Ravens Guardian

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6 years ago:

A young boy about 10 years old runs in a valley that is home to his current martial arts teacher master Chang. He was considered to be the best in Japan for calming the soul and finding the center of one self. Though the boy's father didn't think this was important for him to learn for he thought meditating was for weaklings, he still decided to stay at the shrine for a place to live for the time being.

The boy happily runs around as he puts all the techniques he learned today to memory. As he looks for someone to play with, he looks to a far off plane and sees a little girl around his age wearing a hooded cape sitting by herself. He recognized her as one of the more seasoned students at this shrine. Since he got here only a few weeks ago he had seen her only a few times due to here higher rank putting her in a different part of the shrine.

He ran to her wondering if she would play with him. Since Ucchan, he had never had many friends and maybe he would be able to get one now. As he got close to her he saw that she was just sitting cross-legged meditating, curious he walked closer to her as quietly as he could, as he knew people like it to be quiet while they did this. But after ten minutes he got impatient.

"HI!" He yelled causing the girl to "EEP!" and topple over while the boy just laughed at her antics.

"It's not funny." The girl said in slight angry yet monotone voice, as she put on her hood to hide her embarrassment.

"Sorry couldn't resist. What were you meditating about?"

"Don't worry about it; now go away so I can get back to it." She turned around to get back to meditating.

"Hey don't be mean to me. I'm sorry, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to play."


"Yeah, I mean it's lonely here and I was wondering if you'd want to play a game with me and maybe be my friend."

She stood and took off her hood, showing that close up that she wore all black with her dark hooded cape and had pale skin with dark blue eyes and hair, she looked rather cute to the boy. "You want to be friends with me?" She asked with a cute perplexed expression on her face.

The boy nodded. "Yeah, why's that so weird?"

"Well no one around here really wants to be close to me because of these…powers I have." To show the boy, the girl lifted a small rock off the ground that was surrounded by a black aura. What she was expecting was fear, confusion, or even anger; what she wasn't prepared for was what she really got.

"Wow! That's cool!"

"You…really think so?"

"Yeah you're really special! I wish I could do that, can you teach me how?"

She blushed at the praise and dropped the rock. "Um sorry, this is kind of like a power I was born with."

"Awww. Oh well want to play now!"

"O-kay my names Raven."

"Nice tametcha I'm Ranma Soatome of the Anything goes martial arts." They shock hands and Ranma then nudged her enough so that she fell back. "and TAG YOUR IT!" He laughed and as he ran from her.

"Hey! Get back here!" She got up and gave chase both happy that they found a friend.

Watching this, a woman in a white cape smiled as she saw her daughter start to open up to someone her own age. "Hmm, that boy is special in some way. I can feel it, there is something very different about him." She didn't concern herself with this for long as she was just happy her daughter found a friend to play with.

1 month later:

The month had past and both Raven and Ranma had found a good friend in one another. When they could, both played with one another till they were exhausted. Soon they told each other more secrets they had and shared the hobbies both liked, but it was hard. Ranma found meditating to be good for enhancing the aura, but reading was something he hated. Raven found it interesting on what Ranma told her a master of anything goes could do but she was hopeless at learning it. Still they had fun, but it was not to last as Ranma had to leave his friend.

"Well…I guess this is goodbye Raven." Ranma said very sad.

"Yeah." Raven had her hooded head down so that no one couldn't see the hurt in her eyes.

"Come on BOY we have much more to do!" Yelled Genma his pack on his back.

Raven growled at the man, she didn't like him and he was always getting in her and Ranchans way when they were just about to really have fun. She didn't trust him and she could tell in those beady eyes that he should NOT be trusted.

"I'm coming pop just a minute! Anyway I wanna give you something Raven." Ranma looked back and forth to make sure no one saw and took a small blue gem from his pack and handed it to Raven. "Here to remember me one of the only things of value I've kept from my pop."

Raven gasped at what she had. It was a beautiful blue oval gem probably worth a lot of money yet on one side it appeared to be shaved flat for some reason.

