A/N: Okay, originally, Kelly was supposed to be writing this, but Kelly's really busy with some other stuff, and Hannah kept pissing me off by bugging Kelly about this… so I just told her to shut it, and I wrote it. I know, totally not like me, but it was really bugging me. Hope you like!



She watched the numbers on the elevator go up, one by one, and with each number, her eyes filled with more tears. She blinked them away, and sniffed, trying not to get the attention of the escort behind her. She glanced back at him, and rolled her eyes slightly. What a total guy.

The elevator dinged, and she drew in a quick breath, and stepped off. She glanced back again, and her escort pointed over to the right. She nodded, and walked to the right. Around the corner, there were three men. One was across from the empty desk, another diagonally across, and the last one with graying hair, was beside it. She immediately knew that this was her desk.

She placed her bag on the side of the desk, and sat down on the chair. Feeling the stares of the men, she kept her eyes on the computer screen. Her escort stood there, beside the wall behind her. She let out her breath, and pulled out the first drawer on her right. In it were various items, pens, a pad of paper, and a palm pilot.

A tear slipped down her cheek, but she wiped it away busily. She was the one who wanted to do this. She was the one who told her father not to come with.

She reached down, and grabbed the items, placing them inside the bag on the desk. She pulled the bag onto her lap, and went into the next drawer. The man across from her cleared his throat gently, and she watched him stand. She frowned, but felt the need to stand up as well. She placed the bag on the floor, and walked around the desk, to see what is was he wanted.

She met him, looking up at him with no sense of fear in her eyes. She almost glared up at him, and stood her ground.

"I… you're here to clean out Kate's desk?" he asked her.

She scoffed defensively. "Obviously." She noted bitterly.

He nodded. "I… I didn't mean to intrude, but Kate's sketchbook was left on her desk, and… I looked through it. I just wanted to be near her."

Past the man in front of her, she saw the older man stand. He watched them closely, as she turned her focus back on the man. "You took her sketchbook and looked through it?" she asked, numbly.

The man nodded slowly, and offered her the book. She stared at the book, and took it from him. She threw it on the desk, and turned back to him, a fresh, cold, glare on her face. "How dare you." She said, almost a whisper.

She walked forward to him. "You didn't know her!" she yelled. Her tears rolled down her face freely now, but she didn't care. "None of you knew her! You didn't… know her…" she sobbed, as the escort behind her stepped forward.

The older man waved him off, and the escort reluctantly walked away. She sniffed, and got herself back together. "You didn't know her! You didn't have any right!" she yelled again, slamming her fist on his chest. "That was her book, not yours! She didn't give you permission to look in it!" she sobbed.

He saw her begin to fall to the ground, and tried to grab her, but she pushed him away. She fell to the ground, and sobbed. The older man quickly got on his phone. "Get up here now." He said into the phone, and then hanging up.