CH 8

Starting Over

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It was a quiet day in Jump City for once. Only a small burglary that the cops could easily take care of was the only action of the day. However like their Far East coast brethren they knew to be wary of such an occurrence of peace. The storm would soon start again. On an airport several people have been dropped off. Near the city's ocean border a small boat with a purple haired girl has been docked. And on another plane an ex-mother was getting her bags.

"Ah Soatome we are finally here." Soun grinned at his friend.

"Indeed Tendo, my ungrateful whelp is here as well, I can feel it." Genma grinned along with Soun.

"I don't get why we have to come along too. We don't need that jerk!" Akane growled at how she was forced to endure a very long flight to America. She was so mad she was about to start smashing people.

'Looks like little princess is getting pissed. I don't wanna have to deal with the authorities yet. Let daddy and Genma get in trouble, I will not have the three of us go down with them.' "Calm down Akane. We don't want the American police to shoot you down for disturbing the peace." Akane didn't say anything but started to cool down. 'Thank god! It's gonna take all mine and Kasumi's power to make sure Akane doesn't wind up in jail.' Nabiki thought as the group left to go to their middle class rental home.

'Hmm daddy and Genma must have used more money in Akane's college fund then I thought to get a place like this.' Nabiki thought as she got to the room she would be staying in.

In Kasumi's bed room she started putting away her clothes. Next to her first bag were two others that were filled to the brink with Teen Titan posters, shirts and other merchandise of the teen hero's. 'I hope Ranma has made good friends here. He disserves them. I also hope me and my sisters will come out of this all right. I wonder if he can introduce me to that handsome Cyborg?' Kasumi added to the thought as she blushed.

"Why do we need that Baka anyway? He's a coward that has no idea what being a martial artist is all about! Him running away from Nerima should have been enough proof of his cowardice! I hope he burns in hell!" Akane snarled as she almost tore open her bag and threw her clothes and items around her room.

In the master bedroom the two morons were plotting. "Soatome soon the schools will be joined!"

"Right Soun! Soon we shall have all our dreams fulfilled. Akane and Ranma shall wed, (my retirement will be assured,) and we can have the knowledge that the school would be in good hands for the future. And if that boy doesn't cooperate then we'll beat him to within an inch of his life and drag him back here!"

"To right Soatome!" Soun cried tears of righteousness.

Jump City Roads:

Scouring the streets of the city a purple haired Amazon was going insane with her lack of progress in finding her Airen. Since she knew even less of the American language then even her Japanese, it was near impossible trying to ask if anyone had seen Ranma. And since no one was cooperating her anger was starting to get the best of her. But unlike Akane, she reeled back her anger and frustration and focused on gathering information on Ranma's whereabouts.

'I will get Ranma for sure this time. When I see this slut who has him I will kill her! She is an obstacle and they are made for killing!' With this thought Shampoo jumped up to a roof and started her observations of the city. Hoping for any clues to Ranma, fortunately for her she was able to read the language some what from books that came from America in her village. Shampoo couldn't speak it since she never took the time to actually use such a language.

Charting a boat to Titans Tower Nodoka was steeling herself for the upcoming meeting with her son. She knew already that what was going to happen wasn't going to be easy for both of them. In fact during this boat ride she was preparing herself incase her son told her to get lost. She knew that was a possibility considering what happened in Nerima. She just hoped Ranma would be willing to let her speak before he told her to leave.

"Hey lady! We're here." Barked the boat captain bringing Nodoka out of her musings.

Getting up she bowed to the man and left the boat. Now she faced a problem in how she was going to speak with her son. She didn't know whether to knock on the door or some other type of greeting. It was even worse since the tower was so intimidating. Suddenly an explosion stopped her thoughts. Looking over to the side of the island she saw several attacks happening and her curiosity was peeked.

When she made it over a rocky hill she was shocked to see the Titans training. To her they were amazing teenagers. All of them had impressive skills. A large metal man was dodging missiles and blades; a short green boy transformed his arms into those of a gorilla and was throwing large discs at a masked red and green boy, who was dodging with incredible skill. Up in the sky she saw an orange and exotically beautiful girl flying while being chased by small balls which she guessed were robots, who were destroyed easily with green blasts. The final person she saw was wearing a dark blue hooded cape and was meditating from what she could see. Nodoka was shocked as two giant boulders were lifted into the air by a black energy. Before she could see further, the girl seemed to disappear.

