Star Fox: The Digital Danger

By: Wolf E. Urameshi

Started: 5-17-2005

Finished: -

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Prologue: A Story Retold

Star Fox 64®

Team Star Fox: the ultimate mercenary group, leaded by Fox McCloud. Their
legend began a long time ago, when they defended the Lylat System from the
menace of Andross Oikonny, mad scientist exiled to the toxic planet Venom
for his insane experiments. Having fended off his evil regime of tyranny,
the system rejoiced upon his defeat. And team Star Fox embarked on more of
their adventures, ever vigilant against all threats to the Lylat System.

Star Fox Adventures®

Several years later, the team was once again called in by General Pepper,
leader of Corneria, to investigate an uprising caused by General Scales,
Sharpclaw tyrant, at Dinosaur Planet. There, Fox McCloud earned more than
he bargained for, for he befriended the Earthwalker prince Tricky, as well
as the mysterious female telepath fox Krystal, who joined the team.
However, this earned him another battle with the tyrant Andross. At the
climactic point of the battle, when Fox was about to fall, he was saved by
old friend Falco Lombardi, who rejoined the team at that same moment.
Together, they fended off Andross... And hoped he was destroyed forever this

Krazoa Legends

A few weeks after Andross's final defeat, Fox was again hired by Pepper to
investigate several incidents at the planet, which eventually resulted in
the discovery of the truth about the origin of General Scales' evil desires,
as well as the finding of his descendant, Janus, who abandoned his father
for the evil that corrupted him. Having to fight the evil fraternity that
raided the planet, the battle concluded with an explosive battle against
Andross... Or perhaps a ghost of him. Having seen (and believing,
unfortunately) that Janus gave his life for destroying Oikonny, Fox, in an
explosive load of anger, chased Andross and finally defeated him.
Miraculously, Janus survived, and married his love Cecilia.

Star Fox: Assault®

Years after the fall of the Fraternity and of Andross's ghost, the team was
summoned to destroy a Venomian fleet commanded by Andrew Oikonny, nephew to
Andross, self-proclaimed Emperor and ex-member of Star Fox's rival team,
Star Wolf. However, they didn't destroy him. What did so was a new menace
instead: the Aparoids, evil insects, supposedly created by the hand of
technology, which became immediately a threat, causing a system-wide crisis
due to their unusual ability to absorb technology and control it. But that
wasn't all: They also had the unnecessary faculty of controlling one's mind,
which led to the controlling of people such as General Pepper, Pigma Dengar,
by this time lone wolf mercenary and even Peppy Hare (ex-pilot of Star Fox).
Having fended off the aparoids on all corners of Lylat, receiving
unexpected help from Star Wolf and destroying the Aparoid Queen in the
Aparoid planet, the Lylat System was saved once again. But victory came at
a high price: No one knows whether Star Wolf is alive. But never did Star
Fox realize that one of their greatest battles was starting...

Lylat System, two weeks after the Aparoid raid

"My friends... Thank you."

The words echoed in his mind like a lost voice in a cave. Fox stared
blankly at the space that now surrounded him and his mother ship, the Great
Fox. He just stared, completely lost in thought and unknowing of his
surroundings. He nearly lost all of his closest rivals and friends, which
he considered his family at the very least. Even his rival team Star Wolf.
Those around him were a small piece of his life, so he considered them a
part of him. "Fox? What's the matter?"

He turned to see his friend Krystal, whom he found on Dinosaur Planet and
joined the team. She stared back at him worriedly. "Oh, it's nothing.
Just thinking about some things."

Krystal frowned at the statement. It was a usual line for Fox now. "Fox...
You've been like this for nearly two weeks. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Sure, I'm fine..." Fox smiled back and turned at the space again. "I'm
just worried about something... I'm feeling like something's missing. Like
if... Well... I don't know..."

"Fox?" Krystal was forced to be surprised, as much as she hated to admit it

"Andross is gone, so is Oikonny, the Aparoids were eliminated..." Fox was
lost again, his mind a cloud of complete distress. "I'm... I think there's
something else." Krystal gasped. "I believe there's something... We left
undone. Like if there's something worse growing."

"Fox... Since when?" Krystal stepped forward, but stopped when Fox slowly

"I don't know... I can't even remember now," Fox looked back again. "But
I'm gonna find out what it is. No matter what it takes, I will."

