Simple Crush

A/N: Well, the title says it all. But the title really should say 'Simple Crush and Love with some little twists' he he. Well, this is based on a true story that happened at school but I put a little twists in it. Enjoy!

Summary: Every girl has a crush, seriously. But, it's hard to not be infatuated by a guy's looks, what really matters is the inside and how they really act. What's most important is to get to know your crush even if it means getting hurt somehow…



Kikyo, a sophomore at Goshinboku High, walked the halls of school. She wasn't like all the girls at school…she was normal. Normal meaning not wearing so much makeup, not wearing skimpy clothes, not so girly…just normal like a girl who really cares for her grades and doesn't think about guys all the time. But every girl, normal or not, has to have one thing…a crush.

Kikyo walked slowly into class. It was the first day of school and everyone was uneasy.

"Hello students." Said a teacher at front. "I am Mr. Fujiko and I have assigned everyone seats before school had started so once the bell rings you will be sitting where I assign you on this paper. For now, talk and sit anywhere you want."

Students immediately began talking about summer, what they did, and other stuff.

Kikyo looked at her peers. Some she knew and some she never saw. She took a breath and sat down.


Kikyo turned around. Her long raven hair swayed in the air. "Hai?"

A girl with short black hair ran to Kikyo. "Kikyo! Hey, how you been?"

"Kagura! Hi…how was Hokkaido in summer?"

Kagura bit her lip. "It sucked…I didn't meet any cute guys in Hokkaido."

Kikyo smiled. Kagura, her friend, spent her summer in Hokkaido with her family. Kikyo stayed home with her little sister and her parents. (A/N: Yes, she has parents in this story and Kagura is her friend. I couldn't think of anyone else.)

Suddenly, a group of guys walked in. They wore all black and laughed a bit. They stared at the classroom then found empty seats and sat. Then they began talking again.

Kikyo's heart fluttered in her stomach. One of the guys was Inuyasha. The two had known each other since Elementary and were friends but as the years went by, their friendship slowly broke somehow. They talked a bit but that was all. Kikyo had grown to like him more and more when they spoke even though their conversations were small.

Inuyasha looked at Kikyo. He stared for a bit then smiled. "Hey, you're in my first period class Kikyo."

Kikyo blushed and nodded. "Y-Yeah…I-I am…"

Inuyasha turned to his friends and began talking. Kikyo sank in her seat. Geez…I am so pathetic…

Kagura smiled. "Hey! It's Inuyasha."

Kikyo looked at Kagura. Kagura didn't know that Kikyo had a crush on Inuyasha. And also, Kagura had a crush on Inuyasha too. Everything was so complicated.

DDDIIIIINNNNNGGGG! The bell rang. Mr. Fujiko coughed. "Eh hem. Class! The bell has now rung and I'm in charge now. Today is the first day of school so let me tell you how I run my class. No talking when I am speaking or you'll get a severe punishment! No throwing things, no yelling, no cheating, and no spitting." He said in a loud and clear voice. "I have assigned you guys seats so no complaining or you'll take a run around the school!"

"Ooh…" mocked one of Inuyasha's friends named Kouga. Everyone laughed.

Mr. Fujiko walked up to Kouga's desk and slammed his hands on it. "You think this is a joke? Oh no siree. This is not a joke!" he said angrily. "Take a lap around the school right now!"

"Okay, geez…" Kouga walked out of the room to the front of the school. He began running. Goshinboku school was a large school that could make you tired if you ran around it. Kouga sighed. "Well, Mr. Fujiko is gonna be tough one."

Mr. Fujiko cleared his throat. "Now, don't get me wrong. I can be nice and fun teacher once in a while. I just don't tolerate smart mouths. Now, I should assign your seats shouldn't I?"

Everyone nodded without anyone talking.

"Okay." He began calling out names and pointing out the seats they were to sit near. Alas, he called out, "Kikyo…sit next to Inuyasha."

Kikyo blushed but followed his orders. Everyone was in their seats now, fidgeting to try and get comfortable.

Mr. Fujiko laughed. "Okay, I guess we still have a lot of time. Let's do introductions."

Everyone hoorayed. They liked introductions more then work.

Time seemed to speed up. Class was about to end in ten minutes. Kikyo wanted to say something to Inuyasha but her mouth couldn't budge. Finally she said, "Inuyasha?"

"Yeah?" he looked up at Kikyo.

"C-can I borrow an extra pencil. U-uh…mine broke."

Inuyasha nodded. "Yeah, here." He threw it at Kikyo but Kikyo didn't catch it. Inuyasha sighed. "Here, lemme get it." He crawled under the table where it had fell and put it in Kikyo's hand. "Now don't lose it again. Give it to me after class okay?"

Kikyo looked at Inuyasha. His silver hair made Kikyo in a trance. She wanted to touch it but that would be rude. Suddenly she looked at Inuyasha. Oh no…here it comes! Kikyo closed her eyes.