"Who are you and what do want?"

"YAAAAAH!" Yelled Nodoka as she spun around quickly and saw the same girl some how behind her. Her scream alerted the others; soon all the Titans surrounded Nodoka.

"What's going on?" Robin asked.

"I caught this woman watching us. I'll ask again what are you doing here and how can we help you?" Raven said evenly.

Nodoka nodded to the girl dusting herself off, she stood up and bowed. "I'm sorry I was watching, it's just that I was very impressed by your skill. You see I am here from Japan to see Ranma…"

"She's from Japan!" The titans yelled as they armed their weapons and stances at the woman. Nodoka sweat dropped as she was looking down a barrel of a sonic cannon, Bird discs, a black energy ball, Star bolts and a green T-Rex.

"WHOA WHOA! WHOA! STOP!" Yelled a figure jumping in front of Nodoka, the woman gasped as she saw her son again.

"Guy's…relax…put down the very destructive weapons/energy or change back. This is not someone who is harmful. This is…….Nodoka she's just here to probably talk, but she is harmless to me." Ranma said quickly before his friends could fry the woman that was once his mother.

The Titans looked warily at the woman but they slowly put down their attacks. "Good now go guys I think Nodoka would like to talk to me in private."

"Sure c'mon guys let's let them be. They probably have a lot to talk about." Robin said, Raven stayed a little longer looking worried for Ranma, but slowly floated away.

"Umm…excuse me young lady could you please pull your hood down for a minute?" Nodoka asked just as Raven was about to leave.

Not really sure why the woman asked this, but seeing no problem she did revealing her face to Nodoka.

'She's even more beautiful than I first thought. She's definitely the one for my son. She also has a far better figure then Akane.'

When all of them went to training, Ranma started walking, signaling Nodoka to follow him to the tower. The elevator that went up was silent as both parties were either uncomfortable or just wanted to wait till they got to the top. When they did, the two went to the living area where Ranma leaned forward on the coach. Nodoka started to speak ending the silence.

"Ranma I…"

"You really are obsessed aren't ya?" Ranma interrupted his once mother facing away from her. "You want my head so much that you came all this way to get it. I guess I can't be really surprised considering the obsessed and stupid type of man you married. I guess some of that rubbed off on you."

Nodoka flinched back hard at what he said realizing that he wouldn't forget her not taking his side when he needed her. "Ranma that is not it, I came to…"

"To what?" He interrupted again, "trying to bring back our family name to make up for what 'your' husband has done to it! Well forget it! I told everyone already that I am not Genma's son anymore…or yours." Ranma whispered though Nodoka heard it.

The woman was barely able to hold back on just running away in tears at her sons' proclamation, but she remembered her dream and stood her ground. She would earn her sons forgiveness even if it killed her. "That is not what I am here for. I am here to apologies for what I did and ask for your forgiveness."

"Do you expect me to believe that?" Ranma yelled now looking at Nodoka with intensity in his eyes. "After all I have been through, do you expect me believe that one of the many blind idiots after my head came to apologies for what you don't even know!"

"I am not like them!" Nodoka yelled at her son.

"Feh… could've fooled me," He put his hand up to count down. "One, you constantly were after me for your own selfish reasons. Two, you never wanted to really get to know me you just did what you wanted assuming my feelings didn't matter. Three, no matter what you said to me you always had an ulterior motive, namely to have grand children. And finally Four, you were a person I thought could be a friend or a shoulder to lean on. Instead you hurt me more than a broken bone, bruise or sprain ever could by betraying me. Now tell me you're not like the rest of the bastards I dealed with in Nerima!" Ranma yelled.

Nodoka was silent for a few minutes until she put her head down in shame at what Ranma pointed out. If one looked at the situation that way…no he was absolutely right. She was like the rest of her sons' enemies. It was obvious he thought about what happened in Nerima for a long time. If those Titans were as protective of him as she saw, then no wonder he realized those people in Nerima where not his friends.

He was now surrounded by people who were kind and they held nothing but respect and care for Ranma. They were the example of what real friends should be. They appeared to be protective of him, but they gave him the space he needed and knew when to let him do things himself. It wouldn't take a genius to have ones view changed on friends with such positive people around.