"This is in case you ever want to replace that gem on your head with this one."

Raven couldn't believe that Ranma had given her such a precious stone. It took all her will power not to hug and weep on Ranma for she knew she would lose control of her powers if she did. It was also the same color as his eyes which she would always remember. Smiling she looked up at him. "Thank you I'll always cherish this, also I was able to find some scrolls that would help you get better at martial arts. But promise me one thing before I give you this, don't show these to your dad, I don't trust him and you shouldn't trust him either." She said with as much disdain as she could without her powers going haywire.

Ranma was wondering why but nodded, knowing that her senses on stuff like this were always correct. "Good bye Raven," Before she could act he grabbed her in a hug. "I'll miss you and I promise one day we'll meet again."

"Um…yeah." Raven was glad for her hood as it hid her now tomato red face.

On Azerath, Ravens mother smiled at the bitter sweet goodbye. "Raven my child do not despair, for I see a the future to have a shine of hope for what the prophesy says, and this boy maybe the one to help you."

6 years later:

Raven sighs as she is mentally and physically tired from the day's events. Slade had come again telling her that her destiny was inevitable which led her friends to a library where they were almost killed by the souls guarding the secret worshipping temple of her father. This happened while she was talking to her mother to see if there was anything that could be done, yet her mother didn't say anything that could help except that she loved her. After that she teleported to the hidden temple to pound on Slade and to warn him to stay out of her dreams and to tell Trigon that she would stop him from coming. Later she had to tell the truth and now all her friends were willing to fight Trigon even though they knew him to be one of the worst demons.

All of this was very tiring to her as she lay on her bed trying to relax. After a minute she sat up and pressed a button on the red jewel on her chest revealing it to be a small compartment. Out of it came a small blue jewel that landed in her hand. Cupping it in her hands, she did something that would have made Beast Boy start eating meat and the Titans think it was the end of the world. She smiled; a very happy smile as she held the jewel a nice little boy once gave her as a parting gift. As she held it she felt more relaxed about what the future would hold.

She did this every time she thought about her supposed 'destiny' and she felt stronger every time. To her the jewel emitted a strength one couldn't put into words and somehow, she knew that that strength came from Ranma. As she continued to hold the gem, she wondered were he was and if she would ever see him again.

Nerima ,Japan, Tendo Dojo:

Ranma sighed once again as another hectic day went into the afternoon. To be frank, today for Ranma it was actually quiet tame considering what he had done just a month ago. Not only did Akane almost die, but he defeated a Phoenix god. He wouldn't say kill, because he came back to life but it was still pretty messed up even for him. Though this was big; the failed marriage was another big problem that was wrecked by every one of his fiancés. This was considered to be a turning point for the rivals/fiancés. They were far more determined now to either marry him or kill him; to make sure something like the wedding didn't happen again.

The pressure had been so much, that he was thankful that he had a moment's peace for once after almost a year of non-stop problems. As he thought of the problems he had, Ranma started thinking of how Genma was responsible for nearly every problem. He set up all these marriages, he got him cursed and would sell him out at the moment someone offered him something of value; while also used him as shield so he wouldn't take responsibility for what he did. After the ruined wedding, he had lost all respect for the old fat ass. The only thing keeping him here was the fact that he knew that these people would follow him. Even a blind man would see that conclusion.

"Feh I guess I should've taken Ravens advice a lot more seriously and not trust the old ass. Her assumptions about him were right on the money."

After this thought he started thinking about the only friend that he still considered his friend. Uc-chan didn't count because of the fact that she had turned out almost as bad as Shampoo with her constant possessive nature and the fact that she treated him like a prize to be won erasing her as his number one friend. As he thought of Raven, he remembered the good times he and Raven had; also he remembered the scrolls she gave him before he left to continue his journey.

He grinned as he had mastered those techniques on those scrolls within a month when he had the time during his trip. They were far more powerful than Genma's Yami and Umi senkin moves, yet Ranma decided not to use them for if people knew about them. Then they would try to counter them. No the moves were his aces in his hole. The battle with Saffron was only a mere fraction of what his hidden moves could really do, and that was all he wanted to show people.

