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"Aunt Kate!"

Kate looked up from getting out of the passenger seat. She looked around the parking lot, before seeing Brynne jump on her. She winced from her bandaged wrist, but still hugged her back. "Hey Brynne."

"I was so worried. Don't you EVER do that again!" Brynne said, crying into Kate's shoulder.

Kate let out a small smile. "I'll try not to. Hey Bri." Kate greeted her brother, Brian.

Brian, Brynne's father, smiled at Kate through his tears. "Hey Kat. Good to see you alive, you had us all scared to death. Dad actually got out from his chair during the football game."

Kate raised her eyebrow, as Brynne let go of her aunt. "Really? Well, doesn't that make me feel all warm inside."


Kate turned around, only to be pounced on by Abby. "Kate, you're back! You're okay! Wait, no you're not! What happened to you wrist!" Abby demanded, still hugging her.

"Well, I'll tell you… if you let me breathe…" Kate choked out.

"O, sorry. Wouldn't want you dead after you've just come back from the dead, would we?" Abby grinned.

Kate settled into her chair, giving herself a comfortable sigh. She had just finished given her statement, and now she could relax… until it was time to be in court. She reached over, and turned on her computer with her good arm. Ducky had wrapped her proclaimed sprained wrist in a tensor bandage, after hugging her very tightly. She had been proud of herself. She thought that she would have to keep her guard up; just to make sure that there were no emotional breakdowns at work.

The elevator dinged, and Kate braced herself for a remark from Tony, but a gruff voice surprised her. "Get out of this office right now."

Kate jumped, and turned. "Gibbs, I don't need to take time off. I'm fine."

Gibbs walked around to his desk, and sat down. "If it were up for debate, Agent Todd, then I wouldn't bother saying anything. Get out, and take some time off." He made it clear he wasn't going to take no for an answer, by booting up his own computer.

Kate sighed, and quickly shut her computer down. She gathered her things in silence, and headed towards the elevator. As she waited for the elevator to ding, she wondered where Tony was. On cue, the elevator dinged, and Tony emerged from it. "Going home?" He asked, stepping out.

Kate shrugged and stepped on. "Orders." She said simply, pressing the button.

A shrill whistle from the kettle woke her up from her dark dreams. She blinked, wondering where she was, before she remembered that she was home. Safe. Away from him.

She slowly got up from the couch, and headed into the kitchen. She reached over the sink and took a tea bag out of the tin can, and dropped it into a stray mug. Steam rose from the hot water that she poured into the mug, warming her hands. She discarded the kettle, not caring where it was put at the moment. She wrapped both hands around the mug, making her way into the living room of her apartment.

She snuggled into the pile of pillows and blankets she had made in the corner of the couch, cradling the tea close to her. She played, absently, with the tea bag string, as she looked around her apartment. She missed this. She missed just being with her things. Surrounded by pictures of her friends, and family. Surrounded by memories. She had just nestled further into her blankets, content with watching reruns of sappy romantic movies, when a knock at the door came.

She frowned, flicked the TV on mute, and slowly brought herself to stand. She made her way to the door, still holding her tea in her hands. Standing on her tippy-toes, she looked through the peephole. Her frown deepened, as she undid the bolt lock and the chain lock. She opened the door. "Tony, what are you doing here? Since when do you know where I live?"

Tony shrugged. "Brynne owed me one, after flipping out on me. I just thought I'd come and check up on you… make sure you're okay."

Kate smiled, and leaned on the open door. "Tony, I'm fine. But… thank you for coming here and asking."

Tony looked past her. "Can… can I come in?"

Kate shook her head. "Sorry, yea, come on in." she moved aside, letting him in.

He hung his coat up, and placed his shoes next to hers. "Would you like some tea?" Kate asked, walking into the kitchen.

Tony nodded. "Uh, sure."

Kate quickly made him a tea, and sat down beside him at the kitchen table. "So…"

Tony sipped his tea. "Kate… I know you're lying. I know that you're really not okay. You were going to tell me something before McGee interrupted… Tell me?"

Kate raised her eyebrow. "Tony, I'm fine."

He gave her a look of disbelief. "Kate…"

"Tony, I'm not lying!"

Tony sighed, and looked down at his tea. "Kate, when I a teenager, I lived next to this girl. We would walk together to and from school. Sometimes, we would even hang out. She… she had this look in her eye. The same look you have in your eyes right now. I used to ask her what was wrong, but everyday, she'd say the same thing… nothing was wrong, and she was fine." He looked up at her, right in the eyes. "Kate, it turned out that she had been kidnapped from her home when she was 10. She had been living with this couple, the couple that seemed to be the perfect couple, for 6 years, and no one had realized that she wasn't their daughter."

He paused, watching her reaction. Her eyes were wide, and her attention was completely on him. He continued, "If I just pressed the matter further… maybe… maybe things would have been different. The couple had killed her before anyone could find out. They had gotten paranoid."

"Tony I-"

"Kate, I'm not going to make that mistake twice." He said, his eyes full of determination. "I'm not leaving until you tell me how you feel. Until you cry. Until you realize that you're not invincible."

Kate stared at him for a few seconds, but it seemed like forever to them both. Slowly, she stood, and walked out of the kitchen. Tony went after her, watching her as she placed the mug on the side table, and hugged her arms around herself as she sat down on the couch, on top of the blankets.

Moving quietly, Tony sat next to her, and placed free blankets around her. She looked up at him with teary eyes, and she buried her face into his chest, griping his t-shirt tightly. He watched her, surprised, but gently ran his hand on her hair.

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