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Final Epilouge

Four years passed since that day, and a number of exciting events happened along the way.

Team Lotus, AKA Kim, Ron, and Rufus, hid the Lotus weapons where they hoped no one would ever find them again, and their locations are known only to Team Lotus/Possible even to this moment.

Wade, now seventeen years old, finally gave up on robotic girlfriends, and took a shot at online dating. Surprisingly, this went well. He met a woman named Luara, and after getting to know each other, they realized they were, amazingly, the same age, and lived in the same city. After a while, when Wade finally came of age, he left his room (Quite reluctantly,) and met Luara in person, and discovered that they had a lot in common. They're still dating to this day.

One day, while cruising through Smarty Mart, Kim, Ron, and Rufus stumbled upon another female naked mole art. Rufus and the other mole rat quickly became friends, so Ron Kim happily bought her. Later, they named her Tani, and her home… Was Kims pocket.

Speaking of Kim and Ron…

After completeing College, all three got a job at Global Justice, in their most trained fields; Wade, got his own private room, where he set up all the equipment he had had in his room, and went on to assist Team Possible in their next missions, since, by the way, Kim and Ron both got High ranked jobs beside Will Du, as head of Field Operations.

But the biggest surprise Kim got was on the day after College…

Rons proposal.

Of course, she said yes, and in six months, she will finally be able to call herself Kim Stoppable.

As for Logan, well… Nobody really knows if he was sealed off like before, or if he actually died. But one thing was for sure…

The one he loved… Anna…

Was happy.

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