Dear Valued Customer,

For years, our team at O.G. Outfitters has provided you with high quality Opera Ghosts for all your musical and haunting needs. Our fine products have been available through our popular catalogue. However, we are now pleased to inform you that, for the first time, you may order the Opera Ghost of your choosing through our comprehensive website. No calls are necessary; all orders can be placed and processed online. We are thrilled to invite you to help us usher in this new era in O. G. Outfitters' successful reign at the top of the industry. Nowhere else can you find Opera Ghosts of the same style, talent, and ability that you find in our warehouse. And now you are able to find them in even more places, with convenience heightened to the next level. We cordially invite you to hasten to our website: http/ There you will find not only new ease and streamlined ordering services, but several new and exciting improvements to our already spectacular line of products. We have also opened a new and improved 24-hour hotline: 1-800-OPERA to help you with all Customer Service and Troubleshooting. There is always someone here to help you attain our complete satisfaction guarantee.


Mme. Giry

Founder and CEO of O.G. Outfitters