A/N Edited 12/09/2008. I added more dialogue, a couple better descriptions, but I'd still like to go back over it and rework some more stuff.

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It's been a while, ladies and gentlemen. You may notice that Chapter 4 onward has a distinctly different vibe to it. Well, I started writing this when I was fifteen and picked it up again at 28.

I would like to treat you all to a few considerations as you go into this story:

Consideration number one, at some point in this first chapter I stop referring to the main characters by their real names. It's frustrating to read. It's frustrating to write too. But there's a reason. The plot will circle back at some point. At some point I'll finally be able to stop doing that and go back to writing normally.

Consideration number two, the obvious plot holes. I completely understand the argument that Kim Possible's family and friends would never betray her. I agree completely. Perhaps read the story and find out what's really happening? Everything will become clear in time.

Consideration number three, Kim Possible wouldn't act like this. Completely understandable too, and I agree. At some point this story stopped being as much about the characters as the message. How do you cope with trauma? What happens to the old you when your life gets turned upside down? What happens to the new you when you return to your roots?

Consideration number four, this is actually pretty bad. Yeah... Try writing a story with your younger self. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to quality to really let those old ideas free...

On with the story!

Yep, imprisoned again. Though it wasn't for all the normal reasons. It didn't include the redheaded teen heroine, Kim Possible, or her dorky blonde sidekick, Ron Stoppable. It included a few numbers, 89, a few letters, mph, and a very pissed officer in a blue uniform.

Fancy that, cops don't like being called Piglets by blue skinned villains. To put it simply, their luck was horrible.

Somehow Dr. Drakken and his famous bodyguard, Shego, had managed to wind up in a Middleton overnight cell, different ones actually. He ended up across the hall, some ways away in the men's cell, she ended up with a couple of gruff biker chicks, a hooker, and a very bored civilian, who sat playing with a smuggled ball in the side of the cell.

Odd, considering how many of the various women had already hit on Shego, none of them even went near the civilian, a redhead of about the same height and figure. Redhead, same height, same figure? Shego suddenly found herself very interested in this redhead.

She looked over at the biker chick across from her, then motioned towards the redhead with a raised eyebrow. "Don't go near Sunset over there, not worth it." The biker warned, looking over at the hooker. "Right, Amber?"

"So that's where you got the black eye." Shego commented with a smile.

"That bitch punches like an ox." The comment confused some of the people in the cell slightly. It wasn't often you heard of a ox punching someone, much less a hooker from the Middleton slums.

"Sunset." Shego ran it over the tip of her tongue for a while. The word had an interesting flair to it, and it fit. Her hair was bright orange, surrounding a peach-white face, like Shego could imagine the sky surrounding a sunset. "That her real name?"

The biker chick and Amber shrugged, probably counting the number of times the ball hit the floor, the wall, and then her hand. "She has pretty hair," Amber commented after some silence. "Reminds me of a sunset."

"Certainly fitting." Shego remarked

There were a couple of mumbled replies, and then more silence. Shego shifted uncomfortably, feeling incredibly out of place. Although, the more she thought about it, the more it seemed like she belonged in here.

Her normal uniform had been left at home on this specific joyride, instead she had opted for a dark leather biker jacket, with green flames running from the wrists to her shoulders. Her normal pants had been switched for leather, although not quite as tight as her jacket, colored similarly, but the dark green flames stayed close to her ankles. Her jacket was open though, and her tight t-shirt, very, very, tight, caught a lot of stares from the girls around her. It looked a few sizes to small, and not covering her navel seemed to support that theory.

Putting it simply, she looked like a mixture of a biker, a hooker, and a civilian.

A knock on the cell door had everyone but Shego, and the redhead, looking up. Shego didn't have to, she knew the police officer wasn't there for her, it would take hours to sort through the papers to get her out of there. Instead the biker rose, and made for the door.

"It's been fun ladies," She commented on her way out, leaving her seat open. The one across from where Shego was currently, and right next to Sunset.

"What do we call you?" Amber asked as Shego stood, then crossed the small cell, and placed herself near Sunset.

"Call me whatever you want, I don't care." She answered with total honesty.

Amber seemed to think about that for a while, sizing the dark haired woman up as she pondered a good name. Like a light bulb went on in her head, she snapped her fingers. A smile had spread across her makeup laden faced. "How about, Midnight?" It suited her, Shego's raven-black locks framed her pale face like the darkest night around the brightest moon.

The ball hit Sunset's hand, as if thrown off-guard by the name. Shego balked, then smiled with a raised eyebrow.

