Replies To Reviewers :D

Celestial Pendent: Well, the last chap is up! Go find out D

Worker72: Yeah, maybe she will in the sequel!

dragongirl5555: Yes, I am working on the sequel.

EviLAngeLOfDarkness: Really? I'm really your favorite AD: JL author? Wow! I'm flattered!

Ok, for everybody who has read this, I have decided to do a sequel, and it shouldn't take too long, because I am totally psyhched to start! As a matter of fact, I'm working on it as we! LOL! Um, chapters...I'm not sure whether the sequel will have more or less chapters. Most likely more, because this one has a bigger and better plot! Only time will tell...also these chapters are a lot longer! I promise! D Here is a summary for the sequel!

Love & Responsibility

Rose finally knows that Jake is the American Dragon. However, she and Jake have decided to put aside their diferences, and to get back together. They refuse to fight each other ever again... Everything is going along swell untill the Huntsmaster learns that Rose has not only befriended Jake, but is dating him as well! And to top it off, Rose finds out that she's a dragon! Things wouldn't be so bad, if she could only master going full dragon! Now Rose has a choice to make. But does she choose love...? Or does she choose her destiny...? Only time will tell...

I am working on this right now, so hang on tight! It won't be long before I can post it!