"Fox..." Krystal shook her head, telling herself not to worry about Fox.
She knew he'd be okay, at least for the time being.

"...And I think I know where to look." Fox turned and walked towards the
cockpit as he exited his room. Krystal stared back in angst. She knew
something was bothering him, but this was something not even she could find

"Well, well, look who decided to show up after so long!" A familiar voice
shouted from a seat near the frontal part of the ship's computer.

"Weren't you taught to respect your superiors, Falco?" Fox snapped back with
a frown as Falco shrugged and sat back.

"Not my fault you're so spaced out." Falco replied and just went to sleep on
the chair, not caring one bit about what else happened.

"Hey, Fox, I'm almost done with my latest upgrade to the Blaster! Want to
check it out?" A high-pitched voice asked him as Fox shook his head and
stared back at Slippy.

"No thanks, I'd rather test it on a battle!" Fox snickered silently to
himself and nodded at old Peppy.

"Well, Fox, what are we going to do? Right now, there's no work, so I guess
we're free to do what we want." His elderly voice asked, a bit raspy but
with enough energy to be considered strong. Fox looked at Peppy, and set
his mind straight.

"Peppy, set a course for Planet Sauria. I guess we have some visiting to

"Fox?" Krystal knew that if he decided to go there, it was serious. But
then again, maybe not. She took a seat, and decided to wait it out.

"Setting course for Planet Sauria." The robotic voice of ROB announced as
the Great Fox accelerated and traveled to the place once known as Dinosaur

Fox knew he wouldn't do anything standing up, so he sat on his chair and
decided to play something on his laptop, but not even that helped, so he
snapped it off and looked at the front of the ship. The space entertained
him, just enough for it to feed off Fox's boredom.

"Now approaching Sauria; Great Fox nearing Sauria airspace." Rob announced
after about fifteen minutes of waiting.

"Finally, I'm no longer bored. Joy." Falco said as he walked around
impatiently. But then, the whole ship suddenly shook with a force strong
enough to knock them down.

"Everyone alright? Peppy, find the attackers on radar!" Fox ordered as
Peppy quickly regained his composure and scrambled towards his radar.
Several airships materialized on screen.

"Hmm... Judging by the appearance of their ships, I'd say they're Cornerian
Army deserters. Probably trying to ambush us for some big purpose of
theirs." Peppy replied as he analyzed the conditions.

"I guess they were bored with the army life." Slippy retorted, but Falco cut
in annoyingly.

"You should correct that, basket case: They need to be taught a lesson!" He
said in a challenging way.

"You're right for once. Let's go, team!" Fox commanded as everyone ran
outside and to their Arwings. Several passageways were all that stood
between them and their aircrafts as the docking bay opened and they jumped

"Be careful, guys: I have a feeling they were certainly prepared for space
confrontation." Peppy warned as Fox nodded from inside his Arwing.

"Understood! Alright team, move out!" Upon ending his sentence, the four
Arwings darted into space. "Be careful, team, I'm suspecting they're
planning something."

"No sweat, under control!" Falco replied confidently.

"There is no need to be so arrogant! Anything is dangerous, even something
as simple as this!" Krystal warned, but Falco chuckled.


"D-Did I just say simple? I meant--"

"That's enough, guys, here we go!" Fox said once he noticed reaction from
the enemy.

"There they are! It's Star Fox! Get him!" One of them, obviously a dog,
yelled as several ships, dark-tanned and opposing the colors of Cornerian
army ships rushed ahead to attack.

"It's time to teach you to respect people's valuables!" Falco yelled as he
rushed ahead.

"Don't get too excited, or you'll regret it!" Slippy yelled as he flew down
and began to shoot.

"Look who's talking! You already have one behind you!" Falco replied as
Slippy flew around, attempting to evade gunfire.

"Aw, great, and I had resolved to end that trend!" Slippy said as Fox flew
behind him and shot at the craft, sending it barrel-rolling into space.

"Thanks a lot, Fox!" Slippy thanked and resumed his fire.

"Sure. And I've got you guys now!" Fox began to shoot down several
airships, which, he found, were too weak to be considered fighter aircrafts.
"Too weak; retire with honor, please."

"Fox, enemy stations are launching fighters. Shoot them down or else
they'll take the quadrant!" Peppy warned as Krystal's arwing flew ahead to
the four stations.