BAM! Inuyasha smacked Kikyo on the head. If there was one thing Kikyo had to say she hated about Inuyasha, it was his temper and how he reacted to things. He hated it when you didn't answer him. Every time that happened, he would hit you, friend or not.

"Hey, you were supposed to nod your head idiot!"

Kikyo quickly nodded it. "Y-Yes…"

"Oh quit it will you?"

Inuyasha turned. There infront of Inuyasha was Mizuru. "Inuyasha, quit hitting people."

Inuyasha blushed. "Fine!"

Kikyo sighed. Mizuru was Inuyasha's crush last year. Everyone said he was over it but Kikyo knew he still liked her a bit. Kikyo rested her head on the table.

"Hey guys!"

The three looked. There sat Kouga, catching his breath. "Sorry I took so long. Usually I should be faster but…well…never mind." He took a seat near Kikyo.

Kouga took a breath. "So…"

"So what?" Inuyahsa asked.

"Class is almost over in ten minutes. What do you wanna do?"

"I dunno, sit around!" Inuyasha replied.

"That's boring."

"Well, it is just the first day of school." Kikyo said, siding on Inuyasha's side.

Kouga sighed. "I guess you guys are right. There's nothing to do much on the first day of school and I missed introductions so I practically missed all the fun huh?"

Mizuru laughed. "Yup!"

Inuyasha stared at Mizuru. "Yep. Mizuru's right."

Kikyo looked at Inuyasha. "Hm…" Maybe the only reason I like him is because he looks cute. Maybe that's all…right! I shouldn't like him. I mean, Mizuru and him make a cute couple! Yeah! Yeah…

DDDIIIINNNNGGG! Ten minutes had gone by already. Kikyo grabbed her books. "Well…I'm gonna go now…"

"Wait!" Inuyasha grabbed her arm.
Kikyo looked at his golden eyes. Her face turned bright red. "W-what…!"

"Pencil." He said. "Gimme my pencil."

Kikyo grew less tense. "Oh yeah…here." She threw him his pencil. BAM! Inuyasha smacked her head. "Hey, don't throw it!"

Kikyo blushed. "G-Gomen…."

Inuyasha looked at her eyes. Suddenly, he turned bright red. "See ya then."

Kikyo silently walked out of class. She didn't dare look back. Her face was flushed with red.

Kagura ran to Kikyo. "Lucky!"

Kikyo was shocked. "Why…?"

"You sit near Inuyasha! I wanted to sit near him… Hey, why is your face so red?"

Kikyo put her hands on her face. "Ugh…I don't wanna sit near Inuyasha."

"Hey! Why don't you ask Mr. Fujiko to trade seats!"

Kikyo gulped. The truth was, Kikyo meant to say, 'I don't think I can handle sitting near my crush.' "I dunno. Mr. Fujiko seemed really happy about the seats."

"C'mon! Please…"

Kikyo turned around. "No…sorry.."


"No…I said no."

Kagura smirked. "Hmmph! You're so mean some times."

Kikyo sighed, looking at Kagura's sad face. "Kagura, do you really like him?"

"Yeah…he's so cute!"

"Don't you ever want to know the real Inuyasha?"

Kagura smirked again. "Whatever. Kikyo, it doesn't really matter."

Kikyo bit her lip. "I-It does matter Kagura-san."

"Kikyo! He's coming!" Kagura stood up straight. As Inuyasha walked passed the two, he stared at Kikyo. Kagura, who thought he was looking at her, blushed. "ooh! Did you see that!"

Kikyo weakly smiled. I could've sworn he looked at me…well…whatever…


School had finally ended. Kikyo took a breath and looked at her books. She couldn't believe how much homework they had gotten on the first day of school. It was more then last year!

"Hey, Kikyo!"

Kikyo turned. It was Haru, one of her friends a long time ago that was one of Inuyasha's best friends. "Haru-kun. Hey, I thought you were moving?"

"Nah, I'm not. Uh, hey. D-Do you wanna walk home together…?"

Kikyo blushed. "Uh sure…but how about your other friends?"

"Who cares. I'd much rather walk with you then them. Besides, you and me live kind of close so...yeah."

"You're right." Kikyo said. But deep inside her she wished Haru was Inuyasha. "Let's go then."

Haru took Kikyo's books. "I can hold them."

"How about your own books?"

"I finished most of my homework in class so I didn't bring any books home. I should help you."

"You're so nice Haru." Kikyo said, smiling at him. You know, maybe I shouldn't like Inuyasha. Maybe it's Haru I should like…

Haru smiled back and a small pink circle formed on his cheeks. "Not really…" the two began walking home as the sun began to set.

Just behind them though was a figure. The figure was a guy, leaning on a brick wall. There was a jealous look on his face.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

The guy turned around. "Nothing."

"C'mon! Let's go."

He smirked then began to slowly walk towards the other guy.

The guy scratched his head. "What were you doing there?"

"Nothing. I already told you that."

"Okay then… Let's go then Inuyasha."

A/N: Okay, so I'm very sorry that I didn't update my other chapters but…well. Anyways, please enjoy this story.