Though the scrolls were great, that wasn't the only thing he remembered about her. He also remembered how special she was, not only her powers but also how special she was as a person. Though she was always mysterious and distant, he felt from her a peace that he had never thought possible. Also she was always kind in her own way and she never hurt him. Though at times she could have torn him in half, she reframed and just brushed it off as nothing. Now that he thought about it, he respected her for what she could do. The fiancés he had now were not special in his book. True they could do astounding martial arts, but that wasn't special to him. That was all they could do, they all had no idea about what he felt, or even cared how he felt about the engagements.

Shampoo thought of him as only a prize to show off to her village. Ukyo probably just wanted him as vengeance on Genma to ruin his plans with the Tendo's. Akane was the worst as she only cared about him as not even as a prize, but as a toy that was hers and she did whatever she wanted to do to him; from beatings, to never trusting him when he says he's innocent. She always assumed the worst; even after the wedding she still thought he was a pervert, even when there was no proof of it. True he was far from innocent himself, but she started it all those months ago by assuming he was a pervert when SHE walked in on him.

Ranma calmed down after this as the thoughts of Akane were causing him to get tense when he was supposed to be relaxing. It was safe to say now that he had also lost the love he thought he had with Akane. Deciding to meditate for a bit to get balanced as he was in position, he heard a yell from inside.


Ranma almost fell off the roof at hearing that and became curious at who was inside. Looking in the TV room he saw Kasumi watching a movie, but there was no way she yelled that.

"ALRIGHT GET EM, GET EM!" Kasumi yelled her fists punching in the air.

Ranma sweat dropped massively as he had heard her. Deciding to see what she was watching, Ranma flipped down and crept near her and saw she was watching the American movie Blade 2 TM. ; as she finished another round of cheering he made himself known. "Uh Kasumi."

Kasumi froze as she heard him; her entire back of her head had become one massive sweat drop as she slowly turned her tomato red face towards him. "OH!...um H-Hello R-Ranma I-I didn't know anyone was here heheh."

Ranma smiled at her it was nice that Kasumi was normal at least. So he decided to tease her a bit as he saw a large stack of videos near her. "So this is what you, like huh? Action movies are okay but what's wrong, the action around here not enough for you? Hmm lets see your secret action stack, Conan 1 and 2TM, XXXTM, all three Blade movies, Predator TM, and Rocky 1-4TM. Ya really like action movies huh? Or is it you watch them for the hunky guys in the movies you just wanna cuddle with." He couldn't help but snicker as Kasumi became purple.

"OH RANMA STOP TEASING ME ALREADY!" Kasumi yelled waving her arms up and down in exasperation.

"Heheh sorry Kasumi I just couldn't resist." Looking at the movies he spotted one that had a plain white cover. "Hey what's this one? For that matter; where'd you get all these?"

Kasumi grabbed the movies from Ranma and answered his questions. "Well Ranma I got these from my internet friend who lives in Jump City. I don't know who he really is, but his tag is called 'tinman316' he is a male I think and he is very sweet. He sent these to me for the past 2 years. He thought I would enjoy them, and as for that white covered one, its video clips of my favorite hero's the Teen Titans." She then gave Ranma the puppy dog pout. "Please don't tell anyone about this, I'm already embarrassed that you know, so please don't tell."

As usual Ranma couldn't stand up to the pout and agreed making Kasumi very happy. She then asked if he wouldn't mind staying and watching the Teen Titan clips with her after she found that he had no idea who they were. Agreeing again, Ranma sat down and Kasumi turned on the video. Ranma was surprised at what the heros did and was amazed at how each had a special gift that they used.

"Cool, I see why you like these guys Kasumi. They're all very brave."

"Yes they are, my favorite Titan is Cyborg to me he just seems so cute." Kasumi blushed at what she had just admitted.

