TITLE: The Desert Is Ice Cold Author: Sabaku-no-Ai

Chapter Number: One Category: Naruto Type: Romance/Humor (I can admit I suck at humor. XDD I just try to be funny. XD Apologies)
Rating: M (rated for later-later language and yaoi)
Pairings: Lee and Gaara (main)
Summary: The 3 Sand siblings are in Konoha for a mission. At least…Gaara thinks they are. What does Gai-sensei have to do with this 'mission'? Enter Lee! After knowing who's in town, he himself has a mission of his own! YaoiLeeGaa

Author's website: http/www.sabaku-no-ai.tk Author's comment: Haha, this took so long to get out. Why? I don't know, actually. Maybe I'm just a slow writer, or maybe the fact that I've been completely brain-dead for a while now. :O School has started for me, so…I might not be able to update anything as fast as I type—which I have a lot of time for. Hope you like!
Additional Notes: This story happens a few months after the Kimimaro incident. Just pretend all is well and peaceful, alright?

"Gaara, are you awake?" a dark silhouette from behind the sliding door (Note: you know, the Japanese-like thing.) asked sweetly. The tone was friendly…maybe scary.

The sliding door opened and behind it revealed a blonde girl, around 15, with four pony-tails. Her golden hair splashed from behind the rubber holding them together. Her eyes were a cold blue, but it somehow had love behind the gaze. She kneeled behind the figure huddled in the corner of the room, the person she was asking a while ago…Gaara.

"…" Gaara shifted and attempted to go closer to the wall, yet failed, for he was at the closest point he could be beside the wall without breaking it. His head was down, showing nothing but mahogany hair, and pale arms and hands entangled in the forest of auburn.

The blonde lifted her hand and touched her brother's arm. "Gaara?" she asked quietly, scared if he really was asleep.

"I'm not asleep, Temari." The red-head mumbled before sighing. "Go away." Gaara added, before going quiet again.

Temari smiled silently at her brother, before shaking the arm she was holding softly. "So then why are you on the floor? Are you tired? Are you sick? Hungry, perhaps? You should have said so because I—"

"Shut up…" Gaara commanded, a little weakly if I may say so myself, but still in a firm tone, without lifting his head still. "I'm never tired or sick. And I'm not hungry…" he lifts his head partially, his emerald eyes highlighted in the moonlight. "Now go, before I kill you." He added in a threatening, yet still weak tone, before bringing down his head once more. Temari sighed uneasily.

"I was just going to tell you that we have a mission." She said, trying not to sound persistent. Honestly, she was really excited. She succeeded in hiding her joy, making Gaara lift his head and eyes towards her direction a little, telling her that she was heard.

"What kind of mission?" the red-head asked, not all that interested, but he could admit he was awfully bored.

"It's in Konoha. I and Kankuro know nothing about it, either."

"Then who told you about it?"

"Erm…uhh…th-the…y-you see…"

"…I see what?"

"N-nothing! Who told us about it is not important, Gaara. What's important is that we do it!" The blonde's hands were fists, her elbows bended, making her clenched fists in front of her. They were shaking, making Gaara wonder.

"Do what?" the boy stalled, trying to get something from his sister, who is now obviously excited about the whole thing. "You said you and Kankuro know nothing about the mission."

"Uhhmm…" Temari was thinking of an excuse her 12-year old, yet very smart, brother would believe. She fails. "G-ga-gaara! What is this? 20 questions or something?" she was a little panicked. Her brilliant plan with her brother might be exposed! It shouldn't be until they reach Konoha. "Now come on!" she grabbed Gaara's wrist and pulled him up, not really caring that her younger brother is shooting her a death look from behind.

Out the door they went, and to Konoha they will go.






The two look-alikes hugged each other. A chough was heard from behind them.

"Oh? Ten-ten! What are you doing here? To train, perhaps?" the older, much taller, look-alike asked eagerly, facing his female pupil, a brunette, her brown eyes matching her hair that was in buns, a very Chinese hairstyle, matching her Chinese-like clothes. The girl sighed.

"If you two are done being weird, I just found out that the sand siblings are in town!" She said, starting off with a WTF-are-you-guys-doing look, and then beaming quickly at the word 'sand'. The two look-alikes in front of her beamed as well.

"Gaara-san's in town? GREAT!" Lee jumped up, fists in front of him. He kept jumping until Gai-sensei stopped the young one.

"Lee, calm down! Do you want to look for Gaara? Maybe we did enough training for today!" Gai-sensei suggested, a toothy grin plastered and cemented on his face. The younger version of him smiled, nodding furiously, and running off to a random direction.

"Gai-sensei, what was that about?" Ten-ten asked wonderingly.

"That fan girl (Note: the fan, as in, for hot days, and girl, female, not fan-girl as in a girl with fandom), Temari, contacted me yesterday, saying they made a plan to not make Gaara lonely anymore! We could at least help them with this 'plan' after what they did for Lee not too long ago!"