"Watch me take the credit!" Krystal teased as she shot one station down, but
then she had no choice but to flee, for enemy airships were chasing her.

"Augh, I'm hit!" She yelled as Fox shot the aircrafts down.

"And you said it was too simple." Fox joked back with a grin, but Krystal
disapproved lightly.

"Not funny, Fox!" Krystal warned as she resumed her fighting. Fox took down
one station, and then fired a bomb at the remaining two, destroying them

"Just like the old saying goes, two birds with one stone!" Fox praised
himself with pride, but it was replaced by pure annoyance when Falco came

"Hey, I resent that!"

But then they realized something: One station was left, and it was

"Give up! There's nowhere to run! You lost and we win-accept it already!"
Falco challenged, but they didn't show any signs of surrendering.

"We refuse to fall to Star Fox! Get ready to be erased from existence!
Hiss!" A cobra's voice yelled, and with that, the station exploded, but in
its place stood some sort of armored robot, armed with a plasma cannon and a

"A prototype? I thought they were syndicated!" Slippy remarked to himself
as Peppy spoke afterwards.

"They must have taken it by illegal ways. Fox, destroy that robot before it
makes mincemeat out of you!"

"Understood! Everyone, shoot it down!"

The robot replied with cannon fire, nearly hitting Krystal, who dodged by
flying to her right. "Whew, glad I'm a telepath!"

"Attack!" Peppy barked, receiving retaliation from the ships for a reply.

"Shield analysis done, you should have it by now!" Slippy's voice
acknowledged as the shield came up on screen.

"I sense it... Fox, destroy the shield, then aim for its chest!" Krystal
advised with a hint of wisdom and security. Fox listened and fired towards
the shield, blowing it away, then proceeded with the armored chest, but it
was deflecting all shots.

"Wha—It's deflecting my fire!"

"Charge your shot, Fox!" Peppy answered as Fox charged the fire and
temporarily broke through the shield.

"That's the way, Fox! Now shoot it down!" Slippy commented as Fox fired
continuously and finally ended the robot's life as it exploded in the

"Yes, we win!" Slippy cheered as Falco sighed on his side.

"Well, you can be sure they won't want to touch other people's property
without permission!"

"Yeah, I agree," Fox looked at everyone, and made a report. "Everyone
alright? Nice job, team."

"Yeah, but Slippy, be more careful next time!" Falco warned Slippy, who
grunted in disgust at the sentence.

"I just lowered my defense for a second!"

"Relax, at least we won and we're all fine. That's all that matters!" Peppy
replied as Krystal and Fox returned to Sauria. Falco and Slippy left for
the Great Fox and left them alone-they knew the planet held a lot of
sentimental value to Fox and Krystal.


"It's nice to be back after all this... Feels great." Fox remarked as he
walked around Thorntail Hollow with Krystal.

"Yes, but where is Tricky? I don't see him anywhere..."

"He'll show up soon..." Fox said as he looked around, but something caught
his attention. He looked at a tall Sharpclaw standing on a cliff, staring
at the ocean of Cape Claw and dressed in combat attire: A green spandex suit
with white lines around the arms and legs that covered him from neck to toe
and exposed just the tail. Something that caught their attention was that
the build was very muscular and detailed-to Fox, it was too familiar. He
was wearing a blaster in his hands; it looked a lot like Fox's, but with the
exception that it was white instead of its usual gray scheme, and, from what
he could tell, it could equip more energy cartridges than the team's, which
allowed for faster firing and charging.

"Hey, ready?" The dinosaur shouted at a place and person neither of the
foxes could see.

"Here they come!" A low, teenager-like voice shouted as some disk-like
devices came up flying in the air. The shooter aimed and took out all four
of them, but nearly didn't have time to shoot the other seven disks that
followed. "Nice shooting, Dad!"

"Yeah, I guess that's enough for today! Go tell your Mother I'll be there
for dinner soon!"


The Sharpclaw jumped down and landed in front of Fox, a short distance
between them.

"Nice shooting there..." Fox complimented as the Sharpclaw rose from the

"Gee. Thanks, uh..." He looked straight at Fox and froze. So did Fox and
Krystal. Five seconds of silence were all that stood between them and

"Fox?" The Sharpclaw asked, finally grinning after the dead silence.

"...Janus?" Fox asked afterwards, reacting the same way.


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