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A/N: Well, here I am, making my first attempt at a Haru x Kyo fic. This has got to be one of my favorite pairings, but I haven't tried really writing in it yet. And yes, as you, my loyal reviewers, have come to realize, I love yaoi. Lots. (Music: Vindicated – Dashboard Confessionials. Whether or not this ends up as the musical inspiration for this fic is yet to be seen, but it's on repeat, which is a good sign that it will be.)

Catch Me, I'm Falling

Chapter One : Three Days

((Kyo's POV))

Something's wrong. Something's different as we all sit down to enjoy yet another of Tohru's meals. Suddenly, I realize what it is. A diamond glints on Tohru's finger as she picks up her chopsticks. Yuki's face is more relaxed and happier than I've seen it in years. He sighs contentedly as he puts a piece of fish in his mouth. I don't think Shigure notices anything.

After everyone finished eating, the rat stood up.

"Tohru and I have an announcement to make." He smiles at Tohru, and she smiles back. It feels like every muscle in my body turned to goo. My heart fell to the floor.

"We are to be married next month!" Tohru said, pure delight on her beautiful face. Shigure clapped his hands in excitement.

"Congratulations, you two! I can't wait for the wedding!" The dog said happily. I didn't say anything, I couldn't say anything. All I could do was keep my sorrow from bleeding onto my face. Tohru completely ignored me anyway; she was too concerned with that damn rat. I stood and left the room without saying a word.

((Haru's POV))

All they needed, in the end, was three days to get engaged. Three days ago, Akito was found dead. Hatori said that it was his time. He died in his sleep. I decided to go to Shigure's house to tell the two lovebirds congratulations. But, I also want to check up on Kyo. Something tells me that he's not going to come out of this one unscarred.

((Kyo's POV))

I can't believe it. The day I decide it was time for me to confess to Tohru is the day that damn rat drops down on one knee and proposes. I can't believe it. I just can't.

And now that I think of it, is there anything left? I love Tohru more than anything, I felt so safe, so loved with her. And then the glass shatters and there's nothing left. Maybe it's true. Maybe the cat can never be loved. Maybe that's the cat's very purpose, to show others that the Sohmas truly are cursed, so much that one of them can never find piece of mind and happiness in another. Well, if that's why I'm here, I don't need this life any more. I'd just be better if I left. If I can't love or be loved, why stay on the goddamn planet? There's no point anymore.

((Haru's POV))

I got to Shigure's house without getting lost, thanks to a lift from Hatori. He didn't stay long though, just long enough to congratulate Yuki and Tohru. Kyo wasn't downstairs when I came in. I said hi to Shigure, and talked to the lovebirds for a few minutes before wandering upstairs.

I had to open every door in the upstairs until I found Kyo's room. Being my normal self, I decided to knock first. There was no response. Upon opening the door, I found the window open. Curious, I stuck my head out of the window. When I looked up, I saw a small ladder leading to the roof. It wasn't hard to climb up there, just a bit tedious getting out of the window.

When I got up onto the roof, I looked around for Kyo. I saw him immediately.