"Ranma…son…I can't really say anything to explain my actions. But you must understand I had not seen you in ten years, I didn't know how to treat you…"

"Oh please!" Ranma interrupted. "You had five months to 'TRY' and get to know me instead you just ignored me and started to make plans for a future I 'DID'NT' want! You didn't care about my well being enough to get to know me. All you saw was the cardboard cutout you wanted and didn't give a shit about the real person. You never even asked what I thought about the engagement! You just assumed I was happy since it would be 'unmanly' if I wasn't happy with it!"

"I did try to get to know you!" Nodoka yelled at her son's accusation.

"What's my favorite color?"


"What's my favorite color? Surely if you'd tried to get to know me you'd know the answer immediately?"

"Well you…"

"What's my favorite food? Do I have any dreams for the future? What's my favorite treat? Well I'm waiting?" Ranma growled at her.


"Here is the one that you should really know. What animal do I like dogs or cats?"

Nodoka stayed silent trying to think, after a few seconds, Nodoka fell to her knee's.

She didn't know. From what she figured that any of the things he said should have been known by anyone. Hell the last question felt like it was gimme. She couldn't believe how stupid she was to blind herself with a Ranma that never existed.

AS she thought more of past actions she realized he was right on every accusation. She never saw anything of the real man but just the perfect 'cutout' she envisioned. She never did anything to really see him. She had failed as a mother.

Tears fell from her face as the shame crushed her. She knew she disserved this pain for her ultimate failure. She had no right to call herself Ranma's mother she didn't even know the barest facts about him which his new friends probably knew at the drop of a hat. She had failed in not only raising him but failed in seeing him as he was. She may as well have been dead to him.

She doubted he would call her mother ever again. But she had to at least try to explain her actions to him, before she left his life forever.

"Ranma…I…know I could never repent for what I have done to you nor for my actions against you for the last 11 years. I know I have no reason to ask you to understand me, but I will say what have to say and leave." Hearing no retort she continued.

"When you left and Genma signed that contract I never really planned to have you do seppuku if I found you unmanly. I was hoping it would be an insurance that Genma would take care of you. Before you interrupt. Yes I know that did very little to stop him from causing you so much pain. It may have even made it worse for you. But I did what I thought would make me happy when I saw you again. For you to be a man everyone would bow to in respect.

Everyday after you left felt like a year to me. Without you and your father it felt like I lost my reason for living. I was truly alone during those ten years. After the first two years I felt like killing myself to end the painful loneliness that I had to endure. I was stopped by reminding myself about the contract Genma signed. It made me hope for what you would become. I started to envision you as a great man. Someone to be looked up to and honored. A perfect man, which would have women falling for him left and right who's power rivaled no one and feared nothing. An absolute perfect man.

When I saw you for the first time transform, I panicked. I saw a son who was not perfect and held secrets that made him imperfect. I saw my image of a faultless son crumble. The very thing that had kept me alive for so long was gone. Instead of being open minded I forced myself not admit what I was seeing was my true son. I made my mistake and tried to force you into taking honorable and 'manly' ways by the threat of Seppuku. I fooled myself into thinking you were happy instead of the seeing the truth right in front of my face."

Nodoka got up too ashamed to look at her son as she walked to the elevator.

"I have no reason to call myself your mother. You never had one to begin with. I was forced to see that when you left and when I burned the contract. You are not perfect, but you are still a man people would respect, faults and all. I'm sorry I failed to see that in you in the time I was with you. Just know this, you may hate me, but I am very proud of you." As she headed toward the elevator she was stopped by Ranma's voice.

"Do you really mean it? Do mean everything you said?" Ranma asked.

"Yes I do Ranma, I am truly proud of how you have become."

Ranma just stared at his ex-mother. Truthfully he did hate her. When he saw her on the island the anger at her betrayal in Nerima was as strong as ever. But after she said her piece, he could feel the anger start to leave him. He knew very well what it felt like to be lonely. He had to deal with that crushing pain for close to ten years after he left Ukyo. The pain was enough to drive anyone insane.

He also knew how the curse would affect a person. He found himself acting more macho than was needed at the beginning. Just to feel that he was still a man inside the body of a very busty girl.

