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Chapter Three : More Than Friends?

((Kyo's POV))

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in my own bed. Oh, I must've fallen asleep at the park. But, how did I get home? Wait, maybe Haru… I looked around and saw Haru asleep, his arms and head on my bed. He must've dragged me home last night. I sleep pretty hard.

I pushed the covers off of me, to find that I was still in the clothes I wore yesterday. Good for Haru, he didn't try to take of my clothes or anything. I would've pounded him if he did.

My clock flashed 9:46am. Damn, it's really late. I'm usually up way earlier than this. Good thing we don't have school today. I rolled out of bed and mussed my hair. Haru probably wants breakfast, he eats a ton.

I poked him in the rib with my toes. He didn't move. I tried pushing his head from side to side. Still sleeping. I grinned. I love a challenge. Sitting beside him, I blew in his ear. Nothing. Hmm… Now I'm gonna have to get rough. I took my thumb and forefinger and tried a few pressure points. I can't believe he's not awake!

Finally, I had to try the only thing I thought'll work. I leaned in really close, my mouth next to his ear. I smiled evilly, and sunk my teeth into his earlobe.

Haru's eyes snapped open. He jumped up with a yell. The look on his face was priceless. I laughed harder than I think I ever had. Confusion clouded his eyes.

"What the hell were you doing?" Haru snapped at me. I laughed for a few more seconds, then spoke.

"I was waking you up! I tried everything else. It was either the ear-biting technique or putting your finger in water…" Haru let out a short, fake laugh.

"Eh-heh… Nice. But do I get to return the favor?" The look in Haru's eyes was weird. I'd never seen it before. It wasn't his normal White look or his Black one. It was… kinda… odd…

"What? Wait, what are you-"

((Haru's POV))

Heh. This going to be fun! I'm not going to do anything big, I just want to tease him a little bit. I dropped to my knees, grabbed Kyo's head, and bit his ear. He yowled, but didn't move.

"What the hell, Haru?" I smirked teasingly.

"Whaaat? You did it to me! Oooh! I get it now. You want something better, huh?" I thought for a moment before sticking out my tongue and poking it into his ear.

"HEY!" Kyo pushed me away. Not to hard, just enough to get me off of him. I stuck out my lip in a pouty face.

"Aww. Kyo wants a turn, doesn't he? Fine, go ahead." Kyo's eyebrow quirked.

"Fine! I'll give you hell, cow!" He advanced on me slowly. I didn't really know what to expect… He seemed kinda… odd…

Kyo brought his face really close to mine, staring me in the eye. He opened his mouth, leaned a bit closer, and bit the tip of my nose. He laughed softly. Kyo seems so cheerful, he's laughed so much in just the few minutes he's been awake. I'm happy for him.

"Ha ha ha! Good one. But now it's my turn. Hold still now. Close your eyes." I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him softly on the mouth.

((Kyo's POV))

"Hold still now. Close your eyes." I closed my eyes tight and waited. I felt something warm on my lips. I shuddered and something within me broke. All the emotions that were scarred two days ago healed immediately. I didn't open my eyes, but I flung my arms around Haru, the person who saved me from death caused by the loss of a woman I loved just two days ago. The person who told me that I could be loved.

He poked his tongue into my mouth, and I opened my lips. We stayed like that for what seemed like an hour. Sitting on my bedroom floor, kissing, my arms around his neck and his around my waist.

I broke the kiss first and buried my face into his neck. Tears of sudden realization and happiness poured down my face.

"Haru… Haru… Thank you!"

((Haru's POV))

I smiled warmly and hugged him tightly.

"When I said the cat can be loved, I didn't lie. I love you, Kyo. You've always been special to me; you've always been a friend. Kyo, you are special. You're true, honest, and caring. You have a great heart. I feel calm around you. I love you." Kyo sat back up and kissed me.

"I love you too, Haru. I love you because you saved me. You showed me that Akito and the legend were wrong. Thank you."

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