Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story. They belong to their creators only. I'm just having fun.

(Celsie) Okay the show's about to begin. Places everyone. Light's, Camera, Action!

(Rikku) Wait I forgot my lines!

(Paine) Has anyone told you what a complete birdbrain you are?

Yuna and Tidus: making out in the corner

(Tidus) Screw the show we're busy!

(Yuna) You'd better be careful she might just decide to kill you off.

(Gippal) Just as long as I don't become 'involved' with Rikku I'm cool.

(Rikku) What's wrong with me?

(Gippal) You're too childish.

Gippal and Rikku begin arguing back and forth

(Celsie) Oh boy, it's gonna be a long, long day.

(Paine) See what I have to put up with? I deserve a raise!

(Celsie) sigh

Falling Out

"You now have negative a million respect points Rikku." Paine said glaring at the blond girl in front of her.

"WHAT? How did that happen?" Rikku asked jumping up and down in confusion.

Yuna stifled a laugh as she watched the girls. "Loud noises that's another three hundred points." Paine said shaking her head.

"NO! Wait, wait I can be quiet! Honest watch!" Rikku hollered chasing after the platinum haired girl.

Paine turned and raised an eyebrow in Yuna's direction. Rikku turned and noticed Yuna wasn't coming. "Yuna? What's up?" Rikku said running up to her cousin.

"I guess I'm just confused." Yuna said staring out over the ocean.

"What are you confused about?" Rikku asked following her gaze out over the ocean. Paine stood over by the cliff wall and watched as the two girls stood watching the waves crash against Besaid Beach.

She was deep in thought and hadn't realized the girls had finished talking and were standing in front of her. "Dr. P?" Rikku asked streching her neck to stare into Paine's face.

"Stop calling me that!" Paine yelled her maroon eyes flashing.

"Sorry." Rikku said exasperated.

"Come on we'd better head back who knows when Tidus will be home from Luca." Yuna said as she turned leaving the arguing girls on the beach.

"Wait for me!" Rikku yelled. She took off after the ex-summoner, leaving Paine on the beach quiet, reserved and deep in thought. She could feel something. Just on the horizon of time and she didn't like the ominous feeling it was giving her but she shook it off as a side effect of her desire to continue her journey. Only thing was, her journey was over and now she needed a new one.

Yes I realize this is extremely short but it's just a little infor on an upcoming story. I'm actually looking forward to writing this one.