"Well that's nice Kasumi I'm glad other people try to help…out…" Ranma stopped at his thoughts as he saw a familiar dark hooded cape big dark blue eyes. 'It can't be could it?' "Uh Kasumi, that Titan right there in the hooded cape who is that?"

"Oh that's Raven she's one of the more powerful fighters in the team."

This made Ranma have more interest; he wasn't sure if it was her, but when he saw her hands glow black, while a bus was being lifted by the same black aura he knew it was her. "Kasumi, you might not believe me, but I know that Raven person."

"Y-You do?"

"Yeah she was one of the few good friends I ever had. I could never forget that power of hers, this is her. Well I'll be, she's found a way to help people with her powers, I just knew she would. When we met she always said she wanted to be a hero and now she is." With this Ranma smiled feeling better about the day and sat down with Kasumi and continued to watch the clips.

As the clips continued Ranma smiled as he saw his friend fight evil. He couldn't be prouder of her and from what he saw she had opened up to more people as she worked with the others like they were friends. Each clip showed that each Titan had their moment to really shine above the others making it a good balance. As he thought he had nothing to worry about with her, he saw the last clip on the tape.

What was on the last clip a man named Slade who had a glowing symbol on his head and was able to wield fire, was attacking and none of the attacks the Titans used seemed to have been working. Slade just swatted them away and went straight for Raven. Ranma saw the look in her eyes as he came closer, the look of absolute terror, a look he had never seen Raven have in any of the other clips. Before he could watch more, the tape fizzed out and nothing but static was left.

"Kasumi what happened?" Ranma asked in terror.

"I don't know, my friend wrote this would happen, the feed just stopped after that he said." Kasumi answered in sorrow.

"When was this last clip?"

"About a month ago, tinman316 said that Raven was all right now. Um Ranma are you okay."

Ranma was not okay and wouldn't be now that he saw that look. In her eyes he had seen terror and hopelessness; he had never seen such a look before. Something was wrong; he could feel it. Raven, his Raven was in trouble. Without a word he left Kasumi alone and went upstairs to his room.

1 hour later:

Kasumi served the food for hers and Ranma's family, yet Ranma hadn't come down since he saw that last clip and already Genma was starting to eat his sons share while Nodoka stopped him. She was getting worried and wondered what he was doing. As she wondered Akane decided to ask about it.

"Hey Kasumi Where is that perverted jerk. Don't tell me he's his floozies again." With the last thought Akane once again started to get angry that he could be such a pervert and to make it worse the 2 and a half idiots started bawling.


"It isn't manly to go see his other fiancés during dinner." Half idiot.

"STOP ALL OF YOU! RANMA IS JUST IS IN HIS ROOM WORRING ABOUT A FRIEND HE SAW ON TELEVISION!" Kasumi yelled as everyone stopped, they had never heard Kasumi lose it like that. It was then Nabiki, who broke the silence.

"Ranma's friend? Kasumi you and I both know that he has no friend's only enemies and fiances."

"Well he does have one and she is very powerful." Kasumi would, in a second, regret what she just said as everyone exploded and took everything she said out of context.

"WHAT! THIS 'FRIEND' IS A GIRL!" The fat bastard.



"Its not manly to do such an act." Guess who?

"No that's not it!" Kasumi tried to say, but none listened as they were forming their ideas giving Kasumi a growing headache.

While this went on Ranma decided on what to do. As he walked downstairs he heard the screaming and knew this was going to be tough. When he reached near the table the others were so caught up in screaming their own ideas of his friend they didn't notice him until he coughed to get their attention.

"Everyone I have something to say…"

"RANMA NO-…" Akane tried to finish, but he said next floored her

"I'm leaving."

"WHAT!" Everyone gasped.

To be continued:

AN. After I read midizzle's work it got me thinking and I had to write this. I'm not sure if Ranma and Raven will stay friends or if something romantic will happen later. Also sorry if no new updates are on. Been really busy lately with college and stuff. But don't worry I should get updates upsoon.But as always please review. Also how Raven got those scrolls, well Raven doeshave a library of spells that have been lost for milleniums, I dought she wouldn't have scrolls.