Chapter 1 The Nightmare

Jake and Rose were in a park, on a picnic. "It's so peaceful here." Rose said and smiled at Jake. "Uh, yeah..." Jake replied. He felt uncomfortable, because he knew he was dating the Huntsgirl, his arch foe! Suddenly, the earth beneath them started to crack, and they fell down below. Jake screamed. "Woah! Hey, wait! Dragon up!" He changed into dragon form. "I can fly!" Just as he flapped his wings, he hit a hard ground. "Aww man!" Groaning, he stood himself up, and looked around. He was stunned to see the Huntsgirl, Dark Dragon & Huntsmaster standing in front of him. "So, we meet again, American Dragon.." Huntsmaster sneered. Huntsgirl stepped toward Jake. "As you can see, we've teamed up with the Dark Dragon, because we are on the same mission: To destroy you!" She raised her staff at Jake. Jake gasped. The Dark Dragon and the Huntsclan were working together! There was no way he'd be able to defeat them all! "Any last words, Jake?" Jake was stunned. "You mean you, you know who I am!" he asked. The Huntsgirl laughed evilly. "Say good bye, Dragon!" She pushed her staff into his side. It started glowing, brighter and brighter! 'This is it, Jake thought, covering his eyes, I'm going to die right here!' He looked away and braced himself for what was next; a painful death. "AHHH!" He screamed. Jake sat up straight, and looked around. He wasn't at the park, or even underground! He was in his room! "Phew!" Jake whispered to himself, "It was just a dream!" With another sigh of relief, Jake lay down and instantly fell back asleep.

I know, it's not much, and kinda boring. Next chapter will be better. I promise!