"Sounds good, Midnight it is then." She looked about ready to strike up a conversation, when the jailor returned and motioned for one of the ladies beside Amber. Another biker left, and only Sunset, Midnight, and Amber remained.

"God, this is so boring. I didn't even do anything to end up in here." Amber whined.

'Midnight' snorted. "What did they say you did?"

"They got me here on some lame prostitution charge. Maybe an indecency too." She looked rather thoughtful at that, only to notice that Midnight was no longer paying attention. Instead she had a nail-file, and was working on one of her hands. "What about you?"

"Doing 89 when the speed limit was 40." She could swear Sunset snorted at the same time she did. "Who came up with those stupid speed limits anyway? All it does is keep bad drivers on the road."

"Can't take the speed, stay off the highway." Amber remarked, and set her sights on Sunset. She was doing remarkably well ignored the other two, staying with her face against the wall, and her little bouncy ball bouncing through the corner. "What about you?"

The ball bounced back into her hands, and stayed for a while. Maybe she couldn't think and bounce at the same time. "I stole some things." The girl answered, her low voice just above a whisper.

Maybe it isn't her. "What things?" The amber-haired hooker sounded amazingly innocent and childish, like a kid asking what flavor candy it was.

"Some things." She said with a tone of finality. In a low whisper, just enough for Midnight to hear, Sunset continued. "That's all they said."

"Looks like we're going to be spending the night here together." The dark haired woman said, although it was blatantly ignored. The cop had showed up, and was showing Amber out. She left with a wave, before a light outside the small cell was turned off.

Apparently, everyone else had to wait for tomorrow to get out. The two young women sat in a more comfortable silence after everyone had left.

Midnight got restless rather quickly, with only the sound of the ball to entertain her. "You know, Sunset, I never really took you as the type to steal things." Midnight commented.

Sunset caught the ball a final time, and placed it on the bench beside her, sliding to she faced away from the wall. It really was her. But, there was something about her eyes, they were so sad. No, not sad, sad required emotions. They were so empty. Like she had nothing to live for.

She closed her eyes, and Midnight watched her empty expression openly. Someone had broke her.

"You don't believe it?" She spat, venomously. The older woman flinched subconsciously, she had never heard the once prideful fighter speak like that.

"I know you better than that." Midnight's tone was angry now, angry and maybe even a little, hurt. Sunset regarded the taller woman curiously. "What was it, a job for some of your little goody-goody friends, or were you framed?" She looked away, and now it was the young ex-heroine's turn to watch her.

"Framed." She spoke, just above a whisper. She pulled her knees up, and tucked them beneath her chin. "GJ did it, I don't know who though. They turned everyone against me, Ron, mom, dad, even the kids from school. They think I stole from a museum, they think I killed someone." Her whisper had risen, going from a quiet breath, to a shaky speech.

"That doesn't sound like enough, your sidekick never struck me as the type to just abandon you."

"I… I hurt him, and his family, when GJ came for me."

"Well, I wanted to warn you." Her head perked up, watching the woman. "Didn't you ever get it, Sunset? They were just using you. Didn't you ever wonder why they never sent the army after me, or the police? Even the FBI should have been barreling in at least once." From the girl's silence, she bet she struck a nerve.

"They were going to just use you, until you got sent to the hospital, or six feet under." Midnight hissed. "They don't need you anymore. But, I never expected anyone to be that cold." She added as an afterthought.

Her speech must not have helped any, because Sunset still looked downright broken. Except, now she had a tinge of sadness. Every once in a while the redhead would blink back tears.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'm…" Midnight swore that Sunset could hear her swallow her pride. "I'm sorry."

"You? Apologize?" She scoffed. "You didn't even do anything. It's those government bastards. They turned my own home-town against me."

If Midnight heard her swear, she didn't acknowledge it. "Still. I saw they would do the same thing to me after long enough. And I saw how I wasn't really making a difference. And then there was the adrenaline." She said with a slight semi-erotic shudder.

Sadly enough, Sunset knew exactly what she was talking about. The adrenaline high, the self-doubts, and now even the conspiracy. She also knew she could never go back, even if she convinced them it wasn't her. Some scars couldn't heal over, and some weren't meant to.

"I never thought that I'd hear your life story." She said with a chuckle, after maybe a minute of silence.

The dark-haired woman raised an eyebrow, and smirked. All of her previous anger at the girl's doubts were faded now. Her dark green eyes met a slightly lighter version of themselves, when her eyes caught Sunset's.

