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The next day, Haru was back at school. Kikyo and him were still friends except Haru knew that she didn't like him anymore. It was still a shock to him but he gradually was moving on. He started to talking to another girl and that made Kikyo happy. She was happy that he was moving on. Kikyo didn't know if she could move on with Inuyasha though. It was so hard to move on. But she didn't want to be some of those girls who never moved on and was still stalking the one they love.

When the bell for school rang, it began to lightly rain. Everyone rushed inside though, acting as if a typhoon were coming. Kikyo smiled happily. She loved the rain. It was soothing to her soul and she liked to be alone when it rained.

Kikyo arrived at her first period class and sat at her normal seat. Mr. Fujiko took roll while she rested her head on her desk. She was gradually falling asleep when she woke up from a bang on her desk.

"Wake up, sleepy head." It was Inuyasha.

"I'm…" Kikyo rubbed her eyes. "Not sleepy."

"Sure." Inuyasha said sarcastically.

"Okay. Maybe a little. I think it's the rain. It usually makes me tired."

"Yeah. Me too." Inuyasha slumped into his chair. "Well, can't sleep now. Mr. Fujiko will get pissed off."

Kikyo agreed and tried to keep her eyes from wandering outside. For the rest of the period, Kikyo was half asleep. It was so quiet inside the classroom. She would've gotten in trouble if Inuyasha hadn't woken her up every so often. As the bell for second period rang, it began to pour outside. Everyone groaned and was forced to run to their next class. Kikyo walked slowly, enjoying as much as she could before the rain could stop.

The rain eventually stopped until sixth period came and that's when it began pouring outside. Kikyo sighed this time. She didn't have an umbrella and decided to walk as fast she could to her house since it wasn't that far. Haru was with that other girl and let her have his jacket so he didn't walk Kikyo home. It didn't mind that much to Kikyo but it did feel weird to not have him around. When she was halfway home, someone patted her on the shoulder. When she turned around, she saw the face of Inuyasha.

"Where's Haru?" he asked.

"Oh…he's with another girl."

"That bastard Haru. He sure moved on quickly." Inuyasha said in a mad way.

"There's no need to get mad, Inuyasha. It's okay. It's good that he moved on."

"What? You're not jealous or something?" he asked.

"No. Of course not." Kikyo said, laughing a bit.

"So you're not jealous of another girl with your ex? I think I would be jealous if I saw another guy with my ex." Inuyasha admitted.

"Do you ever want a girlfriend?" she asked out of the blue.

"No way. I don't think any girls would like me." he chuckled.

"Of course. I'm sure that…um, well, that there's someone out there for everyone. You've just got to search hard."

Inuyasha shook his head as his face turned red. "Besides, I would be…be to scared to ask the girl out."

"How about Mizuru?" Kikyo asked.

"Mizuru was like friend. I could talk to her easily but…but it turned out I only liked her as a friend."

Kikyo saw her corner coming. "I'm going to turn this corner. Well, bye, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha waved goodbye. "See ya later, Jikyo."

Kikyo went into her house and went upstairs. The rain was still pouring and she was all wet from the rain. She took a shower and then did her homework. When she was done with her homework, she fell asleep around nine o'clock and fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up in the morning, it was still raining to her surprise. Kikyo got dressed and put on a jacket. She said goodbye to her father and Kaede, then left for school. When she got outside, Inuyasha was waiting outside for her.

"Um…hey." He greeted. "I thought I could walk you to school since it's raining. It's…um, dangerous sometimes you know. Drivers are in a hurry to their work and all…"

"Okay. Thank you, Inuyasha. But, its ok-"

"No! Really, I…" Inuyahsa's face began to turn red. "I want to." He then took Kikyo's backpack. "I'll carry it."

Kikyo was speechless but just followed whatever he did. "It's really not necessary."

Inuyasha didn't answer, instead he just continued walking. He finally spoke to Kikyo. "If Haru ever asked you out again, would you go with him?"

Kikyo shook her head. "Of course not."

Inuyasha sighed, relieved. "Good. I really can't imagine Haru, a weak little guy, with you."

"Why do you keep calling him weak?" Kikyo asked curiously. "I heard you two were friends for a long time."

"We're friends, yeah. But at times, he just annoys me."

"Annoys you? How?" she asked Inuyasha.

"He…" Inuyasha paused. "Well, when you and him were going out, he was all acting…like-like he was-was all that."

"That's why he's annoying?"

"There are other reasons! I-I just can't tell you." He turned his head but his eyes kept wandering to Kikyo's face. His face turned redder and redder and Kikyo began to chuckle.

"I-I'm sorry, Inuyasha." Kikyo tried to hold back her laughs.

"What-what are you laughing at!" Inuyasha asked angrily.

"Nothing. It's nothing."

"Tell me!" He demanded.

"Well, it's just that…that you look so much like a little boy when you get all red. That's all." Kikyo said, taking a breath and stopping her laughter.

Inuyasha smirked a bit and looked up at the sky. "I do not." He then looked at Kikyo. "You look like a doll."

Kikyo almost choked. "A doll?"

"Yeah. Like one of those rare porcelain ones that look so real."

"I…I hate dolls. They scare me."

"Heh. Your pale face and black hair make you look like a doll. Really." Inuyasha then laughed hysterically. "But, you look like one of those original ones that are so rare that it's priceless."

Kikyo's eyes met with Inuyasha's as he stared deep into her eyes.

"Kikyo, you're beaut-"

Suddenly the two were interrupted by a high voice. A little girl ran up to Kikyo. "Kikyo-oneesama!"

"Kaede-chan! What is it?" Kikyo asked. "Oh, Inuyasha. Maybe you haven't met my sister yet. This is Kaede. Kaede, this is…Inuyasha."

Kaede eyed Inuyasha. "I see, Kikyo. You already got yourself a boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Oh no, he's not a boyfriend, Kaede. Don't be silly." Kikyo said, blushing. "Well, I'll go now. Thank you Inuyasha for walking with me. Kaede, let's go."

Kaede snickered a bit and waved bye to Inuyasha. "Bye Inuyasha."

Inuyasha didn't seem to be laughing though. His eyes were fixed on the patch that was on Kaede's eyes. After the two girls had left, he turned around as his thoughts remained on something that he held deep inside himself. A feeling of regret and sorrow. Alas he finally said something. "It can never be."

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