"And what's the plan?"

"The plan is," Gai-sensei paused, briefly looked around, and leaned closer to Ten-ten, voice down to a whisper. "In short…LEE."

Gaara walked silently, surrounded by the citizens of Konoha, getting a few glances here and there, but otherwise hidden. He had been dragged to the streets by Temari, whom he had lost sight of among the busy people, around 3 hours ago. He wanted to go back to the apartment they were staying in, yet when he did try to go there, he got lost.

Deciding to not try anymore, Gaara just walked around, his feet honestly aching, until he is found by someone he knows.

That's it! Lee thought to himself, while making his way to the cities to try and look for a familiar, emotionless face. This time, I'm going to get him to smile and be friends with me! That's been my goal ever since he saved me from Kimimaro. 4 months ago, that was, I know, but I never had the chance to see him. I've been training a lot, and he must be busy…being Kazekage now and all…

Lee dashed along the street.

You can beat loneliness. But to be honest, if you think you can't, you never will be able to. If you wanted to be happy, believe you can be happy. If you think it's not possible, then maybe you don't want to be happy. I learned that lesson, in a way. I wanted to be great, to prove myself. I have thought I can, so I tried. Up to now, I'm still trying, but I am surely getting there. Day by day, I get better…but of course, not alone. Gaara helped me, as well as everyone else.

Maybe that's just what Gaara needed all this time. A friend that could be there. Lee paused his thoughts for a while, as well as pausing his running. He smiled. "…" He sighed to himself, in content, and shook his head, starting to run again.

I want to be that friend.

Lee slowed down and smiled again a few minutes later, a clump of mahogany brown/red hair was seen behind a small tree.

"I expected to find you here, Gaara-san…" Lee whispered to himself, sighing, still with a smile on his face. Gaara would always be the kid outside, the kid who didn't belong, as most people would say. But Lee didn't think so. Lee didn't like people who assumed Gaara would stay like that and be a homicidal maniac forever. They no nothing. They shouldn't say anything smart-ass-like about what they don't understand.

3 and a half hours have passed, and for the past 15 minutes, Gaara sat behind a tree in an empty location, finally remembering the pleasure of solitude. Though…he quickly forgets this pleasure again.

"Boo!" a familiar voice said, strong hands, seemingly bandaged, covered his eyes from behind the tree (Note: yes, the tree is being hugged as well. It's not a very fat/wide tree anyway.).

"What are you doing here, Lee?" Gaara asked, already knowing who it was without thinking, and as if he didn't care of the 13-year-old's presence. In all truth and honesty though, he was happy to be with someone for once. Especially him.

"Awww, you peeped." Lee joked. He already knew that Gaara would know. Lee fake pouted and sat beside the red-head, staring at whatever the sand wielder was staring at.

A squirrel up in a tree.

"What are you doing here?" Gaara repeated after a few moments of silence. During those times, Lee couldn't bare sitting still, unlike Gaara, and constantly shifted, stretched, stood up and sat back down again or encircled the small tree along with the boy.

"Well, this is Konoha, right? Unless I'm in the wrong country!" Lee sighed, happy that the silence was broken. The squirrel has jumped on his shoulder a moment or two ago. And now it rested on Gaara's head. Gaara had no problem, as it was not bothering him. He didn't want to move, anyway. Lee chuckled at this sight.

"…" Gaara grew quiet again, making Lee sigh once more. Gaara turned his head instantly to Lee, the squirrel was thrown off his head and on to the ground; it ran for safety, now scared of Gaara. "You've been doing that a lot lately." He hissed, almost threateningly, obviously annoyed of Lee's sighs. "If you're bored, go away. Or do I have to kill you to keep you quiet?" He mumbled under his breath, yet still audible for the bobbed-cut ninja a little hesitant.

Lee quickly regained his confident position.

"I'm not bored!" he smiled to Gaara. Gaara looked away into space, not really caring much anymore. "I just…you know, hoped we could do something else! But could I ask you first…what are you doing here?"

"I'm on a mission with my siblings." Gaara closed his eyes after what seemed like an eternity from his last blink. He will certainly be the king of the Staring Game. "I lost sight of them hours ago while shopping, I guess."

Lee felt bad for Gaara. Hours, huh? And they didn't even care to find him. I bet he was the one looking around for them. His feet are a little red from walking. …Oh, I know! "Why don't I help you?" Lee suggested, a smile crossing his face. "Or at least, I can accompany you! You know, we could grab a bite somewhere and then—"


"Huh?" Lee was a little confused. "Uhm…I said…I'll help you?"

"No, after that."

"…I'll accompany you…?"

"After that." Gaara said a little lower, getting a tad frustrated.

"…Uhh…we could grab a bite somewhere?" Lee hesitated to say it again, but did, fearing his life.

"What did you mean by that?" Gaara's tone returned to normal; a deep, a little scary, monotonous voice.

