The Other Side of the Wall

An Albel/Nel fic that happens before Fayt appears and all that stuff. On the border Aquaria and Airyglyph, a massive wall has been built to separate the two countries during war. Watch as Albel and Nel go through their childhood, learning that the people on the other side of the wall aren't as evil as they are said to be…

It was the middle of the night when a six-year-old Albel Nox crept through the fields to the border of Airyglyph. His parents had told him time and time again that he was not allowed to go near the wall, for horrible people on the other side could kill him. But Albel was not the kind to obey his parents very often. Curiosity always overwhelmed him and soon he would be where he was not supposed to go.

Now, this was Albel's first time actually sneaking to the border. In most cases, he wandered the village and stargazed out in the fields, but his adventurous nature got the better of him this night. The young boy, who lived in the castle with his parents, had been training for the dragon ceremony that would happen in a few years. He was already a good fighter, but his mother always forced him to study. He himself was like his mother when it came to writing. He was left-handed, just like his mom. He hated to admit it, but he enjoyed writing and studying with his mother almost as much as he loved to practice fighting and with his father.

They said that he got his adventurous instinct from his mother's side. She had always been brave. She had found her lost kitten down in the dungeons when she was seven. She truly was brave.

And his father… that's where he got his temper from. He had always been short-tempered and a quick tongue, although Albel could hold it back.

Albel neared a part of the wall that was hidden by a tree and a few shrubs. His friends had told him of a hole that was hidden behind it, and so he, being as curious and nosy as he was, had to see it for himself. He did indeed find it, and it was quite big, too. He could most likely fit his head through it.

He knew better than that, though. He had gotten his head stuck in holes in the dungeon walls and he would be stuck there for an hour or so until some passerby found him and helped him out.

But that was not the reason he was here. He wanted to see the other side… He wanted to see Aquaria.

Rumors spread among the kids that Aquaria was one of the most evil places there was. People that lived there were horrible, ugly monsters that loved nothing more than to eat your insides and hang your skulls out for decoration.

But what he saw surprised him. It was nothing like they had said. Their villages looked just like the ones in Airyglyph! But you could never tell. It could easily be an illusion.

He then looked towards the fields. They were wide and rolling, just like his own. Flowers that bloomed in the day were closed, while the shine from foxfire mushrooms shimmered under the trees.

Then he noticed her…

A small girl about five years of age with bright red hair, laying down in the grass and staring at the sky. There was no way that she could be a monster. She was too… innocent looking. Even monsters in disguise had a hint of evil on them. This girl was absolutely pure from head to toe.

"Hey! Girl!" He called to her. The young child turned her head to face him, bright sapphire eyes glancing in his direction. "Over here!" He called again. This time, the girl stood up and walked over to him. She was wearing a simple white dress that flowed elegantly in the wind. When she saw the hole, she walked faster until she was in front of it. Then, crouching down, she replied to Albel's calls.

"Yes?" She asked curiously. Albel blinked, surprised that she had actually come.

"Are you trapped over there?" He asked worriedly. "Did somebody kidnap you?" The red-haired girl shook her head.

"Nope." She replied with a smile. Her voice was soft and sweet. No monster could have a voice like that.

"Then why are you over there?" The Airyglyph asked curiously.

"I live over here, silly!" She giggled.

"You don't look like a monster…" Albel said almost immediately. The redhead cast him a curious glance.

"Are you looking for monsters?" Albel shook his head.

"No… my friends just said that there are monsters on your side of the wall." He explained. "I wanted to see if it was true."

The small girl cast a glance over her shoulder. "I don't see any." She said with a smile. "There's nothing here."

A gentle smile spread across Albel's face. So they truly were all lies. Then what was the wall for? He would find out tomorrow morning.

"Hey… you didn't tell me your name." Albel pointed out. The red haired girl smiled.

"It's Nel." She replied. "What's yours?"

"Albel." He said with a grin. "Will you meet me tomorrow?"

& & & & &


Albel stepped towards the old man who was in the library studying. "Yes?" he asked, never turning away from his books. Albel managed to pull himself on the chair across from him; a curious look planted on his face.

"What's on the other side of that wall?" He asked innocently. Woltar tore away from his books glanced up at him in surprise.

"What's this all about?" He asked, shooting him a look of suspicion. Albel grinned.

"No reason!" He replied with a laugh. "Just wondering." Woltar sighed and placed his head in his hands.

"I guess you were bound to ask sometime…" He muttered. Albel sat on the edge on his seat, eager to hear what was so dangerous about that side of the wall. "On the other side of that wall is the city of Aquaria."

"I KNOW that!" Albel whined, slumping in his seat. "What a load of-" Woltar cut him off by hitting him on the head with one of his books.

"That's not the only reason, you dolt!" he barked. "Aquaria has been our enemy for generations! The people over on that side are traitors to us all!"

Albel could only gape at Woltar's outburst, completely forgetting about the throbbing pain on his head. When realization dawned on the old man, he quickly apologized and sat back down.

"Are they all bad?" He asked nervously, his thoughts lingering back to the red-haired girl. "Is every single one of them our enemy?" Woltar heaved out a sigh.

"No… several of them are innocent… they just live on the other side, not wishing for war… but be careful of who you trust if you ever meet an Aquarian."

"But how am I supposed to know if it's an Aquarian?" Albel asked hotly. "They look just like us in my opinion!" Woltar smiled at his debate. It was quite true… but he had to learn.

"Someday… when you're older, you'll understand."

Standing up, Woltar ruffled the young boy's already messy hair and walked out of the room, leaving Albel alone to think.

& & & & &

Albel crept through the fields for the second night in a row. Knowing that breaking a promise was always bad, he got out of the castle as soon as he could. He crept behind the tree and looked through the hole, finding Nel waiting patiently on the other side. She smiled at him when he appeared.

"What took you?" She asked curiously. Albel shrugged.

"My parents usually stay up late." He replied in an annoyed tone. Nel nodded in understanding.



"Do you know why this wall is here?" The redhead nodded.

"It's to keep our enemies on the other side." She replied knowingly.

"Have you betrayed anyone?" He asked. She shook her head. "Hurt anybody?" Nel shook her head again. "Do you wish the war would end?"

"Yes." She said with a smile. Albel grinned.

"Well, then you aren't my enemy!"


Yeah… my first Star Ocean's fic. If I screwed up on some bits, don't flame me please! I haven't played the game very much… only at my friend's house. That's why I did something like this… so it would be easier for me.

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