'Would it really be a problem to forgive her?' was the thought that was plaguing him. A part didn't want to forgive her, but another wanted to a least give her a chance for repentance. On the one hand, she was his mother like it or not. She was someone he always wanted know but never did. Yet on the other side she gladly ignored him and made plans for a future he didn't want and she sided with Genma. But, if he didn't at least let Nodoka try to repent, would that make him any better than those idiots in Nerima? The thought made him shudder.

"Nodoka you don't have to leave for Japan so soon." Ranma said.

"But…Ranma why would you want me here? I'm a failure as a mother."

He tilted her head up so they could see each other eye to eye. "You may have made some mistakes but you have time to repent for those things." Hope started to glow in her eyes at that statement.

"Y…You mean you want…" She was stopped by Ranma's hand.

"I'm not saying that I'll just open my arms to you as my mother since we never really got to know each but there are reasons I can give you this chance."

"What are those?" Nodoka was curious since the way he literally ticked off the reasons he hated her. The reasons for allowing her repentance must have been huge.

"You were kind to me," Ranma simply said. "Besides Kasumi you were the only one who ever said 'Welcome Home' or helped patch me up after a fight. You may have done things with an ulterior motive but you always gave me kind words. You never yelled at me nor ever openly hated me. You just had smile for me when I came home. Which is why I'm giving you this chance." Ranma finished.

Nodoka looked up at Ranma tears flowing down and stepped forward to try and hug him, but stopped when she saw him step back. She realized, with a bit of sadness, that he didn't fully trust her. At least she would get a chance to understand her son and one day she may earn her right to be called mom by him again.

"So shall we start now?" Ranma asked as he sat down on the Titans coach. "Oh and by the way, my favorite colors are red and black." Ranma said with a smile.

Nodoka smiled as she held back torrents of tears as she walked over to the coach. The two proceeded to talk for a half an hour about themselves and what has been going until the Titans came back up. Both groups looked at each other in an awkward silence.

"Ummm are we interrupting something?" Robin asked.

"No not really buddy, Nodoka here is just about to leave anyway to find a place to stay in Jump City."

Nodoka frowned sadly at the fact he refused to call her mother. She got over it somewhat after the hour of talking with him. It still hurt, but she stayed strong. Ranma not telling her to leave immediately meant he would at least give the benefit of the doubt. This was a start she guessed.

"Thank you for this talk Ranma. I hope to see you soon." Nodoka left for the elevator.

When she was gone Ranma collapsed on the coach mentally exhausted.

"So dude what's up? Your mom seems pretty nice you gonna see her again?" Beast boy asked.

"I really don't know to tell the truth." Ranma said looking up from where he was laying.

"C'mon dude she's your mother, even if you are mad at her she came all this way to apologize you could at least see her again."
"It's not that easy for me to do that." Ranma muttered. "I just…I don't know."


"Drop it Beast boy." Raven interrupted her friend dragging the animorph away.

"But Raven…"

"He has to deal with this on his own, there is a lot of bad blood towards the people in his old place. He needs to be alone for this. All we could do is give him support for the decisions and stop him from getting over his head."

Beast boy was silent after that. The titans all went about their business while Ranma stayed behind thinking about his talk with his ex-mother. He couldn't help getting annoyed at all his clashing feelings right now.

He admitted he was sort of happy he was able to talk to his mother. He also felt hate for the woman for her past deeds. On the other hand he knew deep down that she was just a lonely woman who had made mistakes and begged for a second chance, probably helped in his decision to understand her. But that nagging part of his mind that clung to the past hate wouldn't let him forget it. But could that side be right or wrong?

"ARRRGH!" Yelled Ranma as he clutched his head in frustration. 'Please god show me mercy and distract me!' He yelled in his head.

For once Kami decided to grant Ranma's wish as Cyborg came into the room. "Trouble guys! Control Freak is destroying BlockBuster!"

'Thank you' Ranma cheered in his head as he jumped up from the coach and ran to the elevator. 'A quick lard-ass pounding should help unclog my brain.' Ranma thought as e followed the Titans to the main land.

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Next time: Shampoo finally arrives and all hell breaks loose as the Tendos finally catch Ranma, while Trigon develops a plan to destroy Ranma for good.