"….Uhm…" Lee started to think, his thumb rubbing his chin, as if it would help him think of something. He started making these noises (i.e. 'hmmm…', 'uhhh…', 'letseeeee….') "…I meant…" he started. "I guess I meant we could hang out together, you know, casually and not waiting for any siblings and whatnot?"

Gaara stayed quiet. He seemed to be thinking about it. A few seconds passed, when he finally replied: "No."

"What? Why not?" Lee wondered. His mission is not going to work is Gaara is going to resist!

Gaara's shoulders lowered a little, he himself sighed and leaned more comfortable to the tree, eyes closed. "Because."

"Because what?"

"Just because."

"I won't take no for an answer."

"Too bad for you. I said no."

"Come on, Gaara-san, it will be fun!" Lee jumped up at this, his eyes, to Gaara, strangely determined to get him along. Gaara wondered why everyone must be so persistent and determined to get him to go somewhere. Can't he go somewhere alone?

"Let go of me…" Gaara said in a threatening voice, as he was being dragged by the wrist by Lee, along the streets of Konoha. It was still a busy street. Gaara would occasionally bump into people, much to his annoyance.

"If you wanted me to let go," Lee started, turning his head to look at Gaara over the shoulder before looking ahead again, still running along the streets. "You would have done something. You are the Kazekage, right?"

Gaara remained silent. Maybe he just isn't used to touch. In truth, he liked Lee's company. He half didn't want to be let go, but the other half was persistent, the half that doesn't know how to feel, the half that would always flinch away upon contact with other humans in almost any way. "I don't want to be known as Kazekage. I want to be hidden." Gaara said silently.

"But everyone in Konoha knows you're the Kazekage now, Gaara-san! Being Kazekage is such a great honor! It means you're powerful!" Lee tried to convince him. He admired Gaara for his strength, but is a little envious of it, as well. Gaara almost never trains. Lee usually trains from sun up to sun down. And yet, Gaara is still more powerful.

"I'm aware of what it means. But the power is…not mine." Gaara's voice faded to a mumble at the last part his head lowering a little, yet Lee, being the keen kid he is, heard him. They stopped in the middle of the street.

Lee knew what Gaara meant. Lee couldn't say that the monster is him, therefore making it his own power. No one would say that to a still-sort-of-homicidal maniac. Lee didn't think that way, anyway. "Well," Lee begun. "I think you're very powerful. With or without." Lee didn't want to mention the demon specifically, might it make Gaara hurt him. Gaara's head shot up, his narrow emerald eyes focused on onyx colored round ones. "…" Gaara said nothing.

"Haha…" Lee chuckled weakly, trying to pull Gaara's body to start walking again. His eyes averted to something else, for it was a tad scary, looking into Gaara's eyes. The first time he did that, his dream almost got destroy. The second time, however…he was saved. Lee nods to himself, admitting silently in his mind that simply staring at each other is awkward. "…Come on, Gaara-san, there's this shop over there. Let's go eat."

"Don't call me Gaara-san. You should be called like that instead of me."

"Huh? Why?"

"You were the first one to hurt me here." Gaara pointed to his face. "Not here, unlike everyone else." His right hand rested on his heart, his gaze lowered to the ground. "You weren't scared of me. You even touched me and the sand didn't react."

Lee blushed a bit, and smiled an honest smile. "I won't hurt you there," Lee took the cold, pale hand located over the young boy's heart, in his own. "I won't hurt you anywhere for that matter anymore! And Gaara, I don't see any reason to be scared of you. And touching you? You're maybe right on that, but…I don't need to be called 'san' for it." He chuckled. "It makes me blush, when people call me that."

"Why, Lee-san?"

Lee blushed until he was beet red in color. It was embarrassing to call him 'Lee-san'…for him, at least. Plus…Gaara looked so cute saying it. Lee cleared his throat. It didn't help. His voice was still a little shaky. "E-err…I told you not to call me that, Gaara-san…" his eyes looked around, looking for anything to distract him from Gaara.

"Then don't call me Gaara-san. Besides, you're older." Gaara said monotonously, before resuming the stopped walk they had together.

"…" Lee stared as the pale hand slipped away from his calloused ones. He stared at Gaara's back as he walked to the direction they were going to. Lee noticed the gourd. I should try lifting that thing for every waking moment. Lee mused. Gaara carried it around, even ran with it, like it weighed nothing. How much sand is in that thing, how hard the exterior of the gourd really is, Lee could only guess. In general, though, he knew it was heavy.

Lee sighed, and shook his head, a small smile on his lips. He walked quickly to Gaara's side, catching up with the sand-nin, as they both made their way to the Ichiraku Ramen branch, now visible.

Author's Note: Haha…XD Chapter one is done. It's so short. ;; Why? I dunno…I wasn't really planning to end here, and just end with a cliffhanger, but no. I'm a good person. I don't really like making people so uber-anxious that they'll annoy me with 'Please update' notes and whatnot. XDD But it's nice receiving those! OO It means people actually want you to continue! What do you think of the story so far? Read and review please!