After a few seconds, Midnight jumped to her feet, taking Sunset off guard. She struck what could only be described as a cheesy defiant pose. "If you want my life story, you're gonna get it! I was the best of the best! Sole defender of Go City! The others had fallen, and I was the only one left to defend against the hoards of bible-toting zombie chimps!"

It was a blatant attempt to cheer the younger girl up, and something so un-Midnight like. Something so, peppy, and selfless. Still, it made the redhead nearly burst. It didn't take to long for a steady stream of giggles to make it's way out of the temporary shell she had created. "Bible-toting zombie chimps?" She managed to ask through her laughter.

Midnight laughed until she was leaning next to Sunset. "Haven't you heard of Pastor Necro-Ooh-Ooh-Ah-Ah?"

After a good few minutes of laughing, mixed with Sunset snorting uncontrollably, she brought her wrist up and wiped tears of mirth from her eyes, once again catching the older girl with her gaze. Only this time, she was smiling, and Midnight; Midnight looked happy, for some reason. Maybe content with herself.

Although it would sound odd, Midnight could tell the exact reasons she had jumped out of her own pride filled persona to get the young heroine to laugh. It was a lovely sound, and a lovely smile, and she never wanted to see or hear Sunset with that lifeless shell, that sham to everything she stood for, ever again.

Sunset patted the bench beside her, and Midnight hastily sat down. "You know, this is the longest we've ever talked without fighting?" She said, sliding back against the cold wall and closing her eyes.

"Yeah." A simple enough answer.

"Thanks." Sunset leaned up abruptly, and did something that wasn't like her. She turned to her rival, and captured her in an intense, albeit short hug.

She should have known Midnight wouldn't look bashful, even when she herself did. "Well, you looked like you needed it." There was a short pause, before, "I know I did," Was whispered. Maybe she thought the redhead wouldn't catch it.

More silence covered the small holding cell, although it was quite comfortable this time around. Sunset and Midnight both shifted uncomfortably though, the wall was hard, and cold. After long enough, both girls opted to lay back-to-back, resting the backs of their head against each other.

From the small window over the sink, they could tell that midnight had already passed. It had been a little over an hour since the villain had arrived, and no matter how content she was, she was quickly growing bored.

"Come with me." The quick sentence caught her nearly off guard.

"Where?" She asked in response.

"Three people, out of all the hundreds that I've helped, are helping me. Besides you." She added hastily. "Wade, and my brothers."

"The nerd and the twins. Wonderful, that'll help us." She replied sarcastically.

"In a few hours there's going to be a computer mix-up, me and anyone with me will be released. I'm going to leave town." The last was a mere hushed whisper.

"Okay. But, what are you going to do? It's not like you have a lot of money." The villain pointed out.

"Well, I started thinking, when all of this started, that if something ever did happen I would work for Drakken." Midnight nearly swallowed her tongue on that. "You, you wouldn't care what anyone else thought, and... I've always wanted to be like you, since I met you."

Her eyes closed, daydreaming basically, the young ex-heroine continued on, "Whenever I was blushing and stuttering, you were coming back with those witty retorts. Whenever I tripped up, you always kept your balance."

"Woah, slow down, Sunshine." Sunset's eyes perked up at that. She already had a pet-name for her? "I'm not exactly the perfect role model for eighteen year old ex-heroes."

"So? I don't have anything worth waiting around here for. And, you were my role model before I became an EX-hero." She pointed out.

Midnight picked up the small bouncy ball, tossing it from hand to hand. "Alright, I already agreed anyway." She was about to say something else, but cut herself off, remembering something. "We gotta break Dr. D. out of here first. He gets all cranky when I leave him in the slammer."

Sunset snorted, then mumbled, "Both you and Dr. Drakken got caught in here? For speeding? Some role model you are."

Midnight fumed. "Hey, if you saw the size of those dogs they had, you'd go willingly too." Another blatant attempt to make the ex-heroine laugh, and it worked, to an extent. Sunset began drifting off in a fit of giggles, listening to the soft, lulling, breath of her rival and role model.

"Sh-Midnight?" She muttered, sleepily smacking her lips.


"Just, don't say my name, okay? I don't want to hear it, I don't even want to think about it." Sunset's brow scrunched in frustration and pain.

Midnight settled down, looking her over as she fell asleep. "So what should I say then, or is Sunset good for you?"

She smiled and nodded her head. "Yeah, that sounds good. As long as I get to call you Midnight.