beast boy might seem the boy was in shock

Before she could stop herself Blackfire span around, eyes glowing indigo and a blackbolt already crackling into life in her palm.

"Whoa there!"

It was Cyborg emerging from the elevator doors they'd just passed. He didn'ty even glance in Blackfire's direction, just strode over to BB.

"How's Raven?" said Beast boy, eyes still downcast

"Still asleep. It…it wiped her out"
The Titan's spent a shared moment of silence that Blackfire couldn't even attempt to intrude on but she could see the shock, even the fear on their faces; one of their greatest foes…No THE great, had literally come back from the dead. Taken everything they had and more and just kept coming.
Blackfire jerked awake, almost cursing herself as she realised that Cyborg had somehow taken up position right in front of her, glowing red eye boring into her violet ones.

"Look, I don't know why you're back and, right now, I don't much care. But… if BB says you're ok I can live with that."

"I…thank you."

The next few days passed in a blur of activity and barely contained anger; Robin's league updates almost always degenerated into sprawling arguments lasting for hours at a time, the chief complaint was the leagues utter lack of aid, not just now but ever since the Titans had been founded.

"Not going well"
Robin turned to see a somewhat bleary Raven drift into the room, things had calmed down since Slade but the psion was still badly shaken.
She knew something about this, something that she wasn't telling them. Robin could tell, had been around to many people with too many dark secrets not to see them right in front of him.

"They won't help, say that Slade isn't a high enough threat level to merit support"
Robin's voice trailed away into meaningless noise and Raven had to grasp the doorframe to support herself as a shudder ran through her body, every muscle clenching and unclenching in one long slow burn.


Robin's voice returned and the pain faded as his mask swam into view and Raven realised that she must have collapsed.
"Whats wrong"
"T-trouble." She croaked, throat suddenly raw and tight seconds before the Titan signal went off.
Robin ignored it, slowly pulling the still shaking girl to her feet and pulling her over to the couch.
Beast-boy and Cyborg burst in just as the wall-screen lit up displaying a quintet of faces they could have done without seeing.

-Robbery in progress; location: Eastside docks, Wayne-tech warehouse. Perpetrators: Jynx,Mammoth,Gizmo,Kidwycked,Private HIVE-

"I'm ok Robin, really." Protested Raven, trying to push the concerned crime fighter away. "we need to move."

Letting the girl push him back Robin stood. "We aren't doing anything. YOU are staying here while Cyborg, Beast boy and I deal with the HIVE"
Raven opened her mouth to protest, to try to fool herself as well as him but one look at that white-eyed glare and the mass of pent-up rage and frustration behind it closed Raven's mouth.


"Good." Robin turned back to the others. Body tensing at the thought of finally having something to take his frustrations out on.
Something that screamed.

"Titan's GO!"